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Top Takeaways


  1. Negative energy can be transferred to you from people in your life who have picked up the energy during their day.
  2. Any time there’s stress in the body our body detunes itself, where intuition and our consciousness divide.
  3. People can send negative thoughts and energy to you that make you feel as though those are your thoughts and negative self-talk.
  4. If you just let everything go, you stay open and free and you are able to connect to your energy and messages, you will say yes and doors will open that you never knew existed.
  5. Your consciousness is subconsciously available to you every day, and by practicing this access can allow you to access it more readily
  6. If you do Routers work, stay open, change your whole cycle of behavior by letting go, staying focused on being present, clear up messages that aren’t your own, and reconnect to your own, you can begin to determine the people who are good for you.
  7. Once you learn how to use neutral energy, you become more aware of what’s happening in the world, and focus on the little things that make up the big picture.
  8. Everybody scans other people to figure out who they are, and Router teaches you how to scan yourself so that you know how your are being scanned by others.
  9. Working with Router can prevent burn out, can help you develop a stronger and greater awareness of your intuition, build confidence in your decision making, and prevent attracting chaos or negative relationships.
  10. Once you find your own conscious messages you become more confident, which makes you notice more things about other people, and allows people to better tune into your energy.
  11. After Illa finished working with Router, her daughter, killed in a car accident, came to her in a dream and told her to spread Routers work. This is where Illa started Heart and Soul Productions, and an organization called Helping Parents Heal.
  12. When we don’t compliment our own relationship with ourselves, we begin to detune and lose energy within our consciousness.
  13. One of the first things David teaches people how to do is send out messages without other peoples energy fields interfering.
  14. Once router teaches you how to use neutral energy, he moves into teaching how to use intuitive energy and intuitive consciousness.
  15. This allows you to tap into your spirit energy, which is the energy that can help you heal from trauma.
  16. Router Teaches these abilities through the use of conscious or energy exercises, and through the use of grounding, that activates your energy and allows it to move, giving you the ability to see all of your potential.
  17. Grounding yourself before communication with another person or people, especially in moments of confrontation, can allow you and your energy to be neutral, which leads to better communication
  18. To join David’s Relationship Detox Workshop where you will learn what is needed to release and rebuild healthy and supportive relationships click here!
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Wendy Myers: Hello, my name is Wendy Myers. Welcome to the Myers Detox Podcast. Today we’re going to be talking about relationship detox. This is something that many people need to be doing in their lives, whether they’re aware of it or not. This podcast is very much going to be focused on what you need to do to center yourself, focus on the relationship you have with yourself, and some really interesting techniques to kind of cast away negative energy from yourself. And in doing so, you’re able to avoid other people’s drama, avoid other people’s toxic energy, avoiding toxic people, avoiding making mistakes in, wrong decisions in, your personal and professional life, because you’re working on yourself.

Wendy Myers: Our guest today, David Router, is someone who I’ve worked with personally for really well over a year, almost a year and a half, and he has really helped me tremendously with his techniques, with his take on helping to improve your intuition, and what he calls functional consciousness, to discard these negative messages, negative energy, that we’re constantly fielding, and how to really focus in on our own intuition, or our own personal messages, and what all that means, and the practical tips on how to employ his knowledge and his techniques.

Wendy Myers: So really, really interesting podcast today, really fun podcast. I really love talking about self help, because for me, I’m very smart, I’ve read all the psychology books, I’ve heard hundreds of hours of therapy from all different kinds of therapists and things like that, just always looking to improve myself, always seeking answers, always seeking the meaning of life and wanting to feel better physically and emotionally and spiritually. And with David I really felt like I really was able to take my consciousness and my spirituality and my happiness to the next level, and that’s why I wanted to have him on the show, so you can experience those same benefits for yourself.

Wendy Myers: Toxic metals are one of the biggest contributors to fatigue. My name is Wendy Myers, and in my decade of research I have discovered that toxic metals affect mitochondrial performance. Your mitochondria are your little cells’ powerhouses that make your body’s energy. And toxic metals like arsenic, aluminum, thallium, and cesium, those poison enzymes that produce energy in your body. These toxic metals are found in your air, food, and water. They’re everywhere, they’re unavoidable in our environment today, everyone has them in their body. The question is, what metals do you have, and at what levels. Click the link below to take my quiz to evaluate your level of heavy metal toxicity.

