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  • 07:25 PPP – Pentose Phosphate Pathway
  • 11:03 Importance of NADPH and its link with DHEA
  • 19:45 Ketogenic Diet
  • 30:24 How water is connected to PPP?
  • 39:28 Indicators of how far of the PPP that we are
  • 44:54 Epi-Paleo Diet
  • 52:22 Most pressing health issue on our world today

Wendy Myers: Welcome to the Live To 110 podcast. My name is Wendy Myers. I’m a certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach.

Today, we’re broadcasting worldwide from Malibu, California. This afternoon, I’m going to be interviewing Dr. Jack Kruse, a Neurosurgeon who is all about the Paleo diet. He has a few tips for us today about weight loss, specifically how to activate your fat-burning pathway by optimizing the PPP.

Now, today’s podcast is going to help you better understand how to start hitting your weight loss goals and why you’re hitting plateaus in your weight loss efforts. But before we get started, I have to do a little disclaimer.

Please keep in mind that this program is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or health condition. The Live To 110 podcast is solely informational in nature and is not intended to diagnose, cure or heal any disease. So please consult your healthcare practitioner before attempting any treatment you hear on this show.

Please go check out my website I started this site to educate you about Paleo nutrition and the importance of detoxing from heavy metals and industrial chemicals that I believe are one of the major underlying causes of disease. My goal with is to help you prevent disease and live a long healthy life.

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So let’s get on today with the show. I’m very excited to have Dr. Jack Kruse on the show. The goal with his website and his books and webinars is to start a dialog about how to evolve healthcare using informed patients as foot soldiers. He definitely had been on changing the process of how medicine is practiced and healthcare is delivered in this country.

Wendy Myers: Hello, Dr. Kruse. How are you?

Dr. Jack Kruse: Good. How are you?

Wendy Myers: I’m very good. Thank you. First, could you tell the listeners a little bit about yourself and your mission?

Dr. Jack Kruse: Sure. My name is Jack Kruse. I am a Neurosurgeon by trade. That’s what I consider my day job.

I used to be quite heavy. I was about 360 lbs. about 10 years ago. And through a variety of different channels, I decided to try to reverse that process. I learned the conventional route, but I what learned in medical school is basically eat wise and exercise more. And all I found is that I gained more weight by doing that.

So then I decided to take a new approach. The approach that basically I decided to do is basically through all Biochemistry. It’s just about everything I learned about the window. You go back to three fundamental laws. And these three fundamental laws were basically the photoelectric effect, water, and magnetism.

Laws are not anybody else’s laws. If you look on earth or you talk to any Physicist how they look for life in all the planets, they look for those three factors. If you look on planet earth, we have all three. And if you look to our nearest neighbor in Mars, it has two out of three. It has light, it has waters that are frozen and it has poles, but what it doesn’t have is magnetic field. It’s a dead desert.

Basically from that framework, I then began to look at my obesity from a quantum perspective. I started to realize that most people look at fat people believing that they’re full of energy because that’s how people perceive fat. Many times the way we look at things is colored by our perception, and I started to realize fairly quickly that being obese is actually an energy-deficient state, not an excess state.

I started to realize that I was using electrons and protons from my body to the environment. And I started to make connections in many different disciplines in science, geology, quantum physics, geophysics, chemistry, biology, just across the gamete.

And I started to come up with a bunch of theories. I wrote a document called the Quilt Document. I guess it was in about 2005 or 2006. I put all these ideas down from 1 through 30, and I then started the experiment on myself.

When I felt that I had it all together, I decided I would go in front of my family and tell them, “Look I’m going to be something very different.” But I think I may have figured out something that’s pretty counterintuitive.

So I told my family the day before Thanksgiving – I believe that’s in 2006 – that in one year that I would be significantly smaller than what I was. And they all laughed at me when I said it, but in one year, I wound up dropping 133 lbs. I did it exactly opposite how I was taught in medical school. I did it by eating more and exercising less.

That’s how things started getting started. And eventually, many people in my family started using it. And then people in my clinic wanted to know exactly what I’m doing to have this effect. And I told everybody in the beginning, “If I actually told you what I did, you actually wouldn’t believe it because many of the steps are extremely counterintuitive.” The reason they’re counterintuitive because they all go against our culture, our own social beliefs.

But here’s the funny thing about quantum physics. Many of the things that you hear about in the quantum world sound very counterintuitive too, but yeah, these are the laws of nature. This is actually how things work. And if you use nature’s laws as your straight edge for your biology, what you’ll find is that you will eventually be quite well. In fact, you’ll do things that other people believe that are not possible.

07:25 PPP – Pentose Phosphate Pathway

Wendy Myers: Yeah. You mentioned on your blog that life began at the ocean floor with a constant stream of the alkaline-based chemicals loaded in electron density resulting in an environment that was extremely chemically reduced.

The PPP stands for the Pentose Phosphate Pathway. It’s the most reducing biochemical pathway critical for longevity, life and ultimate performance. Can you tell us a little bit about PPP’s evolutionary purpose and how this realization helped you find this pathway in humans that mimics these effects?

Dr. Kruse Jack: Sure. I mean the key factor for the PPP – when I started to put all these quantum things together and I realized that obesity is actually energy-deficient state, I then went back to what we did know from evolutionary biology, to actually where life started on this planet. When you look at where it started on the planet, it was in a soup of water that was very electron-dense that had a lot of reducing chemicals in it.

