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Sun Basket delivery meals make healthy cooking easy and delicious. I’ve been using this service for many months and am SO HAPPY with the food, the satisfaction of cooking at home, and eliminating wasted food!

There are a lot of food delivery services out there. I tried them all before I made a recommendation for you and for my clients to try. One problem I have with some is that when the food is sent you to pre-prepared, it becomes a bit unappetizing after a few days. I have tried a few and really didn’t like them.

What I found I enjoyed the most with many of the food delivery services was when all the ingredients were sent to me and I got the satisfaction of cooking and preparing home cooked meals. I like to cook them myself with my favorite olive oils, sea salts, and other high quality ingredients. That way I know EXACTLY what I’m getting in my food – no industrial seed oils, no partially hydrogenated oils, no table salt, no pesticides.

The “no pesticides” label only applies to ORGANIC food delivery services. I don’t really understand why someone would go to the expense of home delivery meals you prepare yourself when they’re full of pesticides, fungicides, and glyphosate. Not to mention the meat is factory farmed meat. I’ll pass! This is what you get with Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and many other popular meal delivery services.


With Sun Basket (for only a $1.50 more per person per meal) you get organic produce, and meats that are organic AND grass fed. That’s the kind of food that I want to put in my body! Pesticides are devastating to your health on so many levels. There is no point in eating vegetables and meat if they are full of pesticides.

I love freebies, so I had to mention Sun Basket. You get the first 3 meals for absolutely FREE. So you have nothing to lose to try Sun Basket. When you sign up, you get to give the gift of Sun Basket to your friends for free as well!

Try Sun Basket today!


How It Works

  • Sun Basket is a weekly delivery of fresh, pre-measured ingredients and recipes to make 3 meals. Each week you choose 3 recipes for 2 or 4 people (at $11.49 per meal).
  • All produce is organic, seasonal, and sustainably sourced from the country’s top farms. The meals include grass-fed, antibiotic-free pastured meats & sustainable seafood from ranchers & fishermen.
  • They offer a variety of meal plans, including Paleo, Gluten-free and Vegetarian, as well as breakfast options. And, all recipes are developed by award–winning California chef Justine Kelly.
  • The box is delivered straight to your door and is packed to stay fresh for 8 hours after delivery.
  • You can skip a week or cancel at any time — there’s no commitment! (Plus, if you’re not happy for some reason they offer a 100% money back guarantee on all food.)
  • The box your food is delivered in is completely recyclable and you simply mail it back to Sun Basket with a prepaid stamp. Other places you just throw the packaging in the trash and this is very bad for the environment.

Choose Your Meals From So Many Plans!

What’s so cool about Sun Basket is you have about 10 meals to choose from each week.

Take a look at what’s cooking on the menu this week!


Paleo: Each week get delivery of quick, low carb Paleo recipes, fresh seasonal produce, and sustainably sourced meats and seafood. You’ll never get bored of the Paleo diet with new recipes to cook each week!

Gluten-Free: Each week, delivery includes three gluten-free recipes and fresh ingredients, like seasonal produce, sustainably sourced meats and seafood, plus healthy gluten-free grains.

Vegetarian: Each week, delivery includes three delicious meatless recipes and fresh ingredients, with an emphasis on seasonal produce and nutritious plant-based proteins.

Chef’s Choice: Each week, delivery includes three of Chef Justine’s favorite recipes and fresh seasonal ingredients. Enjoy an endless variety of delicious, satisfying meals featuring the season’s best produce and sustainably sourced meats and seafood.

Rise & Shine: Each week, delivery includes two of Chef Justine’s favorite dinner recipes, plus two 5-minute breakfast recipes. This plan is perfect for those who only want to cook two dinners each week, adding on two healthy breakfasts to greet the day. The weekly price is the same as our other plans.

The Ultimate Party Platter: Delicious cheese, charcuterie, house made dips and artisanal snacks sourced from top quality purveyors, plus instructions to assemble a photo-ready spread (available to non subscribers).

Interested in trying Sun Basket out for yourself?

 Click here to get 3 free meals!


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