Wendy Myers: So our guest David Router, he is a functional consciousness energy instructor and visionary author. For more than 30 years, internationally recognized Australian native David Router has shared his exceptional gifts and insights in functional consciousness and subtle energy, considered a master energy instructor healer and functional consciousness trainer by those who have experienced his work. David has created a series of functional consciousness exercises, which are also called reflective body mechanics, which enables a client to experience and assess the areas of consciousness that are active and productive, and the parts that are detuned or positively disruptive. Functional consciousness strengthens the ability to make choices based on deeper awareness and assessment of interactions and relationships in both personal and professional life.

Wendy Myers: David is able to see energy, which enables him to guide people to connect to their combined subconscious and unconscious, to release embedded patterns of behavior with have restricted the participant’s ability to change life patterns. Once released, you’re able to reconnect to and open your personal energy fields for a more productive and synchronized life. This results in a stronger intuition and the ability to protect yourself from unhealthy relationships. And boy, don’t we all need that.

Wendy Myers: David Router is dedicated to helping others led more self-fulfilled lives, and reconnect with the deepest core of their being, through the systems of exercises he’s developed. Through individual and group sessions and workshops he’s helped countless others heal from the effects of psychoemotional, spiritual, and physical trauma, and regain the ability to lead their lives with inner peace and clarity.

Wendy Myers: David is a HeartMath certified trainer, founder of Reflective Body Mechanics, endorsed by Helping Parents Heal, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting bereaved parents, and is the author of Conversations Through My Soul of Presence. You can learn more about David at

Wendy Myers: David and Lilla, thanks so much for coming on the show.

Lilla Swanson: Sure.

David Router: Good to be here.

Wendy Myers: I’ve been wanting to do this podcast for so long, because I’ve been working with David for quite some time personally. We were doing weekly sessions for a period of time, and I was just helped so much by working with you, and taking measures to reduce my stress by protecting my energy field, and by working on my functional consciousness and all these other concepts that we’re going to discuss and clarify the benefits of on the show today. A focus of our show is going to be about relationship detox, so what is that exactly?

David Router: The biggest thing about detoxing is that everybody has all these forceful and stressful and very manipulative bits of energy that come at them, and people are so unaware that they’re really affected by so much of this energy, that it sort of pushes them around. Sometimes they think it’s theirs, but it’s really not theirs. Really this affects every type of relationship that we have, and especially our personal ones, because … Kids are the worst actually. They bring home so much junk from school, and you feel it straight away. Or the energy that they’ve picked up at school, it pushes them all around while they’re at school, and then they come home and they’re a mess because they’ve been picking up all this stuff, and then you take it on. Or especially in the workplace, you’ve accumulated this stress from everybody giving it to you at work, plus your spouse has it, and it comes home and it’s just like this big modge podge of stretch that’s pushing you around.

David Router: This is something that you found immediately when I pointed it out to you and I said, “You’re just taking on so much people’s stress.” And you said “Yeah, I am, but how do I do it? That’s one of the biggest things we worked on, because the biggest thing is that, as soon as we find any type of stress in our body, what happens is, it tends to detune us. Detuning is basically where your intuition and, if you imagine intuition, because it is a part, intuition is actually a consciousness, so we have lots and lots of different types of consciousness. As soon as we start to talk about consciousness everyone just thinks it’s one thing, but it’s not. It’s this huge body of different types of consciousness that we have. What happens is, they will split.

David Router: To give you an idea of what it looks like for me, because I can definitely see what energy looks like, and I can see what consciousness looks like, and when i look at somebody, you look a little bit like a circuit board where everything’s shorting out, and everything’s all going haywire, which means that all your messages are all becoming discombobulated, and it’s very hard then to pick the right message up. Because what happens is, imagine you’re going through your body and it picks up one vital message, but then it might miss a lot of the very vital parts. Then you get onto something that’s really got nothing much to do with you, because that could be a little bit of somebody else’s information that you’ve picked up there, but you think, “That’s really relevant, I’ve got to run with that.” And as you found, it’s like we make all these reactions and responses, but sometimes they’re completely wrong. Because as you’ve found, something that you thought was really important to you was somebody else’s crap basically.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. You’ve explained it to me whereby another person, say someone that cares about you or someone that doesn’t care about you, can be sending negative energy to you, or negative thoughts, and then you can kind of interpret that as, that’s your thoughts, or that’s your feelings.

