#34 Burn Fat with Abel James, the Fat Burning Man

Abel James, the Fat Burning Man, talks with me on his ideas about how to optimally burn fat! I also pick his big fat brain on his ideas about the Paleo diet and fitness for fat loss.


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About Abel James

You may already be familiar with Abel, as he has the #1 rated health podcast on iTunes in the US, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Greece, Finland and many other countries. Abel is the author of several books bestselling books including, The Wild Diet and The Fat-burning Chef. He has the #1 app in Food and Drink on itunes, which is in the top ten overall. He has been a keynote speaker for Ivy League Institutions, within the Ancestral Paleo Movement and for Fortune 500 Companies. He has over 100,000 listeners and subscribers to his website. But Most importantly, he has an incredible velvety smooth baritone!

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