#119 Raising Healthy Children with Luke Pryor


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Luke Pryor is a Nutritional Balancing Practitioner who specializes in children’s health. Luke details the disturbing trend of the lowered quality of life of children today and how we can reverse this trend.

It all comes down to re-mineralizing and detoxing the body from a young age. It is particularly important for parents to get this information to really maximize family planning and ensure the best health for our children.

About Luke Pryor

Luke Pryor is a Nutritional Balancing Practitioner using Hair Mineral Analysis per Dr. Lawrence Wilson’s protocols. His websites are Interbalance.net and liiife.net. After discovering Dr. Wilson’s work and healing his own health with the program, he decided to get certified in Nutritional Balancing Science.

He works with clients around the globe, including many children. He aims to spread the word and help people heal themselves at a deep level using nutritional balancing science.
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