#28 How to Lose 110 Pounds with Deanna DellaCioppa

Deanna DellaCioppa talks to us about her very inspiring weight loss of 110 pounds (actually 100 pounds, hehe)! We’re going to talk about how she did it and how you can do it, too.


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I thought I’d have my dear friend Deanna on the show to talk about her weight loss experience and how it can help motivate you. This is a really important show because so many people are struggling to lose weight and many of them have a long way to go. Or give up when they hit a plateau. It can seem hopeless to need to lose 100 pounds or more. But it can be done! You just have to take Deanna’s advice and do it one small goal at a time.

Warning: This podcast is sexually explicit with plenty of profanity.

Before and After

Deanna BeforeDeanna After

About Deanna DellaCioppa

Deanna is very inspiring – in her life and in her music! She attended the prestigious Berkelee College of Music and is now an accomplished singer-songwriter.

Deanna is still flying high from her performance at Radio City Music Hall on NBC’s top rated show this summer: Season 8 of America’s Got Talent.

Deanna has written songs for Charlie Wilson, Mya, Cassie, and Cody Simpson. She has a new single coming out with DJ Pauly d, Christina Milian and Big Sean. She has also sang backgrounds for Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, & Paula Abdul to name a few..

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