So I decided – if that’s how life started and all life is energy, then in order to get energy back into me and reduce my obesity, I needed to look in a biochemistry book to find out which pathway in humans was the most reducing chemical pathway in our body. I found it relatively quickly in the Pentose Phosphate Pathway.

It’s not a pathway that a lot of people know or talk about. But when you begin to study it and begin to study what its main functions are, every single one of these functions is usually important to our biology. They are actually foundational to our biology.

For example, the pathway provides three main functions. The first one is it gives the major reducing power for all biosynthetic reactions.

What that does mean? It basically provides electrons to flow across your inner mitochondrial membrane for you to make ATP. Inner mitochondria also regenerates co-enzyme A. It also generates something called NADP and NADPH. It also provides FAD, which is one of the cytochrome entry points, specifically cytochrome 2 in the mitochondria. But the big one is that it also converts hexoses to pentoses, which are hugely important.

And the one that may interest you the most since your website is tied into detoxification process, this pathway serves as the major biochemical redunctant to maintaining glutathione levels everywhere in the body.

So this is the pathway that actually forms the bases of the cytochrome system, the cytochrome P450 system and all the detox pathways used in the liver to get rid of all or to clear the toxins that are present in your environment. Those are the main functions of the pathway.

11:03 Importance of NADPH and its link with DHEA

Wendy Myers: Yeah. Can you tell us a little more about the importance of NADPH and also its link with DHEA?

Dr. Jack Kruse: I mean it’s a huge factor. If you do not have enough NADPH – I mean basically this goes to a little bit complex hormonal chemistry, but what eventually happens is DHEA levels will crash and burn.

I have a saying when I do a quick bio-hack on someone. The only three things I really need to know is your highly sensitive CRP which is a measure of the inflammation, your DHEA level and your vitamin D level.

The reason why DHEA is important is it’s a hormone that’s right in the middle of your hormone chain. If it’s decreased, it immediately tells me that you’re metabolically inefficient. I.e. your Ferrari is not well-tuned.

It also is a big insight to me that you are not living in the fat-burning pathway. In fact, you’re using carbohydrates to fuel most of the biosynthetic reactions in your body because you cannot generate enough ATP.

It also is part of the reason why DHEA is directly linked to high levels of IL6 in the brain. It also carries a 98% relationship to our sleep efficiency. So anybody with a low DHEA level, by definition, has poor sleep.

If you know about poor sleep and DHEA, these are directly coupled to a process in the body called autophagy. And autophagy is directly linked to how good, bad or indifferent the person uses the pentose phosphate pathway.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. And so if someone has a low DHEA, how do you increase their levels of DHEA or their levels of NADPH so that they can get in that fat burning pathway and lose weight?

Dr. Jack Kruse: That, on the surface, seems like a good question, but it’s way more complex than just that.

You need to understand first what causes low DHEA level. What I tell people is that you need to have a serial battery of test to figure out what actually is causing because there are many different causes of a low DHEA. But today the major cause is something called the chronic pregnenolone steal syndrome.

A chronic pregnenolone steal syndrome has many different causes, but the most common one – if people don’t know what pregnenolone does, it’s the hormone that’s two steps before DHEA. We make pregnenolone from LDL cholesterol. The way we do that is we have to have adequate levels of free T3, which is thyroid hormone. And we have to have adequate levels of vitamin A.

Now, where does vitamin A come into the story? Vitamin A is actually how the brain controls the photo period during the day. So in other words, if we’re exposed to a lot of artificial light or background EMF, free T3 is directly related to our energy sufficiency from our diet.

Generally, we want to have a diet that’s loaded with seafood and that’s ketogenic. T3 can also be raised by carbohydrates. But generally if we eat carbohydrates out of the photo period, we’ll actually see a diminished free T3 level.

This is why I looked through it completely differently than most other people because when people see food, they see calories. They see carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. I don’t. I look at food as in the way of quantification of the photoelectric effect. What I mean by that is carbohydrates grow in long light cycles. Fats are present usually all the time.

So when you start to use nature’s rules, you start to realize very quickly that free T3 levels fall when we have a lot of environmental mismatches in our diet. When that happens, the key point is you cannot convert LDL cholesterol to pregnenolone. Therefore, the rest of your hormone chain becomes trash.

So in patients like that, we’ll see low levels of thyroid hormones and usually low vitamin D. And the vitamin D function is important for activating the neuroimmune system in the brain. When you cannot activate the neuroimmune system in the brain, basically immunity starts to decrease not only in the brain, but also in the peripheral system. This is where we start seeing some of the diseases that are associated with modern life.

It’s a very complex chain of events that happens, but where it all begins is – today, most of the people listening to this blog post are not even aware that circadian biology is the bigger factor. The fact that most people knew this – if you look at our genome – the human genome, which have maybe 25,000 genes – one of the things that you will be shocked to know is that in front of every single human gene is a circadian clock ticking.

That’s precisely why circadian biology is extremely important because it’s tied to both vitamin A and the vitamin D cycle in the brain. And this brings back to the point that we’ve brought up earlier. This is precisely how the photoelectric effect is quantified by biology.

It’s very, very counterintuitive for people to look at food like photons and electrons. But the point that I try to make to people is – Intel engineers get paid millions of dollars to move electrons over solar panel wafers. Basically food is exactly the same thing. It moves photons and electrons over our inner mitochondrial membrane actually to maintain a very high current. And when our current is very high, we make more ATP.

