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Sauna Detoxification Using Niacin: Detoxination® Protocol Explained With Dr. Daniel Root




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In this episode…

If you are struggling with chronic health issues, mystery symptoms, or resistant weight loss, the root cause may be lurking in your body’s toxic burden. 


In this episode, pioneering detoxification expert Daniel Root reveals the little-known secrets to effectively eliminating heavy metals, chemicals, and other harmful toxins using a powerful combination of niacin, exercise, and sauna therapy.


Discover how this scientifically validated protocol, developed by Daniel’s father, Dr. David Root, and approved by the California Medical Board, has helped thousands of people—including 9/11 first responders and celebrities—reclaim their vitality and overcome chronic illnesses. 


Daniel shares the history behind this detoxification method and how he has fine-tuned it for even greater efficacy and accessibility.


If you’re ready to finally break free from the toxic chains holding your health hostage, this episode will give you the knowledge and tools you need to embark on a life-changing detoxification journey.

Key discussion points…

I turned 61 this September, and I feel like a healthy 30-year-old. I really can’t believe I’m in my 60s right now.

Daniel Root


How Toxic Are You? [Free Quiz]

Are heavy metals making you sick?

Heavy metal toxicity is often behind digestive issues, systemic infections, stubborn weight gain, brain fog, autoimmune disease, and chronic health conditions.

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About Daniel Root

Daniel Root is a pioneer in the field of detoxification and the son of Dr. David E. Root, who developed the scientifically validated niacin-based detoxification protocol. With decades of experience in occupational medicine and human detoxification, Daniel has dedicated his life to helping people eliminate toxins and reclaim their health.

He offers remote detox coaching and a certification program for practitioners through his website, getdetoxinated.com.

Sauna Detoxification Using Niacin: Following The Recommended Protocol Of Dr. David E. Root

Here’s how hundreds of thousands have overcome chronic pain, chronic fatigue, obesity, insomnia, fibromyalgia, drug addiction, and many other toxin-induced inflammatory diseases! Thousands more use this method to prevent physically and financially devastating medical conditions altogether. Dr. David E. Root pioneered the niacin, exercise, and sauna therapy to treat workplace chemical and radiation exposure injuries back in 1982, and his 35 years’ experience and research have been well documented in peer-reviewed articles and even medical text books. In 2017 Dr. Root and his son, Daniel Root, released their 2-week health and wellness Detoxination® Protocol to the public. By harnessing a unique property of niacin, fat-stored toxins are mobilized and then eliminated via sebaceous sweat from sauna. This must-read, self-help guide will give you easy to follow step-by-step instructions on the only known safe and effective path to sustainable health so you can feel better, have more energy, sleep soundly, look younger, think more clearly, and much more!

Remote Detox Coaching

Transform your health journey with Personal One-on-One Remote Detox Coaching by Daniel Root. This program features an online video tutorial course, a Self-Directed Detox Guidebook, scheduled Zoom orientations, regular check-ins, and unlimited email support—plus direct access to Dan via phone and text.

The Detoxinician™ Training Program

The Detoxinician™ Training Program is a comprehensive course designed to equip holistic health practitioners with advanced knowledge in detoxification, focusing on environmental toxicants, niacin pharmacokinetics, and personalized detox protocols. This program not only enhances clinical expertise but also provides professional development tools, peer support, and innovative marketing strategies to help practitioners grow their wellness practices.

Claim your spot in the Detoxinician™ Training Program now at 50% off and transform your holistic health practice today!

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About Dr. Wendy Myers, ND:

Dr. Wendy Myers, ND is a Naturopathic doctor and founder of Myersdetox.com She is an internationally recognized expert on heavy metal detox, anti-aging and bioenergetics.
She is a sought-after speaker, #1 bestselling author and the host of the top 50 rated podcast, the Myers Detox Podcast. Her mission is to educate and inspire the globe about topics related to anti-aging – detoxing from our increasingly toxic world to combat disease and increase longevity. 

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