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Wendy Myers: Hello everyone. My name is Wendy Myers of Thank you so much for joining me on the Live 110 Podcast today. I’m so thrilled to have one of my idols, Dr. Isaac Eliaz on the show today. He is the creator of Pectasol-C, which is a modified citrus pectin, and we are going to do a deep dive today on exactly how modified citrus pectin can help you detox, why it’s important to address Galectin-3, a rogue protein for proper detoxification, and how Pectasol-C is shown in studies to reduce Galectin-3, which is causing inflammation and chronic illness. We’re also going to talk about medicine mushrooms that aid detoxification, and tons and tons of tips on detox from this world-renowned detox expert and review the research. There’s about 50 studies done at universities and national institutes of health and other prestigious establishments that show how Pectasol-C removes a range of toxins but does not remove minerals like other binders. That’s really, really important, and it’s why I use it on my detox program.

I’ve been using it for a couple of years. I actually private label the product into a product called CitriCleanse. So my CitriCleanse, modified citrus pectin, actually is Pectasol-C, and there’s a reason why I use this particular product because it has 50 research studies behind it. It’s the only modified citrus pectin with this amount of research behind it, and research not done by the company itself, done by these prestigious institutions and universities that show how incredibly effective it is.

So we’re going to do a deep dive today with Dr. Eliaz on his discovery and how it helps to fight cancer and feed gut bacteria, reduce inflammation. There’s so many different benefits of using Pectasol-C. I can’t speak highly of it enough. Not to mention it’s effectiveness in detoxification.

I worked with thousands of clients over the years, helping them to detox, and I came up with a top 10 tips to detox like a pro checklist. You can download that at, and it just gives you a lot of tips and tricks that you can do at home on how to detox your body and just get started, get your foot in the door if you’re wanting to learn about detox or if you’re an advanced student of detoxification and want some extra tips on how to detox, just download my checklist totally for free at

My guest today, Dr. Issac Eliaz, he has 25 years of clinical and research experience, and is a highly skilled practitioner who offers a unique, holistic approach to health and healing. His extensive training in Western medicine and research, traditional Asian medicine and complementary modalities has earned him recognition as a leader in integrative health with a focus on complex chronic health conditions. In 2001, he founded Amitabha Medical Clinic in Santa Rosa, California. Where patients come from around the world to receive unparalleled, innovative treatment and care.

Dr. Eliaz is also a founder of the Sonoma County-based nutraceutical company ecoNugenics, offering some of the most researched dietary supplements available. Dr. Eliaz’s innovative formulas have been extensively validated in scientific literature, demonstrating benefits for most critical areas of health. His partners with top research institutes to co-author studies on therapies for immune enhancement, heavy metal toxicity, and the treatment of cancer and chronic illnesses. He is a frequent lecturer at international medical conferences and scientific meetings on the clinical application of integrative protocols to fight disease and restore health.

As a life-long student and practitioner of meditation and mind-body medicine, Dr. Eliaz also offers low- and no-cost meditation and healing retreats to patients and practitioners around the world. These educational events are sponsored by his non-profit organization, Amitabha Wellness Foundation.

You can learn more about him at

Dr. Eliaz, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz:  Thank you.

Wendy Myers:  Why don’t you tell us about yourself and how you got into the health field.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz:  I was interested in the field of health and healing from a very early age. I’m Israeli. My origin is Israel, but my father was a civil engineer and he traveled in different developing countries. And I happened to live in Korea for a year and a half at the age of 15. That’s why I was exposed to martial art to TaeKwonDo to yoga and to the whole concept of healing, which I carried through my teens and into medical school. So when I went to medical school, I was a regular medical student, but I knew that I’m going to do holistic alternative medicine. So I was a yoga teacher, I learned shiatsu. I created a course of Chinese medicine so I can learn Chinese medicine, and I became very successful kind of too quickly in my late 20s and I failed. It’s too early for me to be just successful. So my wife, Gillian, my daughter, Leann was two years old, and we moved to the United States while I did my master in science in Chinese medicine.

I got deeply involved in Chinese medicine. I’m both a Western doctor and a Chinese doctor, and I got involved in specific lineages that relate to the treatment of cancer and difficult diseases. And I had a deep influence of meditation and healing. So my patient actually is meditation and healing and really how you can use your mind to heal. And that’s really a huge part of detoxification. When we look at detoxification, we often think that is doing a colonic or doing cleanse, but every time we exhale, we actually detoxify. Every time we have a thought, if we chase the next thought, then we have stickiness of many thoughts. If we can let go of the through, of the feeling, of the emotions, we are detoxifying it.