Most people listening to this probably have a pretty good idea about biology. Most people know that from one mole of glucose will make 36 ATP. From one mole of say fat like Palmitic Acid, we make 147 ATP.

So we make four times the amount. Guess what the PPP is all about? It’s about maximizing ATP current. And that’s the reason why a ketogenic template is far more energy-efficient and extremely important in this pathway. And it’s also the reason why fat burning is not – I wouldn’t say it’s used by modern humans at all anymore. In fact, they very rarely use it.

This is one of the best ways you can correlate this. You start to ask people about their sleep. And you look at their DHEA level, you look at their vitamin D level, you look at the hormone panel and put it all together, and you get some interesting insights to exactly what the molecular clock change are doing on their genome.

It’s complex stuff, but when you really start to understand how everything clicks together, you can actually really have major, major impacts on Neolithic diseases and begin to reverse them. And this is exactly how I reverse my obesity. I ate an extremely ketogenic diet, cracked myself an ice and use the photoelectric effect to my benefit for 11 straight months.

19:45 Ketogenic Diet

Wendy Myers: Can you explain the ketogenic diet for people who may not know what that is? Is that a low carb Paleo diet? Or what exactly is that?

Dr. Jack Kruse: I look at it again differently. I don’t like to put labels on things, whether Paleo, low carb, high fat. I want people to understand – the easiest way for me to explain to you is I tell people, “Eat like a great white shark.” [inaudible 00:20:00] goal that you want to eat a high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate diet because you’re trying to stimulate as many electrons and protons to move across your inner mitochondrial membrane to guarantee that you’re in the PPP constantly.

You want to live as much of your life as possible in the major biochemical pathway that provides chemical-reducing power to biosynthetic reactions. And the reason why? It’s for the reasons we mentioned earlier in the podcast. We want to maximize ATP production, co-enzyme A, NADP, NADPH, FAD, RNA and DNA synthesis. When we don’t do that, we start to have problems, and that’s one of the major factors when you live outside the PPP.

This is the reason why cancers are distinctly linked to low DHEA levels, low vitamin D levels and abnormalities with sleep. I mean any study you look at now – altered cellular signaling is almost always tied back to these factors. So if you’re able to increase the current or the electron density in your mitochondria, you are doing huge benefits in terms of reversing whatever disease you want.

The key factor in all these, I believe in the modern world, is the one that’s completely hidden from people – it’s the field that people live in. When I use the word field, I’m trying to explain it to mean our environment.

Let me a give you a very quick idea of what I mean by the field. I want you to consider Wendy – let’s say you’re made of 120 or let’s just say 180 lbs. on earth. An effect of the field would be on planet Mercury, you’d weigh 68 lbs. On Venus, you’d weigh 166 lbs. On Jupiter, you’d weigh about 4,800 lbs. But yet back on earth, you’d weigh 180 lbs.

That effect on mass is due to the gravitational field. That effect on mass is directly tied to the gravitational field. What I’m trying to explain to people [inaudible 00:22:25] has a relationship to mass. And this is where the magic of solving the obesity problem comes in.

If you realize that our field here on earth has changed in the last 100 years, that’s the reason why we’re seeing the epidemics we’re seeing. And it’s even interfering in longevity. Any study that you find in obesity automatically links Neolithic disease to obesity because it’s tied to them, because you’re in an energy-deficient state.

When you’re in energy-deficient state, that means you have altered cellular signaling, and it opens you up to heart disease, to atherosclerosis, to cancer, to autoimmune diseases, to all the diseases that we all know and want to avoid.

So the key factor with this pathway is when you are sick, you’re better off to try to increase the density across your ATP to dig yourself out of that hole. When you do that slowly overtime, it will work and that’s what many people found.

The problem I think for a lot of people with this. The best way to do it is also probably the most controversial. We have people in Sweden who favor the high fat, low carb diet. And then here in the States, the Paleo diet is a big deal.

My type of diet is a little bit – I would say it’s the [inaudible 00:23:59] of the Paleo diet. I call my diet Epi-Paleo diet. I’ve written it based on the evolutionary biology of actually how humans evolved. It’s really focused around omega-3 fats from seafood.

The reason for that is omega-3 fats from seafood are probably the best foods available to support T3 functioning, also DHA in the brain and eliminating inflammatory conditions in the brain. If you’ve been reading any of my blogs, I tell people that basically obesity is an inflammatory brain condition.

So anything that can decrease inflammation in the brain is going to have beneficial effects on our mitochondria. If our mitochondria are more fuel-efficient, that means we burn more energy and we make more ATP that allows us to lose weight.

That’s really the key factor. The better you burn fats and the less you burn sugars is the less weight you’ll be carrying around. And you’ll have better detox pathways in which to replenish glutathione in order to detox some things that we face in our environment.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I find that very interesting. It makes so much sense because when you say that overweight people tend to not burn energy very efficiently – so many studies show that overweight people don’t typically eat more food than people who are of average weights. It’s simply because they’re just not burning that food for energy very efficiently, so they store it as fat.

Dr. Jack Kruse: That’s true. That’s what underlies leptin resistance. If anybody is obese by definition is – it actually allows us to uncouple oxidative phosphorylation in our muscles to burn calories in free heat.

Guess what? When somebody’s leptin resistant, they can’t do that because uncoupling protein 1 in muscle needs free T3 and leptin to be working properly. And when you’re leptin resistant and your T3 levels are trashed, you can’t burn fat. Not only that, you can’t burn fat as free heat.

