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For years I have been searching for the most non-toxic healthiest bed on the earth. Many people are sleeping on toxic mattresses doused in flame retardants, formaldehyde and mold. It’s no wonder they wake up exhausted!My friend Dave Asprey sleeps on a Samina bed. I had been avoiding making the investment, hoping I could find something great on a budget. So I tried various alternatives like organic memory foam, but I wasn’t happy with it. It made me sleep really hot and would wake up a lot at night. I gave it to a friend.

I tried an organic mattress, but found out that while many fabrics and bedding were organic, it was still made metal springs, which affect my body’s electrical field and it still contained unnatural materials that contained chemicals. I wasted a lot of money.

It’s incredibly important to detox your bed (and your sheets and pillows for that matter). You spend 8 hours a day in your bed – 1/3 of your life. And you don’t want to spend that time breathing in toxic fumes found in almost all mattresses. Or sleeping on a metal frame that is distorting your cell’s energy fields and screwing up how your cells function (aka your body). Let me not forget, the estrogenic chemicals in a typical mattress make you fat. I hate to be the barer of bad news, but this is the truth.

Breathe in Toxins 1/3 of your Life? I’ll Pass

The place where you spend one-third of your life is chock-full of synthetic materials, some incredibly toxic. Since the mid- to late ’60s, most mattresses have been made of polyurethane foam, a petroleum-based material that emits volatile organic compounds that can cause respiratory problems and skin irritation.

Formaldehyde, which is used to make one of the adhesives that hold mattresses together, has been linked to asthma, allergies, and lung, nose, and throat cancers.

And then there are cotton pesticides and flame-retardant chemicals, which can cause cancer and nervous-system disorders.

Some memory-foam models have been found to emit 61 chemicals, including the carcinogens benzene and naphthalene. Hm, maybe that’s why the one I bought smelled like chemicals for the 10 years that I owned it.

The long-term health effects that may occur after prolonged exposure to VOC’s found in adhesive and glue solvents include cancers, damage to the heart, liver, central nervous system and kidneys. Not worth it in my opinion.

Is Your Bed Making You Fat?

Have you ever wondered why people are more fat today than they were 20-30 years ago? Studies have shown that people doing the same amount of exercise and food intake are 10% fatter today than in the 1980’s. Why?

The reason is that people are breathing in hormone disrupting chemicals like flame retardants, pesticides and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). These chemicals, found in typical mattresses, interfere in your hormone production, namely mimicking estrogen. And you’re breathing these in ALL NIGHT LONG.

When your body thinks you have more estrogen, you get fat. Period. This is why women have a nice soft layer of fat on their bodies and men typically don’t. We have more estrogen. But I certainly don’t need any help from my mattress doused in flame retardants to help me add to my soft velvety later of fat, thank you.

Why Samina is the Healthiest Bed on Earth

Like the human body, the SAMINA healthy sleep concept is built of layers that harmonically coordinate with the body. Thanks to its layered components including the freely suspended slat frame, natural rubber mattress, Lokosana® grounding pad, organic wool mattress topper, duvets and pillows all made from natural materials, the essential conditions are present to fall asleep relaxed, stay asleep and awake refreshed.

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Calling Samina the healthiest bed on Earth is a lofty claim, but rightly so:

  • Samina is made of all organic cotton and wool (no pesticides).
  • Samina is made of an all natural wooden frame that shapes to your body while you’re sleeping.
  • Samina breathes so you don’t sleep hot.
  • Samina does not contain flame retardants, glues, solvent or chemicals of any kind.
  • Samina comes wit an optional a wooden frame so that you are not an EMF conductor while you sleep.
  • And you can get an optional grounding pad layer to correct your cell’s energy field while you sleep that were distorted all day from wireless internet and your phone and computer.