So our body, we actually detoxify most of the time. Every time we exhale, we detoxify. Exhalation is longer than inhalation. So I think to bring a esoteric, deep understanding of health processes, but it usually shows the parallels with science, with medicine, and it’s very creative process, which is also based and supported by science leads also to the formulation of our unique product. So while I’m engaged in meditation, healing, and I treat many cancer patients, my products have undergone multiple clinical trials in places like Harvard. I work with really with all the big institutes like Columbia University. I mean, you really named them. USDA. The work is much bigger than me now. There are many great scientists in different academic institutes. Some of my work was just sponsored by the NAH. So it’s exciting.

Wendy Myers:  That’s fantastic. Yeah. That’s why I wanted to have you on the show to talk about some of your work and some of the just amazing information and studies and research that has been done with your product Pectasol-C, which is a modified citrus pectin. So what is the role of Pectasol-C or modified citrus pectin in detoxification and overall health?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz:  So modified citrus pectin blocks a rogue molecule called Galectin-3. Galectin-3 is a protein, what we call lectin. It’s a carbohydrate, a sugar binding protein. So it binds to different inflammatory compounds, different growth factors, and it creates stickiness, it creates what we call a synapse formation, a coating, that where cancer can hide, it can neutralize in the immune system, but it’s also the backbone of the biofilm. It’s a place where heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, toxins can hide. Center pockets that the body cannot reach. So when we want to detoxify, we really want to detoxify what is not good for us. But what is not good for us often knows how to invade us. The invasion is driven by Galectin-3, which create this synapse formation that creates a coating with different nesting compounds around it. So when we break this synapse formation, when we expose this area, the body can respond through detoxification, through immune response. So Galectin-3 is what we call an upstream alarming. It starts this crisis inflammatory, fibrotic process that we really want to stop is part of well-being, is part of healthy aging, and is part of proper detoxification, and that’s why modified citrus pectin is really a building block for any detoxification program, not only for the short term but for an ongoing basis.

Wendy Myers: Yes. So what kind of toxins does Pectasol-C absorb?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: So it’s very interesting because Pectasol-C is a very wide … I mean, modified citrus pectin is a very wide-range of benefits in the detox realm. So we focus today on detoxification. A lot of the initial research in modified citrus pectin was done on cancer with multiple clinical trial. Modified citrus pectin is great infinity and specific infinity for heavy metals, lead, cadmium, mercury, uranium, cesium, arsenic, all the positively charged metals. So it can bind them and can remove them. We have shown in multiple clinical trials the unique ability of modified citrus pectin to reduce heavy metal burden and to increase excretion in the urine. So one thing is the heavy metals.

But because of the structure, it also binds to environmental toxins. So now it combines to environmental toxins, it combines to heavy metals, but it can also enhance the immune response. The ability of our body to attack invaders and damaging factors. But what’s really important is that modified citrus pectin stops the chronic inflammatory and fibrotic process. So when we get an injury, an emotional injury, a psychological injury, a physical injury, the side effect of a treatment, the response of the body is survival is to create inflammation to fight the problem. The problem is the inflammation stays on. We get either fibrosis, hardening of the tissue and dysfunction in every single organ. All of these are driven by Galectin-3, but more than this, the results of the inflammation is that the inflammatory tissue pushes the metabolism towards the non-mitochondrial metabolism, towards acidity, towards accumulation of lactic acid. That’s really what we want to detoxify.

So even if we look at metabolic syndrome and AMPK blockage that effects the mitochondrial in the normal way. It all starts with Galectin-3 outside the cell. So in regular modified citrus pectin, we are opening the possibility for detoxification, and because it’s so gentle, it’s really side effect free.

Wendy Myers:  Yeah, yeah. I know. And that’s why I love it. That’s why I recommend it to all of my clients because it doesn’t absorb indiscriminately minerals and other things like activated charcoal. Can you talk about some of the problems with activated charcoal? It’s very popular in detoxification and a lot binders, but what are some of the issues with it that Pectasol-C and modified citrus pectin does not give?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz:  Binders, first of all, binders are not selective. So they can bind bad things. They can bind good things. So binder something like charcoal or cholestyramine, for example. For some of them there are a lot of side effects, but in addition, they are good for the short term basis. But when you look at modified citrus pectin, look at something that was proven in a dramatic way to enhance and improve the immune system. It is proven on a long-term basis to reduce inflammation and fibrosis while it helps in detoxification. It was proven to fight cancer. So we have something that can be used on the long-term basis because some people do detoxification on the seasonal basis, on a one or two week basis, but we really need to detoxify all the time because we’re exposed all the time to stress, to heavy metals, to EMF, to aging, to failure of our repair system and their byproduct. That’s why modified citrus pectin can lead the way and around if you can build a small program, a big program. You can specify for the patient, but modified citrus pectin always has it’s place regardless of what detox program you’re using.