That’s part of the reason why when people start either a high fat or high protein diet like such in the ketonogenic diet to access the PPP, one of the things that they’ll always notice is that they get warmer and their temperature goes up.

If you read a lot of the sites on the Internet, people say that’s bad. No, it’s not bad. It’s actually a good sign because what you’re doing is you’re warming up your mitochondria to get ready to dig out of your hole to be able to burn that fat.

That’s the problem that a lot of people don’t realize. When you are sick or overweight, either or, you’re cutting from biology already in a rot. So the way you need to think about your problem is radically different than say someone who’s a fit Paleo athlete.

I think that change of perspective is what people have a major problem with. One of the benefits for me as a physician is I know the dogmas that I was thought in medical school, but I also know what the lifestyle of living as an obese person was.

I can tell you I didn’t eat a ton of food, but I ate the wrong food. And I ate foods that were out of the light cycle, had a poor flow of current across my inner mitochondrial membrane specifically carbohydrates. I didn’t realize until much later in the game that I could eat carbohydrates as long as I ate them at the right time of the year when I was able to tell the right seasons and perceive the right seasons in my brain. This is where the vitamin A and vitamin D cycle came in.

Most people, they didn’t understand that we have a pandemic in low vitamin D levels. The real problem is that people don’t really understand why we have a pandemic and that really goes to be the actual issue.

I’m actually hoping eventually that that stimulates enough research where people start to realize that vitamin D and vitamin A are all about the photoelectric effect.

And I scoffed at that. I guess that creates more controversy because the photoelectric effect is a law of nature. It is not subject to randomized control clinical tracks. I don’t think people realize that. Many people think that’s a radical statement to make, but I don’t think it is.

This has been found as a basic law of quantum physics and basically what I’m telling people is that life, meaning biology, is all based from energy. The more energy-efficient we are, the better off we’ll be.

The way you monitor your photoelectric effect best is how biology works. Biology takes the chaos of our environment and seeks order from it. The only way to order that is through proper molecular timing.

That’s where the Circadian Biology comes in. Now when the sense of timing is off in the brain, when neurologic time doesn’t equal quantum time, the system that was affected might be the brain as the most.

30:24 How Water is Connected to PPP?

Wendy Myers: Yeah. I think we established one of the main reasons that keep people from entering the PPP as a diet that’s too high in carbs. And the second reason that keeps people from entering the PPP is dehydration.

Can you tell us more about that, specifically touching how water is connected to the PPP? And how do we calculate our total body water and total body water deficit to see how off the pathway we are?

Dr. Jack Kruse: I’m telling you, calculating total body water in the podcast is going to confuse the hell out of people.

Wendy Myers: Okay.

Dr. Jack Kruse: But I will tell you the easiest way to explain it to people who don’t have a big biochemistry background. It’s very simple.

Most people know that when a woman gets pregnant, the progesterone goes up. That’s why they call it progestation because that hormone allows one to retain water.

What happens to women as they get pregnant? They retain more water and with that total body water, their ankle swell, their ligaments swell, they get bigger. Now what people don’t realize – why is water a huge effect? Water access a magnetic dipole in the body, meaning that it can carry energy.

Now, remember earlier when we talked about the PPP, I told you that you can’t enter it if you have a chronic pregnenolone steal syndrome. Let’s talk about that for a minute.

How do we make progesterone? We make it from LDL cholesterol, free T3 and vitamin A. If you can’t convert LDL cholesterol to pregnenolone, guess what’s the next [inaudible 00:31:41] to make progesterone. It means by definition, you’re dehydrated. In other words, your water level is low.

How would some of your listeners prove this point to themselves? Say if they weren’t pregnant, let’s say they’re living they’re normal everyday life in Malibu, California and wanted to know, it’s very simple. Go get yourself a BUN-to-creatinine ratio in a Chem Center.

That test is routinely done by all physicians for a variety of different issues. I tell people on my site that ideally when your PPP is activated, your BUN-creatinine ratio is going to be 7:1

Most people that come walking through my doors in my clinic are between 15 and 25:1. Paleo forms, I ask to go back – especially when they have poor sleep and low DHEA levels, go back and learn your BUN-creatinine ratio. That basically becomes the proxy for what your progesterone level is.

The key factor then in terms of putting this all together is by using all your other labs to figure out, “Am I fat or under a sugar burn?” And this is where our brains wave back to the PPP. If you’re living in that fat-burning pathway, you’re making a boat load of ATP. You’re not going to have any problems with your progesterone level.

Why is this big deal? Because we know that women who are infertile tend to be dehydrated. They also usually are leptin resistant. They don’t make enough progesterone. And just to use another real world example with women, women who are infertile, many infertility doctors put them on progesterone. And this is before [inaudible 00:33:35]. The reason for that is water is very electron-dense.

But the problem is if you’re eating a diet that doesn’t match the electron density of water, you can create your own problems. So in other words, if you’re eating a diet with [inaudible 00:33:54] fat, you’re going to have an epic problem developed.

It turns out that women who eat a high fat, moderate protein diet tend to do best. Believe it or not, this is exactly how brain function works best. In fact, my current blog post is into this issue right now about babies and why they’re born fat and why children are designed to breastfeed to eat their mother’s milk which is high in fat, moderate in protein and is very low in carbohydrates.

