#50 Gluten free on a budget with Jennifer Fugo

Jennifer Fugo talks to Wendy and Leigh about how her new book about how to go gluten free on a budget. She reveals savvy tips on going gluten-free and how to do it without breaking the bank.

Living gluten-free since early 2008 after a gluten sensitivity diagnosis, Jennifer knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the cost and seemingly complicated aspects of going gluten-free. She tells us why you should consider going gluten-free and everything she’s learned in her journey of eliminating gluten from her diet.

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The Book

The Savvy Gluten-Free Shopper: How to Eat Healthy Without Breaking the BankJennifer Fugo is the author of the new book The Savvy Gluten-Free Shopper: How to Eat Healthy Without Breaking the Bank.

Eating gluten-free is a financial burden for many celiac and gluten sensitive families.  What starts out as a quest to get back good health by going gluten-free can create a huge amount of stress over money.  But, this doesn’t have to happen to you!

Did you know that you can actually save money eating gluten-free (and healthy) food that everyone will enjoy?  Learn why gluten-free food is expensive, how you can easily reduce your grocery bill by up to 50% and–even cook less! 

About Jennifer Fugo

Jennifer Fugo gluten free schoolJennifer Fugo is the founder of Gluten Free School, a website dedicated to teaching gluten-sensitive individuals simple, savvy and empowering steps to get healthy. She’s a certified Health Coach named a “Gluten Free Guru” by Philadelphia Magazine who co-hosts the popular “Gluten-Free Sugar Cleanse” to empowers gluten-free folks to take control of their diet, feel great and kick their sugar habit.

Jennifer is a sought-after expert about healthy, gluten-free living as well as a speaker who has been featured on Doctor Oz, Yahoo! News, eHow, CNN, Huffington Post and Philadelphia Magazine. She hosts the popular “Gluten Free School Podcast” to share eye-opening health information vital to living a gluten-free life.

If all else fails or you find yourself at a restaurant where you never know what gluten is lurking in the food, be sure to have a bottle of Glutenza handy. I always have a bottle with me when I eat out!


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