David Router: Exactly.

Wendy Myers: And it can be this negative self-talk that some people are really just consumed by, that can really take over their lives. It’s something that they need to be aware of. That could be coming not from internal dialogue, but because other people are just sending this negative energy toward you. Or they could be sending positive energy toward you in the form of prayer, or just thinking about you, and all that gets into the collective matrix so to speak, and we receive that information, and it’s about being aware of that, and interpreting that, and even protecting yourself from that, being aware of it. You teach people tools to protect themselves from that so they can feel better and show up better in the world.

David Router: That’s the biggest thing. My work is basically making people bulletproof. Plus I want to show people that they have all these amazing little abilities. Because when you detune you forget about all the good stuff, we tend to go to the crap.

Wendy Myers: You focus on the bad thing.

David Router: We focus on what we don’t have. It’s a bit like, people say “How do you do this all day? You’re looking at people’s crap.” I say “No, I’m looking at where you have potential. I don’t look at the crap.” Because if I just looked at the crap, that’s what you get.

Lilla Swanson: Actually, to that point, I explain this to people a lot, the hardest thing for me to deal with when I started working with David was, I tried to … I was a very type A successful business person, and I tried to create plans and achieve goals and focus on tasks and measure tasks, and often times I set myself into a situation of expectations that were far below what I could actually receive. So even though I was moving forward and progressing and being successful, what I learned is that, if you just let everything go, and you show up every day, and you stay open and free, and you connect to your energy and your messages, what you will find is that you will say yes, and doors will open that you never even knew existed. Then the outcome is, at the end of the day you look back and say, “Wow, this is a better day than I could’ve ever planned for.”

Lilla Swanson: But staying in that mindset is very difficult for people, because you do one of two things. You either stay in this, it’s kind of like a flowing river, like you’re stuck behind a rock, and you’re stuck there and it’s a big obstacle, and whatever that obstacle is, it may be a relationship, it may be a child, it may be a partner, you’re just stuck there, and you’re trying to figure out how to get around it instead of just letting it go. And it’s so much easier to just let it go, and then you move around it, and then when you get to the other side you find things that you didn’t even expect to find. But staying open to that, and understanding that your consciousness, subconsciously, is available to you every day, to reach and access and have accessible access to it throughout the day. I meditate, do yoga, you do those things to get into this space where you have clarity and confidence in what you’re doing, and calmness.

Lilla Swanson: But when you do David’s work, and you are consistent and disciplined to it, it’s kind of like working out. Physically when you work out, when you work out every day, every day you feel stronger and you’re in better conditions. With David’s work it’s the same thing. Initially you’ll start to feel some change and some shifts, but the more you do it, the more you’ll progress. Then you wake up one day and realize that the way you live your life, and the things you’re attracting, and the things that have been released, are so significant that you don’t notice it on a day to day basis, much like working out. But after six months in you realize, wow, I’m in a much better position than I’ve ever been in.

Lilla Swanson: And because I’ve worked with David for a number of years, and I actually work to promote David, I have heard feedback from so many professionals and parents and spouses, and people in the business workplace, who realize that if you do this work, and you stay open, and you change our whole cycle of behavior, which is that you actually let go. Which very successful people have a difficult time doing, but you let go, and you stay focused on being present, and accessing and clearing up all those other messages that aren’t yours, and just reconnecting to yours, your daily life is so full of active consciousness at every moment that, when you interact with somebody, you immediate know, are they sincere, are they authentic, are they here to support me, or are they here-

Wendy Myers: Are they good for me.

Lilla Swanson: Right!

Wendy Myers: Or not.

