The Thyroid Sessions with Sean Croxton

Your thyroid  runs the show, including your metabolism. When your thyroid  isn’t functioning up to par it can leave you feeling exhausted, overweight, freezing, depressed, constipated, brain foggy, and more. Learn how to heal your thyroid  naturally in Wendy’s presentation at The Thyroid  Sessions!

Over 200 million people worldwide have a thyroid  disorder. Only half have been properly diagnosed. And even less are receiving the right treatment. Sadly, Western medicine has fallen behind when it comes to the latest research on the causes and treatments — both natural and synthetic — for thyroid problems.

Sean Croxton has brought together a couple dozen of the world’s most knowledgeable experts to teach you EVERYTHING your doctor didn’t tell you about thyroid disorders.

  • Sean Croxton, The second opinion series, detox, natural thyroid healing
  • Chris Kresser reveals the shocking truth about “normal ranges”.
  • Dr. Kelly Austin shows you how to avoid fillers like gluten and lactose in thyroid meds.
  • Dr. Alan Christianson teaches you how to shrink thyroid nodules…naturally.
  • Christa Orecchio discusses real food and lifestyle strategies for hyperthyroid and Graves’ disease.
  • Dr. Sara Gottfried shows you how to lose weight when your thyroid is off.


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The thyroid  Sessions will launch Sunday, May 4th and end Saturday, May 10th with free viewing of all the lectures during the entire week. The event will include:

  • 10 expert on-camera interviews
  • 2 cooking demos
  • 12-15 bonus web videos (Google Hangout recordings)
  • a few really cool features I’m keeping Top Secret for now 🙂

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