How to Repair Your Mitochondria for More Energy

Many of you have felt tired for years. This is not something to be shrugged off or ignored. Fatigue is the first sign that something is wrong in the body. But to learn how to increase your energy, you first need to learn how your body produces energy. Let’s take a look!

When energy is low, blocked or disrupted, biology and biochemistry can break down causing the body’s own self-healing power to lapse.*

That’s why the most common problem you experience is fatigue. It’s the first sense most people have that something is wrong.

That’s why fatigue must be addressed. If allowed to fester and proliferate, this could spell impaired health further down the line.

But let’s begin by looking at how the cells of our body produce energy.

Behind the Scenes – How Your Body Produces Energy

We have tiny organelles called mitochondria in our cells. Most cells have several thousands of them, and can comprise up to 50 percent of your cells’ volume! They supply a large percentage of your body’s energy needs by converting the food you eat and the air you breathe into usable energy. Through a process called electron transport chain, they combine the oxygen we breathe and produce ATP, or energy, molecules.

As you age, your body produces fewer mitochondria, so that makes taking care of the ones you have all the more important.

Your mitochondria are truly your body’s lifeline. They are your biobatteries.

When a significant percentage of your mitochondria stops functioning properly, your health can falter and leave you more vulnerable to impaired health.

However, I have discovered powerful strategies that can repair and improve the health of your mitochondria.

Let’s continue taking a look at how your cells produce energy…

ATP, short for adenosine triphosphate, is the biocharged molecule that gives us energy for all our activities.

This is the reason you breathe and why you gasp for air when you engage in heavy activities like running. Mitochondria need oxygen to churn out ATP energy and meet your needs.

It all begins with the sun. We walk, talk, run, work, and do all our activities because of the sun. This is why it’s a very important part of energy production to spend time in the sun for at least 20 minutes daily if you’re able. Sitting in a near infrared sauna can also mimic the sun in the same way and charge your mitochondria. More on that later!

If you remember from science class, the energy cycle begins with plants. Plants are capable of converting solar energy into bioenergy through photosynthesis. They use the energy for their own purposes and store the rest in the form of sugar and other biological forms. This stored energy is passed on through the food chain.

All animals that eat plants – and all animals that prey on plant-eating animals – release this energy using their own mitochondria. We, humans, are part of this energy cycle and we release our energy the same way as all the animals.

Toxic metals cause mitochondrial dysfunction and are a major reason you’re tired (1). In fact, mitochondria may be the earliest target of metal neurotoxicity (2).

Metals attack mitochondria in two ways:

  1. They weaken or prevent ATP production.
  2. They impair the antioxidant systems. Mitochondria have their own antioxidant defense systems such as superoxide dismutase and glutathione, along with its derivatives glutathione disulfide, glutathione peroxidase, and glutathione reductase.

Mitochondria are the major source of free radical production and they need antioxidants to remove them, which otherwise are destructive to mitochondria. Metals are one of the body’s primary sources of oxidative stress to the body. It takes a lot of the body’s energy to remove them.

Oxidative stress is essentially an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects through neutralization by antioxidants like superoxide dismutase and glutathione.

Have you ever wondered how a girl who eats very little is still very active throughout the day? From where is she getting the energy? Or what about that boy who is eating a lot but is always slouching and slow? Where does all the food go? You may be thinking, “I’m eating a healthy diet but I don’t have the energy to be as active as I want to be!”

This is because mitochondria determine whether you are an active person or someone who is always fatigued.

The girl’s mitochondria are efficient in producing energy but, in many others who are fatigued, the food just passes through the system without producing much energy. Metal toxicity is a very likely culprit. No matter how healthy your diet, exercise, sleep, and supplementation, toxic metals are throwing a monkey wrench into your ATP synthesis machine and preventing energy production.

Dysfunctional mitochondria lead to fatigue and, in many cases, a decline in overall health.

How to Repair Your Mitochondria for More Energy

As we have learned in this article, your mitochondria are the energy factories of your cells. They regulate your cellular metabolism and process necessary elements and nutrients, all while removing waste.

Toxic metals like aluminum, arsenic, thallium, cesium, mercury, lead, and tin cause mitochondrial dysfunction are a major reason you’re tired.

As I mentioned above, heavy metals disrupt your mitochondria in two ways:

  1. They weaken or prevent ATP production.
  2. They impair the antioxidant systems.

When mito function is compromised, your entire body is affected. You not only have less energy, you also age faster, gain weight more easily, heal slower, and your immune response is weakened. The list is endless!

But there is something that can help your mitochondria and it lies in the first item on my list of recommended supplements: the Mitochondria Detox kit.

Mitochondria Detox is the only supplement kit on the market that helps you to remove toxic metals that cause fatigue. With it, you can gently cleanse harmful heavy metals and toxins to restore the function of your mitochondria and achieve a resurgence in your energy levels!

Typical benefits of this powerful detox package include increased energy, faster metabolism, improved digestion, younger looking skin, enhanced cognitive ability, bolstered libido, and upgraded sleep quality.

The Mitochondria Detox kit contains:

Ageless AFAgeless AF contains a specific form of silica that mobilizes and removes toxic metals from your cells, giving your mitochondria the cleanse it requires to restore your health. Benefits include:

  • Detox of aluminum, arsenic, tin, thallium and cesium
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Thicker, stronger hair
  • Strengthened nails
  • Promotion of strong, flexible bones
  • Promotion of healthy joints

CitriCleanse – CitriCleanse contains grapefruit citrus pectin is a natural, powdered citrus pectin that acts as a powerful binder – absorbing and eliminating hundreds of harmful toxic metals and chemicals from your body. It:

  • Absorbs the toxins the Ageless AF mobilizes
  • Dramatically reduces detox symptoms, making your Mitochondria Detox much more comfortable, even effortless for some
  • Gives your body the support it needs to keep you healthy, support regular bowel movements, and more

That’s why, if you are going to try just one item from this article, I highly recommend Mitochondria Detox.

