#307 How Information Infused Water, Called Infoceuticals, Can Dramatically Change Your Health Outcomes and Emotional Well-Being with Steve McCardell

Steve McCardell, a certified NES Practitioner, does a deep dive into all of the amazing benefits of infoceuticals, what they are, and how they help our body and our mind.

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • How information can be imprinted into water
  • How imprinted water, called infoceuticals, help one’s health and resolves unwanted symptoms
  • How information imprinted in water creates physical change in the body and can improve emotions
  • How infoceuticals can help to protect from and repair EMF damage
  • The last 100 years of science on water memory

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About Steve McCardell

Certified as a NES Practitioner in 2007, Steve McCardell was among the first practitioners in the NES Health family and saw clients through his private practice in Michigan. He also has an extensive professional career as a writer and teacher, and today combines all these facets in his role as Director of Training & Education for NES Health. He has written and taught extensively on health and wellness topics, including the physics of biology, and is co-author of the book Energy 4 Life.

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Three years ago, I felt like I’d hit a plateau with my health: I was exercising, detoxing, eating great, and getting plenty of sleep… but I still felt “off”.

I didn’t feel like I had any major health issues, but I wanted more energy and better functioning.

And I needed improvement in my emotional health. I just wasn’t happy and I couldn’t figure out why.

I did an NES bioenergetic scan and….wow!

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Since starting NES Health Infoceuticals…

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I feel like I am truly in a flow in work, life and relationships.

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Dr Wendy Myers, ND is a detox expert, functional diagnostic nutritionist, NES Bioenergetic Practitioner, and founder of Myersdetox.com. She is the #1 bestselling author of Limitless Energy: How to Detox Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue . Additionally, Wendy is the host of The Heavy Metals Summit, the Myers Detox Podcast, and the Supercharged Podcast. Passionate about the importance of detox to live a long and healthy life, she created the revolutionary Myers Detox Protocol , and Mitochondria Detox kit after working with thousands of clients, as well as a range of supplements to help you detox from everyday living and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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