This story ties directly to obesity and one of I guess the amazing things that people really forgot to observe is that all human babies are born fat. The reason they’re born fat is because they’re born with an immature neurologic system, and they don’t have any myelin in their brain. That’s the reason why humans have to be careful if they’re all fat.

What is the subcutaneous fat in human designed to do? It’s to be broken down, used for the PPP to help myelinate their brain.

What else do we know about babies in the first 6 months of their life? They all have poor immune systems. They rely on their mother’s immunity until they can myelinate to make their own neurohumoral response in their brain. So guess what that means? It means that the immune system is directly tied to active myelination in the brain.

Research that was done 50 years ago by a guy named Robert O’Becker showed this to be completely true. Now most people know that human babies are born fat.

I want you to scale a human infant’s fat – if a baby’s born energy-inefficient so its brain can be smaller to fit out of vagina, what does that mean for a fat person? It also means that they’re energy-efficient or inefficient for some reason.

And that’s the job really of the health coach, the chiropractor, the physician, the physical therapist, the author, the podcast or the blog post to help people understand. There are things in our environment that we observe all the time that help explain these paradoxes.

I don’t believe people try to explain the story through biology and chemistry. That’s not the best way to do it. In my view, the best way to do is to use nature’s laws because they’re pretty easy. There are only three of them, and we have enough observations right in our solar system that show that Mars is a dead planet. It’s got two out of the three factors. The only one that it doesn’t have is a magnetic field.

And when you start to put this respect on obesity, you start to realize why people have MS. You start to realize why MS is associated with autoimmunity. You start to understand Hashimoto’s disease better. You start to understand why people with [inaudible 00:37:21] would do better on a ketogenic diet. It begins to make sense why people with seizure disorders do better on a ketogenic diet.

And if you really sit down for a period of time, you begin to understand neurodegenerative disorders better, and you start why Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease have exploded in the last 50 years. And let’s face it Wendy, you and I are both interested in longevity.

Every single Neolithic disease out there is tied to these three factors. These three factors are basically all codified in this PPP pathway. The problem is we have to scale our understanding from that viewpoint down to the pathway. Maybe then, we can stop looking at comparing one diet to another and realize that our diet is supposed to be scaled to light cycles.

And it determines what you probably should be eating. The diet that’s found at the equator is very different than the diet that’s found up in the Arctic Circle, but yet life is still able to exist in both places quite well.

I guess this is one of the really counterintuitive things that I’ve learned about quantum physics that a lot of people have a hard time understanding. It’s not about food, it’s not about the diet. It’s about how we use the photoelectric effect and how it’s codified in our food as the seasons change based on where we live.

39:28 Indicators of How Far of the PPP that we are

Wendy Myers: Can you tell us what are the main indicators of how far out of the PPP that we are?

Dr. Jack Kruse: The easiest one is for people to know the BUN-creatinine ratio. But I’ll tell you another one that I like to use, the sex hormone-binding globulin. I like to use salivary melatonin, vitamin D. And I also like to use an adrenal stress index.

If I have all of those with a couple of other labs, I can tell quite a bit. I can tell just how. I can tell if your Ferrari or Nissan Sentra is blowing black smoke.

There’s no one lab test that actually tells you anything. You need to have a battery of lab test to be able to paint the picture. It’s like saying, “How could Michelangelo paint some of the paintings that he painted or Da Vinci or anyone for that matter if they only have one or two colors?” The more colors we have is the more depth we feel that we’ll get to our perception. It’s no different with laboratory values.

But if you ask me, the best ones are probably the ones that I already mentioned. Many people find it hard to get salivary melatonin levels. But I think for the people who are the sickest, that’s probably the best indicator. Vitamin D status is another good one.

DHEA, which we talked about earlier, is a great one because most of the people don’t understand how DHEA ties directly back to IL6 and NF Kappa Beta in the brain. And when NF Kappa [inaudible 00:40:52] there are resting membrane potential in the neurons, it tells me about their inability to make hormones because parts of their brainstem are no longer working well and the parts of the brainstem that are working over the top of the brainstem or on the bottom of the brainstem.

Why are those things important to your listeners? Because the top and bottom of the brainstem of the human is where the parasympathetic and sympathetic autonomic nervous system comes from and [inaudible 00:41:29] weight gain and weight loss.

Parasympathetic system allows us to rest and digest appropriately. The sympathetic system is the one that’s highly activated in people who are leptin resistant. And it’s really a balance between those two systems that ultimately will determine how well you do. And people that have an unbalanced autonomic nervous system tend to be the people that do not live in the pentose phosphate pathway. It’s the…

Wendy Myers: Yeah, that would be me.

Dr. Jack Kruse: …people who are able to access the pathway well that [inaudible 00:42:11] together because I believe on people’s labs, that they’re directed to get the right labs.

They can figure out for themselves really where they are on this whole Venn diagram of nutrition because one of the things I think that’s very difficult for most people – most people look at diet and food the way they do.

You can literally find good and bad about every single diet, but the problem is it has to be placed in context. And the only way to place any goal in context is to get your labs and realize how effective you are at using water, the photoelectric effect and the magnetic field where you currently live and the things that you’re doing.

This is part of the reason why I’ve done interval in the Paleo community because the Paleo diet for certain people is not the best choice. Is it a step in the right direction from the standard American diet or the vegan diet? Absolutely.

But are there limitations to that diet for certain people? Yeah. If you’re real, real sick or you have a disease that needs to be reversed, the Paleo diet doesn’t perform well for some of those people. It gets them better than what they were, but it cannot reverse their disease.