David Router: That’s a big thing too, because before you talked about negative energy, and one of the things I teach people is how we use subtle energy. That’s one of the first things I sort of showed you Wendy… Because everyone is sort of pretty much aware when someone’s very negative. We just go “Just back off buddy.” But over-positive energy is actually where people, sort of like they’re over-nice, and they’re inviting you to join their band almost. That’s where they always manipulate you, and it is passive aggressive, basically. It starts out really nice, then it’s where people are over-nice to get you to basically come into line with what they want from you. It just means, once you learn how to use neutral energy, you’re very aware of what’s actually going on in the world. And we take notice of the little things rather than the big things, because the tiny little things are the ones that, all of a sudden, they all add together, and then you’re able to see the big picture. Because if you just start trying to look at the big picture you don’t see it. So it’s like looking at little soundbites.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. Once I started working with you, especially after that first session, I just felt this tremendous release of stressors, release of negative energy, it was very profound. And I just felt so much better, and I just really wanted to get your work out to so many other people out there that are just really not aware of this phenomenon, where this subtle energy, or doing energy work, or whatever it is that you want to call it, you call it functional consciousness, people need to be aware of this, that there’s other people’s thoughts and feelings and emotions and energy being directed at you. And we do it to other people too, we’re constantly thinking about other people, praying for them, like “Oh God I wish you would just go jump in a lake,” whatever you’re thinking. And that affects them, they feel it.

David Router: That’s why one of the biggest things I do is, I teach people that everyone has this one ability that they all … Sometimes people are aware of it, and some people do it amazing, and that’s called scanning. So everybody basically scans. It’s a bit like when you meet somebody for the very first time, they haven’t opened their mouth, they haven’t said a thing, and you’ve basically scanned that person, because we all do it, and we’ve scanned that person, and we’ve got so incredibly close to what that person was like. If we went back, say, in two years after first meeting that person, we’d realize that when we first scanned that person, we were so incredibly close. Every now and again we might miss some little traits, but hey, it was only a five-minute soundbite.

David Router: So everybody does this, but what I also teach people to do is how, instead of scanning everybody else, I teach you how to scan you so that you’re aware of what you’re actually putting out, what your message is saying. It also means that, everybody thinks that consciousness is all in the head. It’s not. Our whole physical body, our whole spirit body, has to be conscious. That’s the thing, when we scan we’re actually picking up what is consciously going on in that person, because we automatically pick it up. We’re wired for it. Different vibrations, frequency turns, and harmonics, we pick it all up. But where we’re closed off, we have what is like a really shallow vibration and frequency, and doesn’t really do much. But where we’re functional, it’s really long.

David Router: Also, where we use consciousness it tends to be, we use light. That’s something that, I’ve shown you how we actually work, and one of the biggest things is that it’s so simple to teach people. Because everybody’s actually wired for it, they just forgot about it. It’s one of the biggest things, is as you know, I teach everybody, this is going to be fun, don’t treat it like it’s a session, or don’t treat it like it’s over-complicated. What we’re going to do is, we’re just-

Wendy Myers: I always looked so much forward to working with you, because I would just feel this tremendous stress relief and relaxation after I’d do sessions with you. Because I really think so many of the benefits of learning about the work that you do, and employing it in your everyday life, it really helps people to eliminate burnout. They develop a stronger and greater awareness of their intuition, and confidence in their decision-making. Because you feel like you can sense what’s right for you and what isn’t, and tune out what doesn’t work, and focus in on what your path is supposed to be. And I just feel like you can prevent attracting chaos and toxic relationships.

Wendy Myers: Like for me, I don’t worry about that as much. I feel confident I’m going to choose the right relationships, or partnerships, or friends and what have you, and that can apply to your business as well as your personal life. And attracting people that support you and enhance your life rather than drag you down. I think it also can really bring a lot more calmness in your day, where you’re no longer attached to other people’s drama and dysfunction. There’s so many different benefits to doing this type of work, and it’s benefited me in all of the above ways.

David Router: For me, it gets sort of personal because I see the people change very quickly, usually. Obviously it’s been a bit harder for some people who have been on a lot of medication, but even those, once we show them how to wean off mediation, with their doctor and whatever, people change very rapidly, and they move very quickly. But the best thing is, especially for the lady of the house, because you’re the central pin in the household, so once you start doing this work your household tends to change quite a lot. Most households become calmer, and the kids, often when … They start communicating, basically. That’s the best thing. Most families start communicating, and I’ve had this feedback time and time again, where people have said their house is so much more calmer. People are starting to communicate with them.

