Top 5 Supplements to Detox Mercury

Mercury toxicity is currently plaguing millions of people around the world, causing countless, chronic health problems. That is why everyone needs to take preventive steps to both reduce their exposure mercury and safely remove it from their body. Here are the top 5 supplements to help you detox mercury and start reclaiming your health today!

The toxicity of mercury has become a point of interest in the healthcare industry, and it’s being spotlighted for good reason. Mercury is linked to an astounding number of health-related issues, including thyroid issues, cancer, autoimmune diseases, weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, sleep disorders – the list goes on and on!

Inadvertent exposure to mercury is easier to come by than most of us realize. Fortunately, the detrimental effects of mercury can be reduced and removed from our bodies through detox.

The Myers Detox Protocol is a proven method to safely and effectively remove mercury from your body, along with all toxic metals and hundreds of dangerous, detrimental chemicals.

Top 5 Supplements for Mercury Detoxification:

1. Life Extension Selenium Selenium is the most important mercury antagonist to aid in removal. Almost everyone I test is deficient in this critical element, so a selenium supplement is highly recommended to those pursuing mercury detox. Maintaining the ideal level of selenium in your system is critical to the success of your detox program.



2. Pure Liquid Zinc Gluconate – Designed to support the body’s natural defense system, enhance digestion, and metabolize important vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and nutrients, zinc serves as a powerful mineral supplement antagonist. When zinc is released into the system, it dilutes heavy metals like mercury, silver, lead, or cadmium, allowing your body to defend itself against oxidative toxicity.



3. Super R-Lipoic Acid – As one of the most effective chelators, this powerful binder clings to metals and removes them from the body. A potent antioxidant, Super R-Lipoic Acid helps protect against oxidative stress, supports healthy mitochondrial function, and aids in the preservation of youthful cellular energy.



4. N-Acetyl Cysteine – NAC is a chelator of heavy metals. It binds to toxic metals and removes them from your body. NAC is one of the most effective oral chelating agents, and over a period of time will exterminate mercury and other heavy metals from the body. It wards off free radicals that can be damaging to the cells, making you look and feel younger!



5. Liposomal Glutathione by Quicksilver – This powerful antioxidant protects you from the damages of heavy metals and supports liver enzymes that break down heavy metals, toxins, and mold. Quicksilver’s precision pump will accurately deliver 50 mg of reduced glutathione and 68 mg of injectable-grade essential phospholipids, which allows for maximum absorption.




In addition to supplements, your mercury detoxification efforts can be enhanced by making alterations to your diet and lifestyle. An excellent addition to your routine is to include the use of infrared saunas. Infrared saunas aid in mercury detox by utilizing the skin as an eliminative route for heavy metals. Daily use of an infrared sauna for several years can make a major impact in eliminating mercury levels in the body, after which point the infrared sauna use can be reduced to several times a week.

Eliminate tuna fish and larger species of fish from your diet to avoid consuming mercury. Fish such as sea bass, marlin, shark, halibut, pike, walleye, swordfish, shellfish, and bass are all known to contain traces of the toxin. See Wendy’s Seafood Survival Guide for more information on which seafoods to avoid to decrease your risk of exposure!

Beware These Other Sources of Mercury!

Did you know your dental fillings could be the hidden source of your heavy metal consumption? Amalgam fillings are teeming with an array of heavy metals, including mercury, nickel, tin, aluminum, and sometimes palladium. Mercury fillings that have been in your mouth for more than 15 years degrade at a faster rate, so it is advised to have fillings removed in stages, ideally by a biological dentist. The mercury vapor released by these metal fillings travels directly to bodily tissues and the brain – an organ easily damaged by mercury.

You should also be weary of vaccinations – many of which use thimerosal as a preservative, which contains mercury. Be sure to do your research in before receiving any vaccine to verify you are not receiving any harmful heavy metals.

What Else Can You Do to Detox Mercury?

The Myers Detox Protocol is a proven method to remove mercury from your body, in addition to all toxic metals and hundreds of chemicals. We’re committed to ensuring the success of your detox journey, and are eager to aid you in reaching your health and wellness potential! To learn more about beginning your detox journey, click here.


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