#313 Nitric Oxide Deficiency and Its Role In Detox and Heart Disease with Mackay Rippey


Mackay Rippey joins us to discuss a lesser known but essential molecule in many of our body’s functions, nitric oxide, and how you can control it to keep these functions healthy.

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • Symptoms of nitric oxide deficiency, including reduced detox ability
  • Why nitric oxide is critical for heart health
  • Top 5 ways to increase nitric oxide
  • Toxins that lead to cardiovascular disease
  • Why viagra doesn’t work sometimes (you need nitric oxide)


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About Mackay Rippey

Mackay’s interest in genetics, toxicity and nitric oxide was the result of waking up one morning unable to lift his right arm. After the panic subsided and he realized he was not having a stroke, the most likely cause seemed to be a Lyme disease flare up.

Mackay was bitten by a tick in 2005 and developed a bullseye rash but was treated successfully, and was mostly symptom-free until that morning in 2017.

He then visited, urgent care, the ER, an orthopedic surgeon, his primary care doc, and a neurologist. They confirmed it was not a stroke but had no idea how the nerve damage happened.

Since the doctors didn’t know, Mackay became determined to find out what happened. Not able to work for 3 months, he dove into his genetics and discovered the vast literature describing nitric oxide mediated nerve damage and charted a path back to health.

Mackay is a member of the research team for The Functional Genomic Nutrition Institute and regularly presents at their conferences. He was one of the first practitioners in the country to earn a masters degree in acupuncture from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. He lives on a small farm in Central New York where he has been practicing 5-element acupuncture for the past 20 years.

Make sure to tune into his podcast at lymeninjaradio.com!


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