#46 The Kaizen Fitness Method with Tee Major

Tee Major talks to Leigh and I about his revolutionary Kaizen Fitness Method. Kaizen (Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the better”) refers to a philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes.


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Major Tee and LeighThe Kaizen approach is one that is used frequently in business and when used in this sense and applied to fitness, kaizen refers to activities that continually improve all function and aims to eliminate waste. Kaizen is the philosophy of Tee Major Fitness. We take large goals like weight loss and strength gains, and break them down into small attainable goals. We then spot and eliminate wasteful movements or “muri” and make small, systematic improvements. In all, our process suggests an efficient but humanized approach to fitness that strives to increase individual productivity during our journey of self improvement.

Kaizen is a daily activity, the purpose of which goes beyond simple productivity improvement. It is also a philosophy that, when adhered to, can enhance our performance in sport, work, and even in our daily lives.

About Tee Major

tee-major-footballTee is an ACE Certified Group X Instructor and Worldwide Bodyweight mentor. In 2008, Tee started Tee Major Fitness, which specialized in personal training, small group training, and online consultation mainly for adults looking to get in shape. You can find his site at Teemajor.com.

Tee’s passion and love for fitness and strength and conditioning comes from over 10 years of involvement in organized sports, including a scholarship to play football at Bryant University.

During his transition into the fitness world, Tee managed to model for the top names in fitness apparel. His list of clients includes Reebok, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, and Nike among many other retailers and commercial companies. Let’s just say he’s easy on the eyes.

Adidas ad Tee MajorIn April of 2011, Tee took his talents international and became a Personal Trainer and MWR Manager – T-1 in Iraq.  As part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, he served as a Personal Trainer to the United States Army.

Check out Tee Major in Action! Whoa!

Most recently, you probably saw Tee Major in the December 2012 video entitled “44 bodyweight exercises.”  The video went viral due to the inhuman athletic abilities of this man.  The video has over 7 million hits on youtube and has spawned a Bodyweight exercise frenzy worldwide.  Tee now has his BW44 program available online for purchase to help you get the strength and the body you want to achieve!

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