Wendy Myers:  Yes. So does modified citrus pectin or Pectasol-C strip minerals from your body or does it preserve the minerals?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz:  It’s actually we have shown in studies that it will actually preserve the mineral. We showed in study increase in the urinary excretion of heavy metals without any increase in the excretion of minerals.

Wendy Myers:  That’s fantastic.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz:  It has such a higher infinity specifically for heavy metals.

Wendy Myers:  That’s great, and what about chemicals? Is there any research on the type of chemicals that Pectasol-C removes?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: Yes, so modified citrus pectin, Pectasol-C, and all this group of uronides, polyuronide is a same group of compounds. They combine to environmental toxins, to zeno-estrogens, to what you call neurotoxin, microtoxins, to something like CCL4, which is damaging for the liver, to dioxin. So there are studies that it binds from environments that toxins they have something that binds to environmental toxins, binds to heavy metals, and helps the detoxification process itself. That’s all about it.

Wendy Myers:  Yes. I mean, it’s just amazing what a broad spectrum Pectasol-C is, and yeah, that you can take it long-term. It’s totally safe to take long-term. Because I agree with you, you do have to detox for the rest of your life. It’s not something that you do seasonally. It’s something that you have to add to your health regime.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz:  Absolutely, and especially these days when we don’t have the same time to rest, when we don’t have …. When the food or the same energy. When we are bombarded with stimulation, it’s part of the letting go process. And it’s interesting. When we started with our work with modified citrus pectin was really focused on cancer, on prevention of metastases, which we have shown especially in progressive cancer, in other conditions. But we’re starting to see that people were saying their joint pain is getting better. They’re memories are improving. Their blood pressure is balancing out. Their digestive issues are getting better. Because Galectin-3 is involved with all this inflammation so the detox properties of modified citrus pectin are bigger than just detox. It allows the tissue to regain it’s normal function, which is remarkable.

Wendy Myers: Yes. Yeah. So how much Pectasol-C should one be taking? What’s the optimal amount and the frequency of dosage?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: It depends for what purposes. So the blood test for Galectin-3 is available. You can check. But you don’t give modified citrus pectin based on Galectin-3 testing because some people … The level of Galectin-3 in the blood relate to certain genetic issue. I don’t want to get into it. The only reason to do the blood test is one, if somebody feel that they are totally healthy, the Galectin-3 is very high. Let’s say about 18, then something is going on, and they really have to start looking what it is. The second reason is that if your Galectin-3 is very high, you need a higher dosage of motrin neutralized, but in general, healthy people, when they start their detox process, they can take up to 15 grams a day, seven and a half twice a day for a few weeks. Then if people are healthy, they can go down to five grams a day on a day to day basis. But if you have any fibrotic disease, any autoimmune diseases, any disease of the liver, of the heart, of the lungs, of the kidney, any history of active cancer or active cancer right now. With cancer, you go to 15 grams a day. For chronic diseases, you stay to 10 grams a day. For Lyme disease, for chronic infection, you start with 15 grams and go down to 10 grams a day.

Wendy Myers: Okay. Great. What is the optimal amount of time to do a successful detox program? Because some people, they want to just do a detox for 30 days. They don’t want to really spend a lot of time and effort doing a detox, but in your opinion, how long does it really take?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: It really depends on the person. It’s better to do a detox program where the person has enough time to really engage in it. So what do I mean? If you want to detoxify, you need to create space and time to do it. You can’t do a detoxification in your busy life without creating the time for it. So if you have only three-four days, you do three-four days. Ideally, if within the year, it’s ideally to do it on a seasonal basis in the beginning of the spring, in the beginning of the fall because this is a changing season in nature when the big movement. And you do it now between two to six weeks, depending, even two-three weeks can be very powerful but it has a more intense detoxification. But then you keep on going on an ongoing basis.

For example, we need to remove heavy metals all the time because we absorb them all time through our food, through the air, through pollution. So we have this enhanced programs where, for example, I will give modified citrus pectin together with our other supplement that I develop like detox complete. It works in a complete way over medicinal mushrooms, and then you start shifting into more for maintenance. So there are the maintenance ongoing just like we have to inhale and exhale all the time. We can’t inhale without exhaling. You can’t nourish without detoxifying. But within this specific time, a few weeks is very powerful. It depends.