That’s part of the reason why you see people say, “Well this is what you need to do,” or “You need to revert back to eating more carbohydrates.” That’s not true. You have to understand your personal context in order to figure out where you should be on next.

But here’s the key factor. All life is energy and all energy is life. The more energy-efficient you are, the higher your health quotient will be and the better your wellness will be. That, I can axiomatically without a doubt. And that’s the reason why Wendy, I choose to look at food as photons and electrons and not fats, carbohydrates, or proteins.

44:54 Epi-Paleo Diet

Wendy Myers: Yeah. Can you explain – so you said that the Paleo diet may not be best for many people that have a really serious illness or whatnot? How does that relate to your Epi-Paleo diet? Does that where your diet comes in? Can you explain some of those differences or adjustments that people need to make in a Paleo diet?

Dr. Jack Kruse: Yeah. The major issue is if you have a disease that’s linked to brain inflammation, basically leptin resistance is tied to just about every Neolithic disease that we know of in the literature. That means that you have to destroy inflammation in your brain.

The Paleo diet is really, really good at lowering inflammation but not destroying it. It’s also very good at providing a lot of protein for the diet, and protein acts as an energy carrier in the cell architecture. That’s the reason why the Paleo diet is very good. But what’s the missing link in the Paleo diet? The missing link is DHEA in high quantities to destroy IL6 and NF Kappa in the brain.

The interesting thing – I guess the world expert on the Paleolithic diet is Dr. Loren Cordain. And I would direct people to read his latest book, which is about a year and a half old now called The Paleo Answer.

When he talks about the nutrient density of the Paleo diet, one of the things that you will notice that’s very interesting that he seems to have missed, seafood performs in every single chart in that book. When people begin to look at this, they’ll start to realize there’s a reason for that.

I guess the popular belief that’s in what I call The Paleo 1.0 books – it’s like Mark Systems book or Robert [inaudible 00:46:26] book, even all Japanese book. They focus a lot on the protein and the fat side [inaudible 00:46:34] factor that forms these neurons and the cell membranes in the brain.

And if you start to look at evolutionary biology of the human brain, this is when you start having to look at the works of Michael Crawford and Stephen Cunnane who brought in [inaudible 00:47:02] tables. And they take the Paleolithic diet to a new level.

There are other guys out there. In fact, one of the other researcher’s name is Remko Kuipers who presented at the Ancestral Health Symposium last year at Harvard. He focuses on short [inaudible 00:47:19] diets in Africa and looks at hunter-gatherer people. He made the comment at the Ancestral Health Symposium last year on Twitter that he was surprised that no one else is talking about seafood-laden diets in terms of the Paleolithic diet. And that’s the missing link.

You and I talked earlier about dehydration and PPP. Guess what? Most people who suffer what they call Paleo-low carb flu, the reason they have it is because they’re dehydrated. What people don’t realize is magnesium is a cation that’s involved in 56 different enzymes and energy generation.

Magnesium is a hydrophilic cation, meaning if you’re dehydrated, magnesium even if you’re supplementing it, it won’t work. It has to be diluted in water. That is the missing link for most people on that diet.

So if you’re a Paleo person and you’ve gotten better, great. I would challenge you that if you stop losing weight, if you haven’t reversed your Hashimoto’s, if you haven’t met some of the goals that other people in Paleo have done, I would say get a BUN and creatinine ratio and see if you’re dehydrated. And if you are, that means that your disease process is far path what Paleo can do. Then you need to completely upgrade your experience by looking at it through an Epi-Paleo approach. That’s where you need to add more water.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, that makes so much sense. Because in the past, when I had done the Paleo diet and I have read about it, I had not eaten any grains or carbs or whatnot. I think I would start to maybe not feel well after a little while. I think that’s definitely because I was dehydrated. I mean I drink plenty of water now, but I think that’s a wonderful point that you’re making.

Dr. Jack Kruse: One of the other things I would tell to people in the Paleo community – if you go on Paleo website, it’s remarkable when you see vegans jump to the Paleo diet. Or you see somebody jump from a standard American diet to the Paleo diet. Most people report their health feels better, but the interesting thing is they all complained of constipation.

What people don’t realize is constipation is directly tied from low magnesium and low water levels in the body. I tell everybody, “Look you can go to any lab place now and get a CHEM-7 done for 30 bucks.”

You’ll get what your BUN-creatinine ratio is and put together what I’m saying here on this podcast. You may start to realize that Paleo is a great step in the correct direction, but some of us need more.

When I was a real sick human at 360 lbs., Paleo wasn’t enough. I needed to go above and beyond that. And if you’ve got a serious autoimmune condition, you’ve got any phospholipid syndrome or you’ve got Hashimoto’s or you got severe line disease with chronic fatigue, you’re not like somebody who just has 30 lbs. to lose. You’re a different kind of cat.

And that’s where my whole point about your N equals 1 comes into play. You need to really understand that we are all created equal, and the environment that we all find ourselves in is different.

I made the comment [inaudible 00:50:42] different room. You have the same genome, but if you’re in a different room in the same house, you have a completely different biology. And that is designed to Epi-Genetics.

And people don’t realize that nanoscopic differences or how we handle photons and electrons on our inner mitochondrial membrane meet some massive phenotypic changes in diseases. That is again one of the counterintuitive points about how biology works.

