The Most Effective Way to Increase Your Energy That You’ve Never Heard Of

I’ve always been in pursuit of a difficult answer to a simple question. What causes some of us to feel energetic and full of life and the rest of us to feel fatigued and exhausted? I’ve discovered that the answer to increasing your energy may rest in the cutting-edge field of scientific study called Bioenergetics.

Why do some people take exceptional care of themselves and are still exhausted while others abuse their body and eat garbage, but seem to get through life with plenty of energy?

And, more importantly, what can we do, ALL OF US, to increase our energy levels…permanently?

Here’s the problem – not only are we suffering, as a population, from exhaustion and fatigue, but there are not many credible programs or sources of information out there in the world about how to restore energy permanently.

So what can we do?

Fatigue is related to diet, but not as much as you might think. I know a lot of people eating flawlessly who are still tired. A lot of them are my clients.

There are TWO MAIN KEYS to increasing energy.

And you know what?

I’ve never heard anyone else talking about this.


But now that I have, my entire framework for understanding my energy levels has shifted.

You’ve got to check this out.

The Surprising Ways Our Bodies Make Energy

Life requires energy, pure and simple. Not only that, life IS energy, pure and simple. Even down to matter itself. Everything in the universe, including our bodies, exchange energy during every single moment.

In order to feel supercharged, we need to optimize how you exchange energy with your environment.

Let’s look at some of the ways your body uses and exchanges energy with your environment:

  • Eating
  • Breathing
  • Movement
  • Light signals change to your circadian rhythms
  • Earth’s magnetism (grounding)
  • Water (healthy, energetic water)
  • Heat and Cold
  • Our body’s own Energetic Field (we are made of energy, as is all matter)
  • Mental and Emotional (thought and conversations are energy)
  • Social interactions and relationships

The first 6 ways of energizing your body are completely essential for life. But most of us focus on food, oxygen, movement, and water while ignoring light, magnetism, mind, social interactions, and our bodies’ energy field.

If you want more energy, you’ve got to consider other ways in which you can acquire energy in addition to your current efforts.

Let’s take a look at how metabolism works as an example: the body breaks down carbohydrates, a major source of energy in food, into simpler molecules such as ATP, of which in the mitochondria, provide energy through exchanging electrons. Ultimately, even in the case of food, it’s electrons that are the source of our energy.

There are even bacteria that need no food and feed purely on electrons. These bacteria are found in soil and, not surprisingly, having ample access to earth’s electromagnetic field, which can also be a source of electrons for us (and energy) if we choose to walk barefoot on the earth.

Light is also a source of energy. When we bask in the sun, structured water in our bodies converts light (photons) into energy (electrons) in our cells.

Our mitochondria produce energy for our bodies, but the amount they produce only power a fraction of the processes in our bodies. Where is the remaining energy coming from to power our bodies? This is a mystery that modern science has not been able to resolve.

It makes sense to broaden our perspective to look at the fundamentals of how energy really works in the body. One way that energy flows in the body is through our meridians.

This is a concept well accepted in traditional Chinese medicine modalities like acupuncture. In acupuncture, needles are inserted into meridian channels, which unblock energy flow in the meridians. Acupuncture is long established in the research as a valid and credible treatment for a large variety of health issues (1, 2, 3).

As you probably know, Eastern medicine has used energy as the foundation of its healing practices for centuries. One of the names for this energy you may know is “qi” or “chi” from traditional Chinese medicine.

The belief is: how freely this energy flows through the body determines your health. While the ancients knew the powerful secret of energy medicine for centuries, modern research is starting to catch up.

Study after study is showing the positive impact energy therapies are having on the wellness of the human body.

For instance, a study, published in 2015 by Global Advances in Health and Medicine, reviewed over 30 published clinical trials assessing energy or “biofield” therapies. Many of these studies showed that these energy therapies reduced pain. (4). The esteemed Dr. Deepak Chopra was an author on this study.

In another article published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, researchers reviewed 66 energy therapies. Many of these studies were on hospitalized patients. The researchers were amazed to discover that energy therapies on these patients reduced anxiety in heart patients and reduced the intensity of pain in burn patients (5).