David Router: But the biggest thing is, once you start to find your own conscious messages, you become incredibly more confident. If you’re confident, you’re strong. I mean the strength and the confidence, it all comes together. So if you’re strong and confident, it means that you tackle things, and sometimes things, where you would’ve let them just slide, and you’d say … Or you probably wouldn’t even notice them. That’s the other thing. Once you’re confident and you’re strong, you notice so many more things. Whereas before, “Never saw that before,” but that person could’ve been doing that for a year or years, and it just slid by you.

David Router: Now all of a sudden you notice that people are also tuned into you being a certain way. So you move quickly, but sometimes they’re left behind a little bit for a couple of weeks, until they realize you’re shifting, you’re moving totally differently, and I can’t get away with that crap that I used to. It becomes quite a shock to some families, because all of a sudden it’s like no … Because once you have confidence, and you’re strong, you don’t put up for crap. You have expectations, because it creates self-love. And that’s the biggest thing, and that’s why I love doing this work. Because people develop so much self love. It’s not being selfish. It’s like, you know what you’re worth, and you have expectations. And it’s like, you treat people with incredible amounts of love and respect, but you’ve got to expect that back. It has to be mutual.

Lilla Swanson: And to that point David, when you’re talking about the person, whoever in the household is doing the work, how it starts to impact everybody in the household, because you all overlap, you are a collective consciousness, or you’re in each other’s energy fields, or however you want to describe it, telepathically you’re connected to your children, to your spouse, you can’t spend that much time with each other and not overlap. So when the person starts to do the work, what I’ve seen, and I’ve seen it numerous times, and people come back and tell me all the time, is that they used to react to their children, they used to react to their spouse. And because they’re very grounded now, and they come from a place of being open, they actually act. So instead of the drama coming in and then reacting to it, which was an old behavior, the drama comes in and they stop it. They cut it off, and then they give those skills back to the other person about, wait a minute, is that really your issue? Is that really your problem? Why are you stuck there? So then the whole universe around you starts to move, and everybody starts to move with you, whether they’re doing your work or not.

Lilla Swanson: Right now a guy that’s working with David is a CEO, and he came to him because he thought that his intuition wasn’t as strong as it used to be because he’s had a lot of really complicated business dealings. A couple weeks ago he said “I feel really guilty taking this time for me, because I’ve got a family and kids.” He said, “But I just really realize that this time actually is for my family.” He said, “It took me two months to figure out that the time that I spend with David is as much for me as for my family. And I did it for business, but I see so many benefits to my family life now, that my entire family’s benefiting.” So often times we get so busy, you think, “I can’t do this for me.” Then you get to a space where you’re like, “I’m not just doing it for me, I’m doing it for everybody, and everybody’s not willing to do the work. So if I do the work then we all benefit.”

Lilla Swanson: And it’s pretty exciting, because you start to see all the people around you … Everybody shifts at different levels. People that work with David shift, people in your environment shift, but there ear so many people in my world that now work with David because they feel that I have helped them so much, that they want to go directly to the source. So it’s kind of exciting, because to your point, people think, “I can’t spend this time on me,” but the reality is, you spend your time on you, and you free up all these things for everybody else.

Wendy Myers: Yes. Can you mind telling us your story about how you found David, and the kind of work that you did with him, and how he helped you?

Lilla Swanson: Sure. In 2011 my 18-year-old daughter was on her way to college, and her car flipped, and she died instantly. And I have a son that, at the time my son was 12, and prior to that I had been a very successful and accomplished business person, and I had actually retired early in order to spend time with my children. So we were all very close, and it was devastating. Because again, as I said earlier, I came from a place of believing that I could do anything I set my heart to. I was very based in believing that, if you worked hard, and you had integrity, and you were good to people, and you treated them with respect, that you could achieve whatever you wanted. So this very much devastated me, because it was completely outside of my control, and certainly not something I ever expected.

