#44 College Primal Challenge with Monica Bravo


Monica Bravo of BravoforPaleo.com talks about her book College Primal Challenge. It’s about how to eat Paleo while you’re in college and how to navigate the school cafeteria and food courts.


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College Primal Challenge

So many young people surprised Monica with their interest and fascination in the Paleo diet. Many said, “I’d love to start eating that way, but I wouldn’t know where to start.” And simple as that, she started her blog BravoforPaleo.com. Then she found it wasn’t quite enough; people need rules and they need motivation to succeed! That’s why she created the College Primal Challenge eBook.

What’s included in the eBook?

  • College primal challenge graphicThe Stop Light Grading System
  • What to Eat, What Not to Eat (The Guidelines)
  • Eating at the School Food Court
  • Eating at the School Cafeteria
  • The 411 on ALCOHOL
  • 5 Breakfast Recipes
  • 5 Lunch Recipes
  • 5 Dinner Recipes
  • 5 Microwave Meals
  • Snack Ideas
  • AND 30 days of motivational emails

About Monica Bravo

296686_10150363429118092_6560493_n-500x189Hi, I’m Monica Bravo! Nice to “Meat” You. I’m from a small town called Covington, Louisiana. I am currently a student at LSU in the Honors College with a Biochemistry major and Anthropology and Business minors. I enjoy cooking, hiking, ballet, snow skiing, traveling, spending time with family and friends, and am also part of Phi Mu Sorority at LSU. The Paleo Diet became my interest within the past two years and I have been hooked on nutrition and health ever since. My plans are to become a doctor and treat patients holistically using food as the greatest form of medicine.

I created Bravoforpaleo.com to help other people make a commitment to their health and understand the oldest diet known to man –  the diet of our ancestors. I believe our food can be the most powerful form of healing, and I believe our bodies were meant to move. I have been a ballerina my whole life and have recently found new forms of exercise that I’ve come to love like lifting weights, interval training, yoga, lots of walking, zumba, or whatever exercise I’m in the mood for. My goal for my website is to change people’s lives by changing their relationship with food, body movement, and their attitudes.

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