#519 Optimize Brain Power and Maximize Productivity to Become Superhuman with Mr. Noots (Mark Effinger)

“Get rid of the crap that’s holding you back. Because the velocity of your life is dictated by that.” 

Mr. Noots (Mark Effinger)

What are nootropics and how can they enhance your focus, and mood, and manage your hormones better? In today’s show, we chat to ‘Mr. Noots’, Mark Effinger, about all things brain health and this fascinating new industry of brain-enhancing supplements. 

Mark shares the story of how he came to be involved in the product development of nootropic supplements that is as triumphant as it is tragic, from detoxing later in life from the acne treatment he took as a science-loving teenager to losing his ex-wife to suicide and being driven to pursue a livelihood that makes a difference to the lives of other. 

Learn about ‘infinite horizon performance increase’ and what it means to be limitless as we detox from what no longer serves us and supplement where there’s new room for enhancement and personal growth. 


On Today’s Podcast, You’ll Learn:

  • How our body can release toxins years later 
  • Understanding the role of nootropics in brain enhancement
  • Hormone optimization (and what supplements to take to support that)
  • Why your brain wants to detox at night
  • Exploring the Nootropic range of brain-optimization supplements
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About the Guest:

Mark Alan Effinger | LinkedIn

Mark Effinger

Mark Effinger (aka Mr. Noots) is a business powerhouse with an unmatched background in technology product development and marketing. Having raised over $50 million in Angel and Venture Capital funding for startups, Mark’s expertise is second to none. His personal journey, from tragedy to triumph, led him to create groundbreaking nootropic supplements that have achieved a mind-boggling 11,700% growth in just five years. You can learn more about Mark’s amazing supplement line at https://nootopia.com/wendymyers


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