Bioenergetics, also termed energy medicine, recognizes and utilizes these fundamental concepts of energy production and flow in the body. It is one of the groundbreaking discoveries of this century in health and how our bodies work.

Bioenergetics utilizes the meridians, chakras and other concepts where energy travels in the body. But when that energy flow is blocked, in ways that we’ll discuss later in this article, fatigue and health issues are the inevitable result.

So how do you identify energy blockages in the body and get energy flowing correctly? Today, there is software that reliably and accurately identifies energetic blockages, not only on your meridians, but in every part of your body.

And with that is a simple, elegant system and solution that restores energy flow and function in the body. It’s called NES Health Bioenergetics.

What is NES Health Bioenergetics?

In it’s most basic form, NES Health Bioenergetics is an ingenious program that helps increase the energy levels in your body. It has helped me in ways that is hard to describe.

But I’m going to give it a go…

When I first started on NES Health Bioenergetics, I was baffled at the results. Not only in myself, but also in my clients, friends, family and even my dogs. Across the board,  we had more energy, slept more restfully, and experienced a sense of improved overall well-being! I have never seen anything like it.

Bioenergetics is so cutting edge that it may sound strange to you at first, but I strongly encourage you to be open minded. Those who do will reap tremendous benefits that cannot be had with detox, conventional medicine, or even functional medicine approaches alone.

New concepts in healing are typically rejected at first before they adopted into the mainstream. Bioenergetics is no different.

Bioenergetics is firmly grounded in science – in quantum physics to be exact. There are hundreds of people around the world researching in this field. And there is a tremendous amount of research behind this program and currently being conducted.

Bioenergetics is perfect for everyone because it has such a broad range of benefits. It dramatically improves energy levels and brain function, is great for athletes that want to improve their performance, and is even great for someone who is healthy that just wants to upgrade their brain function.*

The population that Bioenergetics truly serves are:

  • Those that cannot take supplements
  • The elderly
  • Have serious ailments and are looking to improve their quality of life

This program is simple, inexpensive and can be done from anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own home. And that makes it the most revolutionary of all.

How Can Bioenergetics Help You?

The aim of NES Health Bioenergetics is to return integrity to the body’s energetic field and support the body’s inherent natural ability to heal itself at a chemical, physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and informational level.*

Benefits include:

  • Stress reduction: Release emotional and physical blockages (6)
  • Increased energy: Increases physical energy and mental clarity enhancing wellbeing
  • Health & vitality: Stimulates the body’s reparative process
  • Relief from physical discomfort: Pain and joint stress can be greatly reduced

We make a mistake when trying to improve our performance. We focus on improving our strengths or where we are most knowledgeable, rather than focusing on the weakest links and what the body really needs.

The Bioenergetic scanner and software help you to identify your weak links so we can radically improve your energy, health and mental functioning.

The best part? It’s an easy, three-step process. And it’s perfect for those who are extremely sensitive or have difficulty tolerating more intense health programs or detox protocols!

How NES Health Bioenergetics Works

Bioenergetics can also be used to support overall health in the face of acute and chronic symptoms, as well as a powerful way to correcting imbalances in the body as they arise, allowing you to stay healthy over the long-term.

Many thousands of people from around the world have reported significant positive changes through NES Health Bioenergetics, including:

  • Improved health
  • Stress management (6)
  • Deep, restful sleep
  • More energy
  • Improved skin condition
  • Improved digestion
  • Reduced pain & discomfort
  • Improved blood-sugar regulation
  • Heightened mental clarity
  • Calmer emotions

With NES Health Bioenergetics, you can rejuvenate the body’s energy and optimize its proper flow. Most can feel the difference within 30 days of beginning a NES Health Bioenergetic program. Some, within a few days!

How Bioenergetics Helped Me

I know firsthand the power of NES Health Bioenergetics because it restored me …

I’ve been to plenty of doctors and consulted with many alternative health practitioners. I’ve been detoxing for many years and tried a lot of different modalities. I’m even a functional diagnostic nutritionist myself!

