#27 Heal Your Thyroid with Nutritional Balancing with Luke Pryor


Luke Pryor, a fellow Nutritional Balancing practitioner, talks to us this week about how a Nutritional Balancing program can heal your thyroid naturally and get you off your medication for good.


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Most are told by their doctor that they have to be on thyroid medication for life. This could not be further from the truth. While modern medicine is great, it’s not a healing modality. Doctors don’t think in terms of healing the thyroid, just in giving medication to replace hormones and relieving symptoms, but even this does not work for many people. Luke Pryor is going to tell you how you can heal your thyroid, be the problem lack of hormone production, autoimmune thyroid issues like Hashimoto’s or other issues related to thyroid dysfunction.

I hear about all kinds of shows on the thyroid talking about how you need to take natural hormones instead of synthetic ones or you need to add T3 for some people – like they’re talking about some revolutionary thyroid cure. That’s great, but it’s just not enough. Why isn’t anyone talking about HEALING the thyroid? It needs to be nourished and detoxed to function properly.

Many people, like myself, are producing plenty of hormones. I don’t need hormone replacement. I don’t have autoimmune thyroid disease, called Hashimoto’s. Yet my thyroid function is low and I have hypothyroid symptoms. Doctors can do nothing for me. People like me they just send home and say, “Good luck. Eat less, exercise more.” Don’t take being sent home and told you’re fine! If you feel something is not right in your body, it’s not right. I don’t care what tests say. You don’t have to suffer any more! You CAN heal your thyroid and get it working on its own with a Nutritional Balancing Program.

About Luke Pryor

Luke PryorInterbalance.net was founded by Luke Pryor in 2013. He created this business with one goal in mind, to provide easy access to Nutritional Balancing programs for people around the world. Nutritional balancing is a holistic method developed by a brilliant researcher by the name of Dr. Eck during the 70′s and 80′s. This brilliant, man developed a method of using hair mineral analysis to provide a snapshot of the bodily system. Using this method he learned it was possible to balance the human body’s biochemistry and in doing so alleviate almost any symptom imaginable. These methods were then further developed by Dr. Lawrence Wilson, who added to the programs, and further refined the techniques to make the system even more effective. Now we have a low cost, easy to follow program for anyone wishing to embark on their journey towards health.

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