In my personal life, I used to go on long retreats, between eight and 11 weeks a year to the mountains, and it happened to be in the winter time. So I would do my detox in the winter time. It wasn’t ideal seasonally but had a lot of time to let go emotionally, psychologically, and then I would keep on doing it. I know from my own experience taking modified citrus pectin on a regular basis, my Galectin-3 used to be 17, which is high or 16, sometimes 15. Now it’s 11 for the last four years. So because I take modified citrus pectin, I reduced my inflammation. Because I reduced my inflammation, I’m producing less Galectin-3. Because I’m using less Galectin-3, it’s proven that my chance of dying in the next 10-15 years was reduced by 60%-70%, and I’m going to have a longer life because my Galectin-3 is lower.

So once you reduce your inflammation, you need a lower dose. That’s the beauty of the process. I really see modified citrus pectin as a gift from nature because you can’t get something much more natural than something extracted from the peel of the citrus fruit, but it has some wisdom and science is just proving it. We’re astonished by the benefit. There are 8,000 published papers on Galectin-3 scientific. There are close to 50 papers just on Pectasol-C, modified citrus pectins. So it’s really, it’s interesting. It’s much bigger than my work. It’s institutes all over the world are researching it right now.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, that’s amazing. The power of healing in the citrus peels. Can you talk to us exactly how the citrus pectin is modified. So it’s modified citrus pectin. How is changed?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: Of course. So you have to extract the pectin from the albedo from the white part of the soft part of the citrus, but then you get the molecule that has a very high molecular weight. It doesn’t get absorbed, and it has an inappropriate structure to do all the benefit that I talked about. So we modified it dramatically and by heat and pH very accurately to a very low molecular weight, three to 13 kilodalton. But we have to preserve a unique structure, and that’s why … Because modified citrus pectin is really a generic term. The more research I do, the more people try to use opportunity and just put the pectin out and just put the name modified citrus pectin, it’s important for the audience to know that it’s really all the research. The only commercially available modified citrus pectin that is all this research, all the patents, all the inventions, all the discovery that is being research by multiple institutes is Peptasol-C, modified citrus pectin.

Wendy Myers: Yes. Yeah because not all citrus pectins are the same.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: Of course.

Wendy Myers:  Just because modified citrus pectin, there’s a large variation in the quality of that product. So people have to be careful where there might be another product $10 cheaper, $5 cheaper, but is it worth risking that product not really being up to par, not being what it says on the label.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: Absolutely. $5 cheaper is one thing when it’s really cheap, it just cannot be modified citrus pectin. Because first, you have to produce a high quality pectin from special peels that are low in heavy metals. Because, remember, the pectin has a tendency to grab to heavy metals. Then, only then, you take it again and you modify it very specifically. So it’s a double preparation. It’s expensive to make. So if anybody offers you cheap modified citrus pectin. It cannot be the real modified, it’s impossible.

Wendy Myers: Yes, yes. People have to be informed consumers. You get what you pay for.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: Exactly.

Wendy Myers: Let’s talk about how in a long-term detoxification program. Do certain organs or systems need attention first? I mean, is there a specific progression of steps to support a better outcome with your detoxification?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz:  Yes. So I think when one is ready to detoxify, one thing that I recommend to my patients, and I have certain patients when my detox plan for them is a five year plan, is a 10 year plan because know it’s going to take a long time to get there. It’s good to say what do I want to detoxify, what do I want to get rid of? Do I want to get rid of excess weight? Do I want to get rid of toxins? Do I want to get rid of traumas? Do I want to get rid of certain emotions? Then we have to see what happened when we detoxified? For example, in the spring, the leading organ is the liver that detoxifies. It’s always the liver, but more in the spring. When the liver detoxifies, if it detoxifies well, phase one, phase two, it will go through the bile, through the gut. We go through the urine, we go through the skin. But if the liver can’t handle toxin and keep flowing, they will go through the adrenal system to the heart, they will go to the digestion, they will go to the joint. It will go to the lungs, of course, from the heart.