And I think people will begin to understand my perspective when they begin to understand that if you just leave nature’s laws, those three simple laws I keep coming back here, you won’t make food mistakes anymore. You really won’t because I think when you focus on nutrition and food, the literature is so jumbled in this area, it’s very easy to get confused, very easy.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I’m actually just guzzling water now trying not to be dehydrated, but I think that’s a very important point that you’re making to people. They need to eat a Paleo diet, but they also need to be eating lots of seafood as well. So I’m really happy about that because I love fishy.

52:22 Most Pressing Health Issue in our World Today

But I have just one more question though that I like to ask to all of my guests. What do you think is the most pressing health issue on our world today?

Dr. Jack Kruse: I would say the amount of electro pollution that we’ve allowed in our environment and the fact that the Environmental Protection Agency hasn’t assayed the amount of electro pollution in our environment since 1979. Considering that protecting and how we use our electric power grid has changed dramatically over the last 112 years completely parallels. You look at the generation.

The work of Dr. Labordo Beckhart in this area, the guy who’s nominated for a Nobel Prize who never won – people need to go back to read what he found 50 years ago and read what he wrote before he died. He said it was the biggest risk.

And in all of my research in the last 10 years, every single thing that he said ties back to those three factors, the photoelectric effect, magnetism, and water, every single one of them. And I think when people begin to realize that we have missed a giant, giant issue and it has very little to do with food, then I think we’ll going to make a huge impact. I think it’s in so far off of everybody’s radar because they simply don’t understand Physics.

Wendy Myers: So you think one of the biggest problems is EMF and wireless Internet and other electromagnetic fields that we’re dealing with everyday?

Dr. Jack Kruse: Absolutely. The major biologic effect of EMF is, guess what Wendy? Dehydration. That is what Dr. Beckhart found in his work. And what did we just spend almost the whole hour talking about? Dehydration and the effect that it has.

See, the problem is when we knock off neurologic time from quantum time, it’s because in ourselves, we’re basically dehydrated. That effect is magnified. When you live your life every single this way, the effect becomes a logarithmic effect.

I talked about this recently on my blog series that’s tied to the EMF. Biology doesn’t work on regular linear mathematics. It works on something called Stochastic Calculus. Stochastic calculus works on the square root phenomenon. You don’t have to know any math. It’s not the point.

The point is that we have to be [inaudible 00:55:05] small little change in energy generation can lead to massive phenotypic changes in all life forms. And that’s what we’re seeing. We’re seeing that not only humans can get fatter and sicker, we’re seeing that [inaudible 00:55:20] are, earthworms are, monkeys are, our pets are.

When we start to see that all life forms that depend on energy generation are also suffering from the same issues, you need to realize that maybe this is the field effect, just like we talked earlier about gravitational field effect on weight on different parts of the solar system.

Maybe the electromagnetic field effect that we’re currently experiencing in our atmosphere is having the same type of effect on our biology. And because with EMF, our brain doesn’t see it, taste it, or perceive it. That’s the big problem.

And that’s really the point of Beckhart’s work was. Most people at least in the Paleo community are completely oblivious to this man’s work. I think it’s fast time that people who are interested in ancestral health and evolutionary biology better start to look at what he wrote because it was nothing short of amazing.

Wendy Myers: It is really frightening that you’ve looked on your wireless Internet service and there are 10 or even 20 wireless Internet providers or networks around us, and we’re just surrounded by these EMFs constantly. It’s really, really frightening.

Dr. Jack Kruse: Wendy. This is the point that I try to make to you earlier. Remember when we were talking about the PPP, I told you that your N equals 1 and the field that you live in matters.

Where you live in Malibu and where I am down by the gulf are radically different. I can promise you that the way you handle magnetism, water, and the photoelectric effect – even if we ate exactly the same – is radically different because of where we live. This is the point that I’m trying to make to people.

This is the big point. There’s been something in epidemiologic history of the last 112 years that no one’s been able to explain, the fact that cancer rates are higher in cities. Guess what? Becker had the smoking gun pointed right through it. He knew exactly the reason why.

And the reason why? Because EMF levels are much higher in cities for the reason you just mentioned. Because now, if you go – and I did this test. I went to 57th Street in 5th Avenue in New York City about a year and a half ago and put my iPhone on. And I picked up 57 wireless networks.

Where I currently live right now, I can’t even pick up. And why do I live where I live? Because I realized that I’m mitigating laws of nature. I even got a blog post about this very issue. It’s called, “Does Where you Live Matter?”

And when I posted it, I don’t think people really understood where I was going with it, but what you just said is exactly the difference. Where you live matters a lot, and if you start to look in epidemiologic data, you’re going to start to realize why certain people get sicker than others.  You’re also going to start to realize why it is that autoimmune disease is much more common for people who live in the equator.

Why is that? For the reasons we already mentioned, because your diet has to be far more ketogenic the further you get off to the equator. And it’s all about energy. That’s the reason the EMFs show the epidemiologic predilections of adults. People are not looking at these diseases through the lenses that I’m sharing with you today.

We’re trying to explain it through the crack that’s written in our biochemistry textbook. That’s not how the rules of [inaudible 00:59:26] discuss anything, except E=mc2. P2 is the photoelectric mass. It’s a measure of how things are affected by the gravitational electromagnetic field they’re in. And energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed.

Guess what? We’re seeing energy transform every single day of our lives when we use these modern tech gadgets that we think are so great. I would tell you that maybe that’s a lot to be the one thing that’s subjugating Paleolithic genes.