Lilla Swanson: But my immediate reaction was that I needed to do something to help my son, because I didn’t want him to define his life path based on his sister, and that he was going to be an only child, and just all the ramifications of a 12-year-old boy. Because they were very very close. So I sought a traditional medical path, I went to psychologists and psychiatrists and grief counselors, and I wasn’t finding what I needed in order to get back to the life that I thought I could find for Pierce and myself. And of course Jim … I was most worried about Pierce at the time, and he gave me the strength to keep looking.

Lilla Swanson: Where I ended up finally was, I had a friend of mine who was very involved in the energy world, not something I was ever familiar with, but because I was so open, and desperate to find a path to reconnect, she sent me to a person that actually channeled energy. So I went to see them, and they were from Croatia, and I went to see them, and it was like going to the gas station. I would show up, and the guy would channel energy, and I would leave feeling better than I had ever felt since her death.

Lilla Swanson: After about three weeks of that I called my friend and I said, “This is really great, but I’m not really a person who likes to depend on people. I’m kind of the person who likes to do the work and do it myself, so I want to learn how to do this myself.” She said, “There’s a person in Australia that I know, but if you go to him, he won’t do it for you, and if you agree to do it with him, he’s going to hold you accountable. And if you don’t do the work, he’s really not a guy that wants perpetual clients. He’s somebody who believes his role is to come here and teach people to take control of their energy, to take control of their environment, and wants you to learn the skills, and then you’re done.”

Lilla Swanson: So I started working with David, and the first time I worked with him, I knew the next morning when I woke up that he definitely was going to be the person that would help me get there. I also knew that he was going to challenge me along the way, and there were probably going to be times that I would have great challenges. Because he expects people to show up all the time and do the work. So I did that, and then when I finally finished working with him, my daughter came to me in a dream and she said, “I brought you to David. I want you to bring him to the world.” So in her honor I set up a company called Heart and Soul Productions, and I took David to grieving parents, and an organization called Helping Parents Heal, which now endorses him, and he speaks at their international conference every other year, and he’s helped numerous grieving parents find a path back to enjoying their life again.

Lilla Swanson: Because the trauma of losing a child, like he was saying earlier, when you detune, you start picking up everybody else’s messages. The trauma of losing a child, you completely shut down. A lot of people completely shut down, because a parent invests so much energy into a child, and that love energy … It’s love energy, and so when you lose a child, that love energy goes with them, and so you feel a big hole in your energy field. It’s real. So learning how to detach from that, and bring your energy back, allows you to be fulfilled again. That big thing that was missing is back. And I know it for myself, and it was life changing.

Lilla Swanson: I was fortunate enough to have been retired, and to have the resources, and I also believe my entire career prepared me to work with David, and build a website, and get a message out. His information is complicated, I don’t come from his world, so trying to adapt that information to a place that, the world I come from, which is consumer products, made sense, was a challenge, but I’m really happy that I can work with him and bring him to people who are ready to experience whatever it is they feel they’re missing in life, whatever trauma.

Lilla Swanson: It’s interesting, because people are like, “That’s the worst thing that could happen to a person.” I don’t measure trauma at any level, like I don’t think this is worse than that. Trauma is trauma, whether you were in an abusive relationship, whether you lost a child, whether your work environment is debilitating. Trauma is trauma, and trying to find a way out of that place, and find joy again, and being able to sleep and enjoy the simple things in life, and embrace what we have here, every day I live in honor of Alex, and I’m grateful for what she brought me, and also the lessons that I’ve learned in this lifetime that I would’ve never learned without this. That’s not to say that I don’t miss her, but I’ve found a path to experience joy again in a way that I never expected.

Wendy Myers: I think so many people, if they’ve had any type of loss in their life, they just don’t know really how to recover from that, or how to let go.

David Router: Everybody invests in everything Wendy, as you know, and it’s one of those things that I showed you, it doesn’t matter who you are, you have a stream of investment where you invest your energy, you invest consciousness, you invest love. It’s the same in the workplace. And often we’ll throw good energy and good consciousness and good love at things that really, sometimes, we should cut. I mean there’s so many CEOs that I’ve worked with, and I said “Don’t make too many radical decisions for the next few days,” because I said, “You’re going to see where people are being efficient, where people are being …” People then have said, “Look, you’ve really helped me, because I hadn’t been very decisive in how a lot of the company had been going.” Then a lot of people, they’ve got rid of some people but brought other ones in who are way more competent at what they were doing. Or they got rid of the drama. Because one person can make a whole place toxic.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, absolutely.