So we have to support the different organs when we detoxify. For example, my form will detox complete has certain ingredients that support every single organ in the detox cycle. But even if you give a sulfur amino acids, what’s the difference between giving MSM or giving NAC, acetylcysteine? MSM is a liver, skin/liver digestion relationships. So it will help this detoxification. NAC, acetylcysteine, sustain will go and detoxify the old grief and emotions. Where do we hold the emotions? The lungs. If you look scientifically, NAC, acetylcysteine, is a mucolytic. It removes thick mucus in the lungs, very thick. Things we have held for a very long time. Well, things that are very thick and very heavy, what is very heavy? Mercury is very heavy. It’s a very heavy metal. NAC detoxifies and binds to mercury. If you can see the substance analogy, the emotional analogy, and the organ analogy, but while this is all happening in the body, you need something to catch the heavy metals and help the process. That’s why you always take modified citrus pectin before you start the detox at a little bit higher dose during and after because it prevents the redistribution to other organs and the damage.

Wendy Myers: Yes, and let’s talk about that. Because this is something I talk about, I’ve been talking about for a while. Since I discovered Pectasol-C, I’ve been recommending it for at least a couple of years to people because many people start doing a detoxification or they start doing juice fasting or infra-red saunas or chelation or any type of detoxification, and the toxins can be mobilized from tissue storage sites. But then just go in the blood and deposit somewhere else in the body. Let’s talk about that, the dangers of that, and how Pectasol-C prevents that.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: So that’s a great point that I’m really happy to bring up. It’s critical for people to understand. The body’s smart. The body wants to survive. So where will we deposit toxic stuff? In fatty tissue so it can be in fatty tissue in different places. For them, it can be in the breast. That’s why when the people were using DDT as a pesticide, there was 1,000 times more concentration in the fat of the breast compared to regular tissue. So then it’s kind of isolated. It can cause local damage, suddenly cancer appears, or it can start in a place which is not metabolically useful. Then we do a detox. We break the fatty tissue. Now we are flooded with let’s say mercury or lead or other toxins, and guess what, they can cross the blood-brain barrier. Suddenly we have them in the brain. They can go into the heart. They can go into different areas, and we really get … People get very sick after detox. I don’t see it.

Modified citrus pectin will prevent it because it will bind the heavy metals in the circulation, and we have proven with the fluorescent antibody that our modified citrus pectin, Pectasol-C, gets absorbed into the blood stream. We’ve actually proven it. Only MCP to ever be proven. Okay? Like I mentioned, all the research is on ours. So this way you are preventing the redistribution. So when you start with the Pectasol-C, otherwise you created an environment where the levels in the blood are lower than in the tissue, then naturally by gradient, by concentration differences, it goes from high concentration into low concentration. So naturally the tissues will excrete it into the lymph, into the extra cellular space where it binds to modified citrus pectin. But more than this, because the heavy metals can be bind to oxidized glucolipids, that they are bind to Galectin-3. When we break the Galectin-3, it then suddenly the heavy metals circulating and we bring in the Galectin-3 because of modified citrus pectin. The same compound will actually catch the heavy metals, and we show from children in China with toxic lead levels dramatically decrease in blood levels and dramatically increase in urinary levels. That’s what we want.

So it really prevents redistribution both for the general public, but also for doctors. We use DNSA, use DMPS, or use DTA that are powerful calculators, but they’re also deplete minerals and they can cause redistribution. If you use them with modified citrus pectin, you prevent the redistribution.

Wendy Myers:  Yes. That’s so important. You do not want to do a detox without an effective binder and one that is not indiscriminate like the activated charcoal, which grabs everything. We don’t want to grab everything and all the nutrients and minerals and things like that. You want to use one that’s mild and gentle like Pectasol-C, but incredibly effective at the same time.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz:  Definitely.

Wendy Myers:  Let’s talk a little bit about using Pectasol-C during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Is it something that’s safe during that time? Because I get that question a lot. Women that want to do detoxification. They learn about it when they’re pregnant or when they’re breastfeeding and they’re anxious to get started. They have concerns about transmitting the toxins in their body to their baby through breast milk. What are your thoughts on Pectasol-C use during pregnancy?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz:  It’s two different areas. One is what is my thought and one is what is the proof. Logically, it should not be a problem. But because pregnancy and breastfeeding is a limited period of time, we can’t recommend it. Now, however, if a woman has toxic levels of mercury, for example, and she knows it, that’s different story. Then under the supervision of the health provider, it may be necessary. In general, what you mentioned about the redistribution of toxins, you have to be careful in detoxifying during pregnancy. It’s a very anabolic process where we are gaining weight, we are eating mess. We have to be careful about it. It’s always better to do this before pregnancy and after breastfeeding. Definitely.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. Fantastic.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz:  Yeah.