But I had reached a place where I felt like I was doing everything right with detox, diet, and supplements and I still wasn’t feeling quite right. I knew that I should have had more energy and better brain function based on everything I was doing.

I was very personally and professionally frustrated because I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t feeling my best. And many of my clients were too sick to detox or it took them too long to feel better with detox alone. I needed another way to help them – and myself.

I’ve frankly heard a lot of other health practitioners confess these same frustrations – their clients are doing everything right and not getting better. Or they confess to me they personally are not feeling well despite their best efforts. I know because I help a lot of health practitioners and doctors troubleshoot their own health issues.

Bioenergetics was that last piece of the puzzle for me that I was missing. It helped me feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Here’s my story…

I had spent a lot of time working on my health. Detoxing has been a regular part of my health regime for 5 years. I felt better than I’d ever felt. Daily walks on the beach in Malibu where I’d lived for many years helped ground my body and absorb healing negative ions.

But I moved to central Los Angeles about two years ago and over time saw a decline in my energy levels, mood and ability to sleep. I thought maybe I was just working too much, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on the problem.

I became increasingly frustrated with my sleep issues because the tools in my tool bag – my sleep supplements that I gave to all my clients – were no longer working. I was taking GABA, melatonin, ashwagandha and magnesium. Yet I kept waking up at night and woke up absolutely exhausted – like I’d been hit by a truck. I needed coffee to feel normal. My adrenals that I had worked so hard to heal were clearly shot.

After 30 days on NES Health Bioenergetics I began sleeping much better. I had less night waking with many nights where I slept through without any problems. I was greatly relieved. And knew that there was something to Bioenergetics. I wasn’t doing anything differently except this program.

After 9 months on the program (at the time of this writing), I’m sleeping phenomenally better, almost always through the night. My bioenergetic scan brought awareness to the fact that my sleep had been disrupted by EMF (electromagnetic fields from cells phones, computers, etc). It showed up in my scan.

I knew EMF was a problem, but the fact that it showed on my NES scan brought awareness to the issue so that I corrected my environment. I researched EMF more and purchased products to protect my body and energy field from EMF. I realized that my sleep issues began a few months after I moved to central Los Angeles – EMF central!

I also saw in my scan that my circadian rhythms were off and was able to resolve this issue on the program.

After a few months on NES Health Bioenergetics, I began waking up almost every morning with joy. I had never really experienced that. I mean I’ve had a handful of times where I’ve woken up and said to myself, “It’s going to be a great day,” or was excited about school or a project, but it was fleeting. I didn’t have joy for no apparent reason.

I can honestly say that I feel much happier, am in a better mood, and feel more optimistic as the months pass on this program. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. I’m simply able to manage stress much better.

The most profound and shocking result for me was the resolution of lower back pain. I’d been dealing with back pain in one form or another for eight years. It was gone in three weeks after starting this program. At the time it improved, I contributed it to the other things I was doing at the time.

But I had a dream when I was at the training to become certified in Bioenergetics that helped me to make the connection between a trauma I had endured and my lower back pain.

Then I knew that it had been released bioenergetically. I felt that the program had helped me release this trauma that was contributing to the pain in my lower back. But it also reduced my inflammation that invariably promotes pain.

Many don’t realize their physical pain has an emotional component. And NES Health Bioenergetics helps to release emotional traumas in ways we many not be consciously able to do.

The best improvement I’ve enjoyed is a boost in brain function. Prior to starting this program I was becoming increasingly frustrated. I was forgetting things and didn’t have the attention to detail I’d had prior. This was invariably due to my lack of sleep, circadian rhythms getting out of whack and exposure to EMF.

NES Health Bioenergetics helped me to address these issues. Now I am doing far more than I used to and at a faster rate. I feel I’m able to coordinate a lot more tasks and projects that I used to.

The attention to detail that is needed when running a health website with multiple projects, programs, clients, employees and deadlines can be very overwhelming and stressful. But I am managing it all much more successfully. And I’m doing it without feeling as stressed and overwhelmed as I used to feel.