Sleep Cool with Organic Wool

The SAMINA sheep’s wool mattress topper forms the uppermost layer of the SAMINA sleeping system. It is filled with 100% organic sheep’s wool which, in addition to a high rate of moisture absorption, also has an ideal self-cleaning capability. Thus, the moisture which is often the most important sustenance for allergy-causing dust mites is eliminated. The dry heat allows for a good night’s sleep and also has anti-rheumatic benefits lessening the occurrence of a stiff back or neck. The shell of the virgin sheep’s wool mattress topper comes in options made from either Organic Cotton, Organic Wool or Bio-ceramic®.

Why Grounding is important while you sleep

Just beneath it is the grounding pad layer. Now, these are an optional component, and a bit expensive. This layer, also made of organic wool and cotton (and a fine silver mesh), plugs directly into your wall outlet’s ground, creating an electrical connection from the bed to the earth itself.

The Samina/Lokosana grounding layer also contains magnets which ground the body. Grounding the body at night restores it to its normal electrical state so it’s more able to compensate for unwanted electric field influences like wireless internet, dirty electricity, and cell phone and computer use.

Scientific studies have shown that when we ground ourselves, free electrons in our body flow more freely. Thus, the body can use the electromagnetic quality of the earth for a better and deeper sleep. Sleeping grounded improves circulation and lessens pain so you awake feeling better and with more energy.

For millions of years, man slept on the ground and enjoyed the earth’s magnetism. That’s how our bodies have evolved to work – the mitochondria and oxygen via magnetism. This is re-created with the magnetism from the grounding pad layer. Thus you have increased oxygen uptake in your red blood cells and increased energy, because your cells are more efficient when grounded.

Samina likens this layer to your body’s bio electrical (i.e. nervous system).

Melt into your Mattress

The next layer is the natural tree latex pads, which are again covered in organic cotton. These are luxurious, and have a feel similar to a synthetic “memory foam”, but much, much nicer, and of course, are sourced from nature. These add cushion to the bed, and somehow have struck the exact balance between feeling firm and feeling soft. These form a perfect fit to your body. You just melt into the mattress.

Samina likens this layer as corresponding to your body’s soft tissues, muscles, joints, and connective tissue.

This Support System Forms to Your Body

It’s this next layer that really sets Samina apart from other sleep systems. Instead of the classic mattress or box-spring design, these wooden (it’s ash specifically) struts sit atop of pieces of natural latex, creating a truly unique suspension system. This layer is a bit like a tensegrity structure, and each strut supports your skeleton independent of the strut above or below it.

Because both halves of the bed are independent, the struts are adjusting themselves to the person on that side of the bed only, personalizing each person’s experience. As you can see in this picture, they are very flexible, with an almost organic/lifelike quality.


Many other benefits of Samina

First, I love that there is no metal in the bed at all (except the silver mesh in the grounding pad). This means that my bedding or bed frame isn’t acting like a cell phone antenna or wifi receiver while I sleep! Even the wood frame (made for Samina by Luxlet) is organic (no chemical finishes) and fitted together by tongue and groove, making metal pins, nails or screws completely obsolete. No glues to emit VOC’s.

Second, beneath the wooden support strut layer is nothing but air, meaning the bed completely breathes, letting moisture flow through the bed, keeping it off of you and out of your sleep system. This is crucial so you sleep cool. You need to keep cool to have a restful sleep. How many times have you woken up because your’e too hot?

Samina Sleep Systems Investment

juilia-comfortBy now you are probably asking the obvious question. “How much does it cost?” Well, alot.

The best investment you can make is in your health. And you spend most of your life in bed, which has a tremendous impact on your well-being. Once you’ve taken a moment to think about the amount of your life that will be spent in bed, everything comes into focus.

The real answer is that the cost depends on which model you buy and which options you select. There are a several sizes, bed frames, etc. Expect to spend between $10-20K to outfit your sleep sanctuary with a Samina. I know, it sounds insane, but one night on it and you will agree…this is the greatest bed on Earth.

How to Purchase a Samina Sleep System

If you know Samina is right for you, contact my friend Claus at [email protected]. He is the distributer for all of North America. His showroom is in Pasadena, California if you want to go luxuriate on one for yourself before you buy.

Or you can find him at numerous conferences around the country to try this unparalleled bed. Here is a link to Claus’ trade show schedule around the US.

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