David Router: Or even changing that person, just having a little bit of a chat to them and saying, “This isn’t on. I’ve let you get away with it up to here, but I’m not going to let you get away with it any more. You have to change. You have to fit in.” But it means that you move into your intuition. Because that’s the biggest thing with detuning, we have so many different types of intuition and instinct, and if we don’t use them, we circumvent a lot of very important decisions that we should be making in life. Yeah, I see that exaggerated often when I’m talking to CEOs and scientists, when they get back to me and say “I’ve never been so productive in my life, I’ve got more done in a week than I did in a month before.” But if they were to go back and look where they make those changes, it’s not sometimes big changes. Sometimes they’re small changes just here and there, but they have such a large effect.

David Router: And it’s the same in everybody’s relationship, because the biggest relationship we need to change, or complete, is yourself. Because what happens is, when we detune, our energy basically slows down. This is the energy within your consciousness. We need to defrag it, basically. Because one, it slows down. But in lots of places we have what is like a little energy cycle, and anywhere where we have an energy cycle that is open, or where your energy isn’t moving, creates a vacuum. So this is something everybody can understand. If part of your energy isn’t moving, or part of your consciousness isn’t moving then your life isn’t moving, but it does one thing, it creates a vacuum. And as soon as we create a vacuum, what happens, we suck up everything else that’s around us. Basically we become consumers. Which is something you found immediately. And when we don’t consume everybody else’s crap, we’re not taking on their point of view, we’re actually finding something, well that might be good for them, but it doesn’t really help me.

David Router: It means that, also, people with very busy heads, or they thought they were busy, because they were busy with other people, if you’ve got your consciousness and you’re taking on other people’s it means you’re ultra busy. Because we have these little cycles sort of going on in our head over and over, it’s like the little mouse on a wheel.

Wendy Myers: Like a toxic broken record.

David Router: Yeah. As soon as you delete that, it’s like “Oh my God, I can’t hear! It’s quiet!”

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I can relax, I can focus.

David Router: Yeah, and you don’t have all this crap going on in your head. All this drama, it just goes …

Wendy Myers: Yeah.

David Router: Then you can actually see what you need. It’s a beautiful thing to see people actually get to that point, and then it’s like wow, I can live again now. As soon as your head’s quiet, you actually see what’s needed. Because you can actually hear yourself. Because you’ve got to make you unimportant again, you’ve got to put you back into that picture of your life. Because most people don’t realize how much they’ve disconfigured the picture of themselves from their life. It’s like their life is looking at this, this, and this, and if someone said, “Where’s the picture of you in that,” sometimes there’s not. You don’t even come up. Everything that’s important, it’s like, “I’ve got to do great at my job …” Yeah, but what about yourself? It brings a lot of balance back into your life, doesn’t it.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, so how do you teach people to detox their relationships with themselves and others? Do you work one-on-one, is it a group coaching session, what does that look like?

David Router: I really enjoy working one-on-one for some very definite points, but everybody has much of the same thing. So it’s just as easy to work … In fact I find people work sometimes better as a group. So when I have eight or 10 people, or even when we do workshops, when we’ve got hundreds of people, people … It’s funny, I can see people linking up everywhere. And they all help each other, basically.

David Router: So what happens is, first we’ve got to make sure that, when you send a message, or information, through your body, we’ve got to make sure it goes through your whole body. So one of the first things we do is, we make sure that your information can go through your whole body and not just stay in your head. Because most people laugh when I show them how much their energy just stayed in their head and it wasn’t shifting. And I show people a very quick way on how to dump the energy of everybody else.

David Router: So when we use neutral energy, it does one amazing thing. It just looks out for you. It looks out for your personal energy. It’s about you, nothing else. It means I can’t influence it, nobody can influence it. As soon as you show people how to use neutral energy, it goes and finds the you. It also means that we’re also able to do … The biggest part that most people is, they don’t get feedback. You’re great at sending a message, but we don’t get the whole feedback. So when we have consciousness we’ve got to be able to send the message out, get feedback, and then we’ve got to be able to process it. In all areas of that, we’ve got to make sure that nobody is interfering. That’s one of the first things we do.