Release StressStress resilience is one of the many benefits of doing a bioenergetic program (6). My life is definitely more stressful than it was before I started NES Health Bioenergetics, yet I’m handling stress so much better. I am not resorting to coping mechanisms like I would in the past – curling up in bed feeling overwhelmed or binge eating. These just haven’t happened since I began the program.

There are more benefits I experienced on NES Health Bioenergetics, but I think you get the idea. I’m a fan. And, consequently, a voice for this life altering program.

Bioenergetics Works for Animals

Many veterinarians are trained in NES Health Bioenergetics. Champion racehorses use Bioenergetics to increase performance and recover from injury. Software specifically for animals is used on NES Health Bioenergetics. Horses, dogs, cats, and any kind of animal can enjoy the benefits of this program, especially when conventional therapies have failed.

My dog had unbelievable results on this program! Jezebel, my beloved four pound Pomeranian, had been suffering for years with bloody diarrhea, vomitting and nausea. She began losing her hair and experiencing itching so bad she would cry and couldn’t sleep. She sat around listless most of the time when she wasn’t scratching. She wouldn’t eat half the time. It pained me to watch her suffering.

She was suffering and no vet or dog nutritionist could help. Many times they made her worse. Or spent thousands in testing to have them say they couldn’t find anything wrong. I lost a lot of faith in my vet, convinced what they were doing was just as bad as conventional medicine. Nothing worked for Jezebel in conventional or alternative dog care.

NES Health Bioenergetics for pets!Within 30 days in NES Health Bioenergetics she is a completely different dog. She has not had only one bout of diarrhea and zero vomiting. After 2 months on the program she is no longer itching and her coat is growing back nicely. Jezebel gained one pound over the course of two months and never refuses food. In fact, she demands food! Most importantly, she is playing again. It is a joy to watch her blossom.

To say the least, I am greatly relieved because it’s hard to watch your pet or someone you love suffer for so long. And feel helpless when you are trying and nothing is working.

Learn more about NES Health Bioenergetics for animals. 

How Does the Body’s Energy Field Work?

Allow me to explain some of the concepts in Bioenergetics. “The Human Body-Field” is the term researcher Dr. Peter Fraser coined to describe the energy that surrounds and flows through the body.

This field is the body’s intelligent, self-healing, self-correcting, energetic and informational structure that guides and directs the cells in their millions of daily activities.

Human Body Field

The Body Field acts as your body’s master control system. You see, molecules and cells are unable to regulate themselves. They have to be told what to do. Your Body Field is the energy network that carries the information on energy waves to the cell so the cells can act (7).

Any distortions in the body’s energy field and the cells won’t receive the correct information to work properly. As a result, this scrambled information distresses the body, which causes you to feel unwell.

With the discovery of the Human Body field and how to correct it with NES Health Bioenergetics, your body can act as its own best doctor – and heal itself naturally as it was designed to do.

What Blocks Energy Flow in the Body?

Fortunately, every human is born with an amazing self-healing energy blueprint of information that is carried out in the fields of the body. But life’s challenges – stress, diet, environmental poisons, or emotional upsets – damage this original blueprint.

The energy field gets blocked and information the body is trying to send to the cells and organs becomes scrambled.

As a result, your body can no longer maintain optimal health and repair itself as nature intended. So the cells send out distress signals that we often feel as pain or fatigue or other unpleasant symptoms.

But when energy is surging freely and the body’s energy field is working properly, only then can it provide the right environment for your body to heal itself. Now the body’s biochemistry – which is when the cells are doing what they must do – can function properly.

The result: the body thrives…and energy and wellness are restored.

We talked about this a bit earlier, but put simply: energetic blockages are merely areas of the body where energy has been blocked. This prevents information and operating instructions sent by the body from getting to its intended target area. Or the information becomes distorted, both of which can negatively affect physical function.

Many things cause energetic blockages. The most problematic are electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) emitted by wireless internet, computers, your smart meter that measures your home’s electric usage, cell phone towers, cell phones, and any electric device. There is a tremendous amount of research that shows EMFs cause cancer and many other health issues (8, 9).

