Top 5 Reasons to Detox Your Laundry Room

It’s time to detox your laundry room! Detoxification does not only apply to nutrition; it must also apply to the chemicals in our homes. Unlike food, cleaning products are not required to provide a full list of ingredients – only those of “known concern.” Unfortunately, many potentially hazardous chemicals are still being used in household cleaners today – including your laundry detergent! In this article I will reveal the top 5 reasons to detox your laundry room and my pick for the best non-toxic detergent out there.

So here we go. A countdown of the top 5 reasons you need to detoxify your laundry room!

Reason #5: Those “Fresh and Clean” Fragrances Are Not as Safe as They Smell

We’ve become lab rats for laundry chemical manufacturers.

Everyone loves “fresh and clean” smelling towels, which is why fragrance is a major influencer when purchasing laundry products.

The problem is, we’ve been trained to think these addictive smells are great, when in reality, we’re snuggling up to toxic chemicals without a second thought.

Fragrances have to be blended together with other synthesized chemicals for that “fresh” smell to linger behind on our clothing and linens.

Some fragrances are neurotoxic, endocrine disrupting, and even carcinogenic. So, although that lingering scent makes us feel fresh and clean, it’s a dangerous cocktail lurking in our fabrics to be absorbed by our bodies 24/7.

If a manufacturer uses less than 1% of a given chemical or fragrance in a finished product, they simply don’t have to tell you about it. And this is legal!

Since there’s so little supervision or regulation in the industry, most fragrances haven’t been truly tested for safety.

When shopping for laundry detergent, look for company that discloses all the ingredients in our products, so you can make an informed and safe decision.

Reason #4: Laundry Jugs Are Harmful to the Environment

Most of us are unaware of the downstream effects our purchasing decisions have on the environment. In the U.S. alone, over 1 billion plastic laundry jugs are consumed each year. End to end, that’s enough to circle the planet 6 times!

Millions upon millions of these jugs aren’t getting recycled because some recycling companies cannot effectively rinse the suds-making chemicals off of the plastic. This results in tons of reckless plastic in our landfills and oceans right now!

We can change this now. Join the refillable laundry revolution.

Reason #3: Conventional Laundry Slime Shortens Linen Life

Our clothing and linens are great big sponges absorbing most of the stuff we put on them.

Most slimy laundry products are made from synthesized petroleum or plant based oils that are specifically designed to trick our eyes to thinking our “whites are whiter” and fool our noses to believe our laundry is “fresh and clean” by leaving behind a toxic chemical film.

Over time, the constant build up of this laundry slime, coupled with high heat drying, corrupts and separates material fibers…

Reason #2: Laundry Chemicals Make Washers Stink Like a Toilet

Virtually all conventional detergents (even the so called “eco-detergents”) use phosphate or sulphate-derived suds makers. Not only do they leave behind a slimy film on your bloomers, they also coat the inside of your washing machine with stinky scum.

High Efficiency (HE) washers use less water than old-school washing machines. Less water means less dilution, and less dilution means that slimy film inside our washers is not getting rinsed away.

The gross reality is that these chemicals, combined with the warm and moist conditions of our washers, are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

So really, our washing machines are not unlike a toilet – full of pungent bacteria. Yuck!!!

MyGreenFills will literally clean your washer and remove any funky bacteria that may be in there.

Reason #1: Conventional Laundry Chemicals Can be Absorbed Into Our Bloodstream

Wonder why conventional laundry detergents and fabric softeners cause allergic reactions, especially on babies?

Studies show that up to 60% of what you put on your skin can be absorbed into your bloodstream. That’s why some medications (i.e. smoker’s nicotine patch) are dosed through the skin.

I’ve written at length about how the toxins found in many cosmetics are absorbed into your body through the skin. The same dangers apply when it comes to the detergent we use to wash our clothes.

When conventional laundry slime mixes together with your perspiration, micro-suds are created on your skin and get absorbed into your bloodstream.

If you find this as disturbing as I do, you’ll be pleased to know MyGreenFills products aren’t filled with goopy surfactants, buffers, brighteners, and dyes. Their products are safe for you, your family and your laundry room.

How to Detox Your Laundry Room

It’s time to take a stand against the slimy, toxic, and wasteful mainstream laundry goop and detox your laundry room for good!

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