More Supplements To Support Increased Energy

So now you know how Mitochondria Detox can help repair your mitochondria and support better energy production in the body. Now let’s discuss a few more supplements that may help your energy levels…

Most people today are mineral deficient due to stress, bad diets and a nutrient deficient food supply.

You need minerals for your body to work – to make enzymes, promote cellular metabolism and conduct electricity – yet many overlook this simple strategy. When you don’t have adequate minerals, naturally your body cannot function optimally and you feel tired all the time. 

That’s why a healthy mineral base is a pre-requisite not only for all metal detoxes, but also for helping your body produce energy.

But please notesubstituting minerals alone cannot detoxify the body or help your body produce more energy. You must also address the heavy metals poisoning your system with detox. And just as important are electrolytes (like sodium, potassium, etc.), which help to transport toxic waste across the extra-cellular space towards the lymphatic and venous vessels. This is why I recommend getting a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to learn what heavy metals are poisoning your system.

I have already discussed the Mitochondria Detox kit for aiding your body’s ability produce energy, but there some other options out there in terms of safe supplements.

Below are some more of my very favorite detox supplements that assist with energy production. I have found these to be the most effective in in personal practice, which is why I am recommending them to you here.


Glutathione is the queen of detoxifiers and the most important intracellular antioxidant in your system (5). It is crucial for detoxifying heavy metals.

Glutathione regulates all other antioxidants, while protecting and preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species‚ such as free radicals and peroxides (3).

How does it work? Glutathione binds to toxins, which then carries them out of the body through bile and stool. It is especially effective at detoxing mercury (4).

Most people have a poorly functioning glutathione system for various reasons, meaning they don’t have enough glutathione. That’s why many people run into problems when attempting to detoxify heavy metals.

It’s helpful before starting a detox to build up your glutathione levels. You can do this by taking liposomal glutathione supplements and also taking foods, herbs, and other supplements that boost glutathione. In addition to that, I also recommend coffee enemas, selenium, and NAC help to increase glutathione levels in the body.

Wendy Recommends:
Liposomal Glutathione by Quicksilver Scientific. Take .5 teaspoon; 2.5 ml; 200mg a day.

I also like Advanced Cellular Glutathione Extra Strength by Results RNA. Take 5 sprays by mouth 2 – 3 times daily for maintenance. For a higher dose, take 10 sprays by mouth 4 times daily.

Energy Infoceutical

The Energy Infoceutical from NES Health Bioenergetics enhances the source energy available in the body for physical activity. It is also useful when energetically depleted from illness, mental exhaustion, stress, toxic exposure, malnutrition or poor breathing. I recommend using this before and during sports or other physical endeavors.

To those not familiar with Infoceuticals or NES Health Bioenergetics, every human is born with an amazing self-healing energy blueprint of information that is carried out in the fields of the body. But life’s challenges – stress, diet, environmental poisons, or emotional upsets – damage this original blueprint.

The energy field gets blocked and information the body is trying to send to the cells and organs becomes scrambled.

As a result, your body can no longer maintain optimal health and repair itself as nature intended. So the cells send out distress signals that we often feel as pain or fatigue or other unpleasant symptoms.

That’s where Infoceuticals come in – Infoceuticals are energetically encoded liquid tinctures that interact directly with the Human Body-Field to remove or resolve blockages caused by toxins, EMFs, shocks, traumas, emotional issues, illnesses, and/or injury.

The structured water in Infoceuticals is like a liquid a crystal (repetitive atomic pattern), which means it can store information just like the silicon chip in your computer. Using the technology of structured water, NES Health Bioenergetics imprints unique information onto each Infoceutical for to address the specific problems disrupting the flow of information in your Human Body-Field. They are then able to restore integrity to the body’s master control mechanism, thus allowing your body to heal itself.

In short: Infoceuticals are liquid, energetic tinctures! Learn more about Infoceuticals and NES Health Bioenergetics here and here.

Mega Quinone

Mega Quinone is also a great supplement that has ingredients in it needed to power mitochondria, including vitamin K2. Most people are deficient in K2, as it is not found in sufficient quantities in a Western diet.

Vitamin K2 also increases ATP production by 40%. Remember ATP? ATP is the biocharged molecule that gives us energy for all our activities and is produced by our mitochondria.

Vitamin K2 also helps resuscitate the mitochondria enabling an athlete to maintain peak fitness for a longer period of time. Finally, K2 delivers more oxygen to starving muscles and has been shown to improve cardiac performance at every heart rate zone, including maximum performance.

The Takeaway

In order to improve your health and energy levels, you need to detox the heavy metals that are impairing your health in the first place! It’s not enough to just supplement minerals. (I’m sorry! I wish it were that easy!)

There are certain heavy metals notorious for causing fatigue – arsenic, aluminum, tin, mercury, lead, cesium, and thallium, to name a few – because each of these heavy metals are potent mitochondrial poisons.

They poison the enzymes that transport nutrients into your cell’s mitochondria, aka the body’s energy manufacturers. The result is unrelenting fatigue which may also interfere in other functions of the body, depending on how drained the body has becomes (and for how long).

If you are ready to restore your energy, I recommend starting with a Mitochondria Detox. It’s an easy step to take when it comes to detox, restoring your energy, and regaining your overall health. You can learn more about it here.

I hope you have found this article on how your body produces energy – and how you can help repair your mitochondria useful. Please let me know your experience with fatigue and regaining your energy in the comments below!

*Please note:  The dietary supplements mentioned in this article are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are dealing with a serious health condition, please talk to your doctor.

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