#332 Advanced Air Toxin Testing Technologies and How to Properly Test Your Home for Toxins and Mold with Terry Wright

Terry Wright joins the show to explain why ordinary home air testing does not work and what type of testing you should do to get accurate results.

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • Why most air and water toxins testing is grossly inadequate and the brilliant testing that Terry developed that assesses 500 toxins in the air plus 100 toxins in water. This is UNPRECEDENTED in air and water testing
  • Why it’s important to test for toxins in your home BEFORE buying an air filter (to get the right kind of filtration system)
  • Why, when testing for mold, it’s not enough to only test for mold spores
  • Correct methods of mold testing, explained
  • Are you more likely to have an air quality problem in a brand new home or an older home?
  • Why there are more cancer and deaths from radon than from all air toxins combined, and what to do about it
  • Why everybody living in a home with an air quality problem doesn’t always experience the same (if any) health symptoms
  • How your body adapts to toxins in the air so that you stop smelling them after a period of time


Click here! Read #332 Advanced Air Toxin Testing Technologies and How to Properly Test Your Home for Toxins and Mold with Terry Wright

About Terry Wright

Terry R. Wright Sr is founder and CEO of Wright Way Environmental Technologies and www.pureairdoctor.com.

Specializing in environmental health and wellness, Terry established Wright Way Environmental Technologies nearly 40 years ago.

Licensed as a Certified Environmental Advisor, and a clinical background in brain-based behavioral therapy, he has developed numerous environmental testing and treatment technologies. These processes have been highly effective helping people suffering both neurological and physiological health problems from exposure to environmental toxins.

Developed for residential consumers, Terry designed the Pure Air Doctor (ETA) Environmental Toxic Assessment system as a comprehensive, yet cost-efficient air and water testing system. It not only samples for over 500 air toxins and 100-plus water contaminants, but also identifies the reasons why these problems occur and provides guidance on how the problems can be corrected.

In addition to being an authority on air and water quality, Terry is also a licensed residential and commercial builder, certified as a Mechanical Contracting Inspector and a HVAC ventilation system expert. He has also developed medical grade technologies to help individuals and families on their journey to optimal health and wellness.

Insight gained from his expertise in the clinical setting, along with his environmental and engineering background have helped him to provide solutions to the complex problems of those suffering from environmental induced health challenges.

You can learn more about the ETA toxin test and Terry’s air and water filtration solutions at www.pureairdoctor.com/myersdetox


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