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How to Conquer Stress: The Root of All Disease With Dr Jibin Chi




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In this episode…

Dr. Jibin Chi, a renowned expert in translational medicine, healthcare innovation, and biotechnology, offers a revolutionary perspective on stress. With over three decades of experience across diverse fields like quantum physics, energy medicine, and spirituality, he challenges the conventional view of stress as inherently negative.



Jibin believes that stress is a manifestation of energy—the body’s natural response that drives growth, much like free radicals are crucial for survival. Drawing from his multidisciplinary expertise, he sheds light on the fundamental misunderstandings about life and health in modern science and medicine. 



His overarching theory attributes the essence of life and diseases to stress and energy balance, emphasizing the importance of addressing both physical and mental stress.



To address this, Jibin introduces two innovative solutions. The first is the CHI-Wavesonika, a sound therapy system that harnesses nature’s entire sound frequency range to create harmony and reduce stress in the body. The second is the CHI-Airnergy device, which optimizes oxygen’s electron transfer to create structured water in the body, leading to improved health outcomes.



At the heart of Jibin’s message lies the significance of returning to the basic, foundational principles of health and wellness by understanding and nurturing the body’s natural energies. 

Tune in to hear Dr. Jibin’s inspiring insights and learn how to embrace stress as a catalyst for growth and wellbeing.

Key discussion points…

The true essence of life, just like water, only goes low. So that’s why if you want to change or fundamentally transform your life and your stress, you have to look for something very basic. Each breath, each thought, each heartbeat, that’s all it takes.

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About Dr. Jibin Chi

Dr. Jibin has worked in preventative medicine, pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, tissue engineering, medical devices, and biotech industries across Australia, China, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, the USA, and Sweden. 

His practice delves into ancient wisdom, philosophy, spirituality, and healing practices, including Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. His contribution to applied science in air, energy, breathing, and health earned him the first “Art of Air” Award in the science category in 2018 and 2019. 

Dr. Jibin has been a scientific lecturer, health consultant, healing expert, and meditation instructor on Holistic Holiday at Sea. He pioneered the CHI (Conscious Health Initiative) concept, which encompasses CHI Living, CHI Healing, and CHI Awakening. He is also the founder of the CHI Awakening Academy in Sweden. The “Butterfly Effect” and Fractal Dynamics are the foundation of CHI health analysis and healing methodology.


Learn more about Dr. Chi’s work at chi-academy.org 

CHI-Wavesonika is an innovative sound healing system that reconstructs the frequencies of nature sounds into a trio of holistic mind and body healing channels. It consists of nine healing musical compositions with high frequencies transmitted to the brain and ears via hearing sensors and low frequencies are delivered to the body via vibration from a pair of vibrational sound cushions.

CHI-Airnergy is a cellular central heating system that gives your body energy-rich life force in its purest form. The device activates atmospheric oxygen into its higher-energy state (singlet oxygen). CHI-Airnergy uses water molecules to convert the highly reactive energy into a pure, pristine life force that contributes to its anti-oxidative stress, anti-inflammation, and anti-aging benefits.

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About Dr. Wendy Myers, ND:

Dr. Wendy Myers, ND is a Naturopathic doctor and founder of Myersdetox.com She is an internationally recognized expert on heavy metal detox, anti-aging and bioenergetics.
She is a sought-after speaker, #1 bestselling author and the host of the top 50 rated podcast, the Myers Detox Podcast. Her mission is to educate and inspire the globe about topics related to anti-aging – detoxing from our increasingly toxic world to combat disease and increase longevity. 

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