Wendy Myers:  So let’s talk a little bit about MTHFR. So this is a hot topic in detoxification, and we’ve heard a lot about MTHFR mutations and how people with these genetic expressions can have impaired detoxability or impair detox function. So how significant is this issue and what can be done about it?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: I think it’s a significant issue that has been brought to the light in the last few years. But I think it’s over emphasized. What I mean, it’s important to know about it, but it’s not the whole story. So for some people it becomes the whole story. That’s why I see the great value of using botanicals and foods for detoxification because foods, botanicals compounds of nature have the wisdom to allow the body to really balance out. So the phase one and phase two is very important because the phase one is really like opening all the drawers in the kitchen and throwing everything outside. If we can’t handle it, we’re going to get a crisis. That’s an example how modified citrus pectin can be very important, but specifically like when I formulate, again, the formula I use is detox complete. It’s very complex because when you want to address it, yeah, you need to methylated compound but the body needs energy to detoxify it. The body needs to support circulation. The body needs antioxidants.

So it’s a concept of discharge and elimination. We have to help the cells, the tissue to discharge the toxins, but we have to help the body to eliminate. So that’s why we have to look at the colon-liver relationship. A urinary liver. It’s the skin, and that’s one of the issues. That’s why infra-red sauna is very important for people who don’t detoxify well from the liver, but we need to be able to deal with the toxins that are being pulled into the system. So, again, we need, as you mentioned, we need the binders. We need the exposure. We need the binders, and we need the eliminator that we take it out of the body. For example, we have shown with modified citrus pectin, that the level of heavy metals in the blood goes down and the level of heavy metals in the urine go up. So we know we are discharging from the tissue because we did challenge test. And we are showing elimination through the urine, and that’s what you also mentioned in this interview. It’s an ongoing process. It doesn’t happen. We didn’t get toxic overnight. We shouldn’t expect to be clear of toxins overnight. It takes patience.

Wendy Myers: Yes. Yeah. I agree. I think Pectasol-C or modified citrus pectin is something that you just need to add to your health regime, just add to what you’re already doing on a long-term basis. Just like you’re eating healthy food, you’re exercising, you’re trying to take high quality supplements and trying to sleep at night, go to bed at a reasonable time. You have to add detoxification to your health regime. I really think the people that are going to be doing that will live the longest, healthiest, disease free, medication free lives that they’re wanting because you have to add detox given our toxic environment.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: Definitely. You see, for example, in Lyme patients who often don’t tolerate too many things. They have an issue with biofilm. One supplement that when they take they feel better is modified citrus pectin. Why? Because it exposes. So you get exposed, which means there’s a release of different infections from the biofilm. It also binds. It also enhances the immune response. It’s all proven. It also helps in the elimination and it reduces inflammation and fibrosis. So we get this whole package with this wisdom of nature. So, for example, very leading Lyme doctors, what they’re finding out is regardless of if they use antibiotics, if they don’t use antibiotics, whatever is their program, modified citrus pectin makes a difference for them.

Wendy Myers: Yes.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: Yeah.

Wendy Myers: Let’s talk about … Oh, go ahead. I’m sorry.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: No, go ahead.

Wendy Myers:  I was going to say what about people who have a citrus sensitivity? Is there a contra-indication for them in taking modified citrus pectin like Pectasol-C?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: Absolutely not. It’s really a long chain of carbohydrate of sugar of galacturonic acids. So it doesn’t effect [inaudible 00:36:31] for people who take satin drugs. It has nothing to do with allergies for citrus fruit. I have yet to see one person. I can’t recall one person who was actually allergic to modified citrus pectin in probably tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people have taken. The only thing because it’s a fiber and it’s neutralized by potassium and sodium, if you take high dosage quickly in the beginning, sometimes people get some soft stool. But it goes away after a few days.

Wendy Myers: Okay. Great. Yeah, so there is sodium potassium added to the product, correct?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: Right.

Wendy Myers: Is there a reason for that?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: Yes, because we have to evaporate to a physiological pH, and so it’s evaporated at a potassium ration three to four to one, which is a ratio you find in fruits, in nature. So it really mimics what is in the original fruit, in the original vegetables in nature in an attempt to make it as natural as possible.

