#290 Preparing the Gut for Detox Through the Gut Rebuilding Method with Summer Bock

Summer Bock joins me to discuss why gut health is essential for detox, and all the best ways to to get it in tip-top shape.

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • The #1 mistake most make when rebuilding their gut.
  • Why probiotics are not enough to repair the gut.
  • Summer’s top supplements to repair the gut.
  • How fermented foods outshine probiotics in repopulating the gut microbiome in 4 different ways

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About Summer Bock

Summer Bock is a trained herbalist certified in integrative nutrition through Columbia University.

A raver in her early twenties, devastating allergies emerged that left her exhausted, hive-ridden, and only able to consume 30 foods without a reaction – an outlook that stumped the medical community.

Leveraging her background in microbiology and fascination with gut health, Summer healed herself through research and formulation of various digestive bitters, which she now produces for her Guts & Glory Apothecary online.

Summer Bock coined the phrase Gut Rebuilding, which is now cornerstone terminology in the integrative health conversation. She is the founder of the Fermentationist Certification Program.

Her interests include cancer and Chronic Lyme, of which she has personally experienced and beat. She does consultations for those interested in optimizing their health.

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3 Major Mistakes People Make When Trying to Fix Their Gut Webinar

Gut Health is the Foundation for a Strong Immune System, Happy Moods, and an End to Digestive Troubles

Even if you think you’ve tried everything, I promise you haven’t.
There is hope when it comes to getting your energy back, dropping that extra weight, and ridding yourself of gut-based issues. In this FREE webinar, I’m going to teach you how I healed my body and helped many people do the same.

Join me and learn:

  • Which things you need to stop doing right now so you can finally fix your health concerns that are stemming from your gut
  • How food and supplements are effective and powerful tools for helping ease your digestive problems (I’ll give you info on finding out which foods and supplements to use!)
  • Why belly fat clears up when you rebuild your digestion
  • How a healthy microbiome can be your secret elixir to looking and feeling awesome
  • Scientifically-proven strategies for making your colon the happiest place on earth for probiotics to live so you lower anxiety and get sick less often
  • And much more…

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Dr Wendy Myers, ND is a detox expert, functional diagnostic nutritionist, NES Bioenergetic Practitioner, and founder of Myersdetox.com. She is the #1 bestselling author of Limitless Energy: How to Detox Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue . Additionally, Wendy is the host of The Heavy Metals Summit, the Myers Detox Podcast, and the Supercharged Podcast. Passionate about the importance of detox to live a long and healthy life, she created the revolutionary Myers Detox Protocol , and Mitochondria Detox kit after working with thousands of clients, as well as a range of supplements to help you detox from everyday living and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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