About Lisa

Lisa Herndon  – aka the “Health Detective” – empowers clients to break through specific health challenges to regain their natural vitality for life. She is a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Practitioner and Applied Clinical Nutritionist who specializes in uncovering hidden stresses and identifying the root causes of her clients’ health problems.

Education and Certification

In addition to her FDN certification, Lisa is certified in Applied Clinical Nutrition through the Texas Chiropractic College.  Her other academic credentials include a B.S. in Psychology and Business from UCLA, along with a M.S. in Education – MFCC (Marriage, Couple and Child Counseling) – from San Francisco State University.

Lisa Herndon has completed Advanced HTMA training / Myer’s Detox, Metabolic Blood Chemistry Certification / Metabolic Healing, Toxicity Mastery Course / The Integrative Medicine Academy and the NES Bioenergetic Practitioner Certification / NES Health.

Specialities and Focus

Lisa specializes in: thyroid, detox, autoimmune, hormone imbalances, digestive issues, inflammation, blood sugar imbalances, sleep issues, food sensitivities, fatigue and chronic pain.

Other Works

Lisa is the author of the book, Lisa’s Counter Culture: Pickles and Other Well-Bred Foods. She also founded Lisa’s Counter Culture online, to help people restore their health and wellness via diet and lifestyle changes. For over three years, Lisa was a regular contributor to Paleo Magazine, writing a column on all things related to gut healing and functional fermentation.

Her Healing Philosophy

Her goal is to help her clients return to vibrant health by utilizing non-invasive laboratory assessments to identify the underlying conditions that are at the root of most common health complaints. Armed with this information, she uses her “health detective” skills to help clients take charge of their own health, with results that go far beyond symptom removal.

“Prepare for an improvement in vitality, energy, mood, and mental functioning!”

Finally, Lisa is passionate about supporting local famers and is a local host to several Community Supported Agriculture groups (CSAs). Lisa is happily married, with two school-age children.