Wendy Myers:  Okay. Fantastic. Yeah. So let’s talk a little bit about any potential contra-indications for taking Pectasol-C. Like I’ve heard that if someone has SIBO or small intestinal bowel overgrowth, that because Pectasol-C is a fiber that feeds good bacteria, which is great because it’s kind of like a food for probiotics in the gut and can improve your microbiome. But for someone who has SIBO, it could be a problem because it’s feeding good gut bacteria. What are your thoughts on that?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: Actually, Pectasol-C … There’s a number of published papers we did with the USDA. So modified citrus pectin is a very potent prebiotic, but it also allows to expose in the gut to negative bacteria. So it’s not an issue with SIBO at all. Actually it’s very important for SIBO. Remember, it gets absorbed into the system. It doesn’t stay in the gut for too long. But for the body to overcome abnormal bacteria growth, you need to expose it, and also with enhancing your response to the body to really deal with itself. Never seen an issue with SIBO. It’s very good to take it with probiotics of course.

Wendy Myers:  Okay. Great. Yeah, I mean, that’s just something that I heard from someone, and I just wondered what your opinion was on that. So thank you for …

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: Yeah. Not an issue. It’s an interesting point.

Wendy Myers: Okay. Great. Fantastic. It seems logical I guess that if Pectasol-C feeds gut bacteria, good gut bacteria, that might be a problem in SIBO but if it addresses infections in the way that it does, it would help.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: Right. Definitely.

Wendy Myers:  So do you have any tips for the listeners on some simple ways to remove toxins without a huge investment in time or energy?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: Toxins or heavy metals or both?

Wendy Myers: Both.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: So yes, definitely. So I think when you engage in detoxification, let’s say you want to make it a focus. So I think it’s important to take some time to do this. Also, literally make a list of what you want to get rid of, and there are a few ways of getting rid of things. One is to get rid of things because they are bad for you, and the other is for our body, for our mind, for our emotion to accept things that are not good for us, especially emotionally. For example, people with food allergies, you can do diet elimination or you can improve your gut and now you can eat things you couldn’t eat before. So it’s an emotional, psychological, and physical process. It relates, surprising enough, to Galectin-3 because Galectin-3 creates an isolation between us and the environment, right? It’s creates a synapses formation where the bacteria hides. But our genetic material, 90% of the genetic material in our body is microbiome material. We have a relationship with the microbiome.

The synapses formation, the Galectin-3 creates a separation, and that’s the value of modified citrus pectin. So you want to be well hydrated. You want to know what you want to get rid of. You want to hydrate very well. You want to exercise. You want to move the body when you do this. You want to do things with heat, like infra-red sauna, and you want to make sure that in addition to using something that motivates modified citrus pectin, you use something that also helps in the discharge and elimination. The different product I mentioned, the detox complete, but there are many other products. You also want to make sure that at the end you nourish the body. You don’t get like I like to say clean and depleted. So, for example, there are some herbs that has the power to detoxify but they’re really energy herbs. The classically and the struggles.

The other category, which is very unique is the adipogenic and detoxifies our medicinal mushrooms because the sponges that go to the toxic material. So I’m a great believe in the medicinal mushroom, and that’s why you will find them in most of my formulations.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. Let’s alk about that a little bit more in depth. What type of mushrooms do you like for detoxification?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: So when you look at mushrooms in the concept of time, there are mushrooms that helped our immediate response to fight cancer. For example, coriolus is the classical one. There are mushrooms that tends to be helpful in cleaning stuff from the past. These are the detoxifying mushrooms. What’s unique about them chemically is that they are high in phospholipids, which means they can penetrate to fatty tissue, they can go the membrane cell and they can exchange with toxins. So the classical ones are cordyceps, reishi, [inaudible 00:42:28]. These are the three classical ones that effect the lungs, the brain, the heart, the liver. Then there are some mushroom that help elimination through the urine, polyporus is a classical and helps elimination through the large intestine, through the rectum, the end of the large intestine, auricularia. So for example, in my product 10 mushroom formula, you have all this mushrooms that relate to the top of the body all the way to the bottom, and to the past, present and future. So they help to detoxify, they help to fight the toxins, but they also help to nourish and train the body.

So the beauty of medicinal mushroom is that you don’t develop tolerance for them. So that’s why they are part of my … For my detoxification process. So we talked about Pectasol-C of course. It has dozens of papers. We talked about medicinal mushrooms. I mentioned detox complete. It has helped discharge and elimination. There’s a product called cellular shield that specifically protects the cell itself from radiation, from EMF, from stress, and helps the similar detoxification like no other antioxidant we published on it.