Wendy Myers: No, that’s really frightening. But thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on that because that is really, really important for people to hear that. Maybe they need to get out of the city a little bit and move to the country or at least turn off Internet service and plug their computer in to their Ethernet.

Dr. Kruse, can you tell the listeners a little bit about your books and webinars and anything else you’d like the listeners to know about your work, like where do you practice and whatnot?

Dr. Jack Kruse: Yeah. I’ve written a book. It’s called the Epi-Paleo Prescription. You can get it at Barnes and Nobles or Amazon.

I have a blog post at The blog post tends to be designed to hurt your head. I’m trying to teach you all of this hardcore data so you can apply it.

I also have a form on my website. I would tell you it’s great. I always tell people that I’m trying to transform people into start so that other people can help other people get well. I honestly believe the revolution to health is going to be formed not from my profession but from people who are interested in reversing their diseases and getting better.

And I believe that a part of our life is to help others. Once you become enlightened to something, I believe you have a duty to share your knowledge with other people. That’s why most of the stuff on my website is free.

The webinars are from my members. The webinars are where I get into the nitty gritty. For example in July, [inaudible 01:01:49] worked on 60 hertz power systems, some of the work that he did with the US military on ELF, EMFs that were used to track nuclear submarines.

And I also talked about the research that Becker uncovered and where stealth bombers caved them. Believe it or not, it’s tied to these EMF stories. I also talked about Dr. Todner’s study in Denver that was done in 1979 that clearly pointed the smoking gun at EMF and obesity and childhood cancers.

Last month was a webinar that I did with Erwin [inaudible 01:02:33] where we talked [inaudible 01:02:36]. PPP, phetamine and phencyclidine actually have been shown to be extremely effective for suicidal depression. And we talked about why that’s the case.

And we also talked about evolutionary exercise and movement because I think Erwin [inaudible 01:02:55] is probably the world leader on having exercise for humans being done correctly. He understands the benefit of being out in nature with your shoes, getting the sun and moving naturally through the environment instead of doing it through a gym, lifting weights in an artificial environment.

I’ve done webinars about biological hormones and how to find a doctor to do that. There’s a lot of different things that we do for members and these are done through memberships that are of different levels.

[inaudible 01:03:31] forum under called Ask Jack. Usually people will drop questions in there. Most people who join that really like it because the amount of information that’s there alone is brutal.

You will get inundated new data. And then I would also tell people that one of the best free sources on my site, in my opinion, is the comments on the blog post. I think you can learn a tremendous amount from the comments and people, things down there.

Many people around the Paleo community like to put words in people’s mouths that were controversial. Trust me. I love controversy because I think the only way to get my ideas out there is to be controversial to get people to look at things they’re not looking at.

But when you look at the blog comments, I actually try to get people to really understand the core issue of what they’re asking.  And I answer every single comment that’s left on my blogs.

I look at that as my duty as a physician to try to help people who are trying to help themselves because I think for all too long, most people have gone to doctors and they haven’t got the answers they need. I know that. I felt – prior to become enlightened 10 years ago – that there were many people that I could have helped if I just would have applied some of the things that I learned as a young child in my profession.

Now, I’m paying that debt back. And if I can help you, I will bend over backwards to do it. There’s only 24/7 in a day, I still have to do my day job as a nurse. And so I do what I can. That’s part of the reason why I enjoy coming on and doing podcasts with people like you because I’m looking at your whole modus operandi at Starfish as well.

While we may not agree on many things, you’re trying to help people and I respect that. I believe I have a duty to come on here and discuss these ideas. And then I always say to people it’s the mark of an educated mind that could hold a concept in their mind and not accept it as a person, but to examine it and then apply it. And I applaud you for doing what you’re doing.

Wendy Myers: Thank you so much. And Dr. Kruse, I just want to thank you so much for being on the show. It’s so important for physicians like yourself to inform people about how to truly take control of their health and attempt to change on medicine as practice.

We need great physicians like yourself on the inside changing how healthcare is delivered by promoting health through prevention rather than merely treating symptoms with medication and surgery.

Thank you so much for the important work that you’re doing and talking to us today about what’s really the underlying issues causing the obesity issue. Thank you so much.

Dr. Jack Kruse: No problem, Wendy. And I will leave you with this thought. This is probably my best parting shot.

I will tell everybody to become addicted to the things that nature does. It’s the only way that we can make it through the things we choose to do and remain healthy. Nature is really the only straight edge that you should be using when you’re the architect of the blueprint of your lives. That’s my philosophy in a nutshell.

Wendy Myers: That’s fantastic. Thank you so much, Dr. Kruse. And for all you listeners out there…

Dr. Jack Kruse: Thank you.

Wendy Myers: Yes. Thank you so much. And for listeners out there, Dr. Kruse is offering a special package for Live To 110 listeners. For only $49.00, you’ll receive two webinars on the PPP and fat loss in women and a three-month membership to Jack’s Silver Club. And that’s a total value of $206.00 for only $49.00.

This is a very good opportunity for you to take a peek into his membership club and these two really, really good webinars. And his webinars, they’re so informative and well put together, I highly recommend them. And you can take advantage of this offer by going to

Thank you to all listeners out there for tuning in to the Live To 110 podcast. Please go leave a review on iTunes if you enjoyed what you heard today. And your review will increase my visibility on iTunes and help me spread the word on health. Thank you so much for listening.