Other things that cause blockages include:

  • Toxic metals
  • Chemicals
  • Stress
  • Emotional trauma
  • Physical trauma/scars

These distortions lead to our body’s energy field not functioning properly, even if we feel perfectly healthy. Things that block energy flow in the body will eventually cause physical and mental health issues.

The perfect energy blueprint that everyone is born with is what Dr. Peter Fraser managed to map out. It was tedious work and took decades. It is this ideal, perfectly functioning map against which your damaged body field is compared that reveals your energetic blocks in the NES Health Bioenergetics software.

Bioenergetics vs. the Conventional Medical Approach to the Body

Today’s medical approach to fix the body just isn’t working. That’s because modern medicine limits itself by focusing only on trying to correct the biology and biochemistry of your cells. They are unaware of and do not consider the third and most important force in your body… your body’s energy field – the very source of your health and vitality.

NES Health Bioenergetics is a powerful, scientific approach to wellness, based not on biochemistry, but on physics and the energy that powers your body.*

It studies how your cells, body, and environment exchange energy and information to keep you in perfect health.

Now, most medical professionals believe that cells are made out of matter and can only be influenced by other matter, such as drugs or chemicals. This is true, but the body is not that simple.

In Bioenergetics, the focus is on the energy fields that surround us and are within us. As a result, our bodies are both matter AND energy. Remember from your 8th grade science class that matter too is merely comprised of energy.

In Bioenergetics, the body consists of three parts:

  1. Energy
  2. Matter (which is the physical body)
  3. The third component is information, which is carried on the energy fields of the body

As we discussed earlier, we call this structure the Human Body Field.

It’s this information that directs the body’s energy and controls your body’s self-healing abilities. When energy is low, blocked or disrupted, biology and biochemistry can break down causing the body’s own self-healing power to lapse.

That’s why the most common complaint you experience is fatigue. It’s the first sense most people have that something is wrong.

NES Health Bioenergetics’ foundation lies in the fact that our body’s energetic field controls our physical body. Address the energetic field and you correct physical issues.

The aim of Bioenergetics is to return integrity to the body’s energetic field, which then supports the body’s inherent natural ability to heal itself at a chemical, physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and informational level. Nothing works quite like it or as quickly.

Increase Your Energy with NES Health Bioenergetics

NES Health Bioenergetics is a health program utilizing non-invasive health assessment software that identifies Bioenergetic distortions and blockages in your body and on your meridians that may be contributing to physical and emotional problems.

A Bioenergetic program can be summarized through a simple formula to help you regain health. You ready? Here it is:

Correct Information + Optimize Energy + Restore Physiology = Enhanced Energy, Health and Purpose

Bioenergetic Body Scan ReportThe software reliably and accurately identifies energetic blockages in every part of your body. It’s able to do this using a form of biofeedback where the software contains a map of the body field, asks the body field whether there is a resonance for each part of the map, and then displays the results.

Try NES Health Bioenergetics Today

I hope you have found this article informative and eye-opening. I am deeply passionate about the field of energy medicine because, quite simply, it changed my life.

NES Health Bioenergetics brought me to the point of wellness I didn’t realize was possible. I want the same for you and all of my clients.

This is the ideal program if you don’t tolerate detox programs or supplements well.

I have worked with hundreds of clients that have tried intense detox programs and supplements that have had really bad reactions. Sometimes, it’s just all too much, especially if they have a sensitive system. Or sometimes they are too sick or far too fatigued to detox. If this is you, NES Health Bioenergetics  may be able to help..

Learn More About NES Health Bioenergetics

Check out my Supercharged Podcast, dedicated to investigating the field of energy medicine!

You can also check out our amazing line of practitioners who work with clients on their NES Health Bioenergetic programs.

*These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA. NES Health Bioenergetics is not designed to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is not intended to replace any medication or healing modality prescribed by your medical doctor. Please consult with your doctor before beginning a Bioenergetic Program. In order to enjoy optimum results on a NES Health Bioenergetic Program, we recommend continuing the program for at least 6 months.

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