Wendy Myers: So let’s talk about some of the foods that help you to detox. What are some of the foods that you love to recommend to your patients that facilitate detoxification?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: So I think in the detox process, alkalinizing is very important because it helps the metabolic process and reduces acidity. So you want to go in the vegetable route and minimize your fruits except for berries. You want to provide enough protein or amino acids because we need some amino acids, especially if we are clearing the liver. So the different amino acids, you can do some of the shakes of course or just do lighter proteins, do some fish, but better to stay vegetarian. Almonds if you sprout them and you peel them. But basically the short term detoxification process is a catabolic process we are shedding off. But you need enough protein, protein support for the process, and of course stay away from especially gluten, milk product because they are sticky. If you take sugar, you put water, it becomes sticky. We want to unstick the body. We want to detoxify the body. So it’s important to really emphasize no refined sugars, no gluten, no bread, no pasta, especially in the detoxification process.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic. Yeah, and let’s talk about how you help patients to engage in a detox program that’s safe and gentle yet effective for them, and do you find that people improve their various serious health conditions doing your program and doing detox?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: Oh, definitely. What I find that I rarely, rarely, rarely see like a detox crisis, and often when we talk about a detox crisis, sometimes you can have it, especially in the people who are very sensitive, multiple chemicals and sensitivities, Lyme patients, and sometimes it’s also a psychological state of being so anxious about what will happen that it’s like a self fulfilling prophecy. In the clinic environment, we use some intravenous therapies, but one of my biggest specialties for people who cannot detoxify, there are some people who just cannot handle detoxification, very sick people. So one of my specialties where I have multiple published papers is on using therapeutic apheresis. It’s a very high tech process. It’s expensive because of the filter that cost thousands of dollars per treatment where we pull out blood and we separate the cells and the plasma and we run the plasma through a special filter that removes all the oxidized fatty acids, removes the heavy metals, and removes other gross factors. What I do at the same time, I make other intravenous therapy that enhance the process, and then once the treatment ends, I give them some minerals and I give them so special other detoxifiers like glutathione, for example, which I will not give it during the treatment because I got to filter. I got an outside machine that does the detoxification.

So usually patients who cannot handle the detoxification, are very toxic, this kind of treatment can turn them around even one or two treatments. It’s really unique specialty that I developed kind of worldwide. Now more people are doing it. I’ve custom made IV therapies, but that’s on the other extreme. That’s on the extreme, but some people need it. Some people just cannot get there without the help.

Wendy Myers: So where can someone get this type of treatment?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: So for this treatment, they have to contact my clinic. My Amitabha Clinic. They can go to or email [email protected] If they go to my website, they will find the link to it on has a nice website. Then they can find some more information about it. Definitely.

Wendy Myers: Where’s your clinic located?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: I’m in Santa Rosa. One hour north of San Francisco. We did have a big fire last year in this area, but it’s a beautiful area. Very clean air and good for the detoxification process.

Wendy Myers:  Fantastic. That’s what we need, and a little wine also on the side.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz:  Exactly.

Wendy Myers: Once you’re done detoxing, of course.

Well, is there anything else that you want to add to our conversation that perhaps we haven’t talked about detoxification that you want to mention?

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: No, I think that we really covered it, and maybe just that the more we stay open to what is going … The beauty of detoxification is we are releasing stuff. Some stuff we are aware of, some stuff we’re not aware of. So we need to have the courage to be open for the process, and just go with it. It’s an amazing process. This revelation of … So it’s really the unconscious coming to the surface. It’s the toxins coming to the surface. It’s trauma coming to the surface. If we rush them properly with everything we discussed, I mean, we sure covered a lot of stuff today, you really end up being lighter and healthier.

Wendy Myers:  Yes, you do. Yes. My own personal detoxification journey, I’m just amazed at just how much better I feel from just five years ago. I’ve been detoxing for about eight years now. But it just feels so much better, so much lighter and happier. The detox process is so much more than physical. It’s emotional. It’s so much more than just a physical process.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: Right. Because when we are toxic, when things are sticky, also when somebody tells us something, it sticks to us and then we over react. We get upset. We get fearful, and it causes suffering. When we are cleaner, we are more like a clean mirror. We just reflect. It doesn’t stick to us. Then we are happier. If we are happier, we know we are healthier. Love, open heart is the ultimate health. The people around us are healthier. I think especially in this day when there’s so much divisiveness and tension and stress and hatred, just being cleaner and being more accepting is so critical.

Wendy Myers: Yes.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: And that’s part of the detox process.

Wendy Myers:  Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, Dr. Eliaz, thank you so much for coming on the show and sharing your wealth of knowledge about detoxification with us.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz:  Thank you so much. I really enjoyed it.

Wendy Myers: Yes.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: Take care.

Wendy Myers: Yes. So thanks so much everyone for listening today. I’m Wendy Myers. You can learn more about me at Thank you so much for joining us.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz: Thank you. Bye.