#25 Death by Food Pyramid with Denise Minger


Denise Minger, author of the new book Death by Food Pyramid, reveals the truth behind what the food pyramid recommends. I also happily listen to her skewer the China Study.


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DBFP_3D_reflect__07397_stdDeath by Food Pyramid, published by Mark Sisson, is an exquisitely researched expose on how, Shoddy Science, Sketchy Politics, and Shady Special Interest Groups Have Conspired to Ruin the Health of America”, and what you can do to avoid succumbing to such bad influences. Denise provides an effective counter-punch to many of the pillars of conventional dietary wisdom and government nutrition policy have been a massive failure, and led to widespread diet-related obesity, disease and assorted health problems. In Death by Food Pyramid, Denise Minger absolutely skewers The China Study for its flawed data collection and distorted conclusions, and generally goes to great lengths to set the record straight about the flawed conventional wisdom we have been fed our entire lives.

I’m hoping Denise Minger’s book, Death by Food Pyramid will prompt change of the food pyramid. Our school lunch programs are based upon this document as well as other government run food programs. This document is taught in our schools. Our children’s health is at stake. Many other countries also base their diet recommendations on this document. So, It’s important, not just for our country, but for the world, that this document is loudly criticized to prompt change. Denise’s book is very important and timely. A I believe a book on this subject is long overdue.

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About Denise

Denise MingerDenise Minger is the famed study dismantler of The China Study. She studied and dissected Dr Colin Campbell’s raw China Study data and found all kinds of flaws in the study and thus major holes in his findings that supposedly claim that eating meat and dairy cause cancer and all the diseases of western affluence.

Denise’s site, Raw Food SOS is a site that examines the science behind common nutritional beliefs, including the ongoing scuffles between omnivores and vegetarians/vegans, the harmfulness of saturated fat, the necessity of eating Healthy Whole Grains, and whatever else warrants a closer look.

Denise’s site isn’t specifically low-carb or high-carb, vegan or carnivore, raw food or cooked food, or anything else that could be neatly labeled. Her own experience as a (recovered) raw vegan taught her that diet-dogma is a killer, so the emphasis is on unraveling research rather than building an ideology. Her goal is to make nutritional science accessible and non-boring to those who really care about their health.

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