#49 General Leigh gets her hair mineral analysis results! Is she toxic?

Leigh Lowery gets the results of her hair mineral analysis on this week’s Live to 110 Podcast. Find out on today’s show what her test reveals! 


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I thought this would be a great show so that the listeners could find out exactly what it’s like to get their hair mineral analysis results and what to expect during this session. Stay tuned and listen as General Leigh gets her Hair Mineral Analysis results!

What is a Hair Mineral Analysis?

photoA hair mineral analysis is an incredibly powerful tool in revealing your heavy metal toxicities, mineral deficiencies, adrenal and thyroid function and so much more. A hair mineral analysis is the basis upon which a customized Nutritional Balancing program is designed. This is one of the best programs I have encountered to recover your health, energy and vitality. The hair is tested because it is one of many places the body dumps excess minerals and heavy metals for storage away from vital organs. The amounts of minerals deposited in the hair reveal all kinds of things about your body chemistry. Get your own personalized Nutritional balancing program designed today!

About General Leigh Lowery

leigh_lowery_112413-215Leigh Lowery aka General Leigh is the Live to 110 Podcast cohost. She had a former life as a CBS Television Advertising Executive. But she cast aside her career to follow her true passion, fitness! She is now a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, doing in person and online training. She has also ventured into the world of fitness competitions. So far she has won 3 fitness competitions and counting. You can find her on her site Generalleigh.com and on Facebook at General Leigh Fitness and Nutrition

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