David Router: One of the other things that most people are unaware of is that, when we split, what happens is that part of your consciousness can actually go outside your body. It’s a strange thing, but I found this 30-odd years ago when friends came to meet me, and I looked at them really strange and they aside, “What’s wrong?” I said, “It’s like there’s a big ghost or something following you.” From that point on I realized that this wasn’t a ghost, it was people’s energy and it was people’s consciousness that was sitting outside them. It took me a while, this was 30 odd years ago. If you could imagine that your energy and your consciousness is sitting outside you as much as, so you’re split 50-50. Part goes deeper, into the deep subconscious, in your subliminal unconscious, and your other half will stay outside you. So when that energy’s sitting outside, it’s very easy for that to be manipulated, or pushed around, or pick up crap, basically. But the biggest thing is that, when our energy doesn’t move, and as I said before, we act like a vacuum. So everybody’s probably pretty aware that they have some people in their life who can’t wait to come and see you, and you just almost take on all their crap, and they drop all their drama on you, “Oh God, here they come again.”

Wendy Myers: This is what women do. They show up, “He did this, da-da-da, and she did that.” We just throw up all over each other, typically, with all of their drama.

David Router: Exactly.

Wendy Myers: Then they leave, and they’re feeling great, and you’re like …

David Router: They feel great and you feel like crap.

Wendy Myers: Geez!

David Router: Another way to think about this, and this is the way I articulate it to people, is, imagine that as a big wet sponge. But imagine all those coming onto you over your lifetime. We’re all not just 15 or 16 any more. Imagine how much you’ve developed over years, that’s a lot of crap sitting on you. So you’ve got all this energy and consciousness of other people, or forced mentality and behavior, and it’s just sitting on you. So as soon as we start to use neutral energy, we’re actually able to unwind it, which you felt. This is in the very first day. Because we’re only going with what you do basically in the first session or so. We release that.

David Router: So imagine how much you’ve picked up, imagine all the different places that you’ve gone to in your life. Imagine the workplaces, imagine where you’ve partied, and all the crap, going out partying. I mean we all haven’t been angels. Yeah? Even if you just went to church, there’s got to be crap there. Everyone’s got, doesn’t matter where you go, there’s crap. Everyone’s got a little agenda. So if that’s sitting on you, that means that your energy and your conscious doesn’t really have a space for you to be you. That’s pretty big, isn’t it. Really, as soon as you try and go out there, all you feel is … So as soon as you release that big weight of crap, you’ve got somewhere you actually have a space to be you.

David Router: What we’re doing is, we created an environment for you, so that you know you’re secure in that, which means that you can develop and you can grow, firstly and foremostly. It also means that we start to … Once we’ve shown you how to use neutral energy we move onto the next big thing, and that’s, we teach you how to use your intuitive energy and intuitive consciousness. As soon as we show you that, it does one of the biggest things in the world: it begins to show you that you have a spirit conscious. Because it’s the one that really drives everybody’s body. It’s got nothing to do with being religious or anything. It’s just, it’s plain, we have a spirit conscious, we take it from life to life, but it’s also the one that just drives us. It tells us, fundamentally, how our intuition works, how our instinct works, and we all know we rely on intuition. And if you ask all Forbes people, all the entrepreneurs, they’ve done lots and lots of studies, how’s everyone made their money, through intuition. You ask them, and that’s it

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and they make the right decisions, they make them at the right time …

David Router: It’s the same for everybody. And we all have different strengths. It’s just that we see that. But we all have different abilities in different areas. If we’re using our intuition in whatever strength it is, whether you want to be the best mom, you want to be whatever, you start to make the right decisions. But the biggest thing is, with intuition, it’s how we develop our consciousness. It’s also how we start to use … It’s like we start on what is our everyday consciousness, and you felt how your consciousness grew from just one small part to expanding, expanding, expanding, and all of a sudden you see, you’ve got all these opportunities, “I can do this, I can do that,” and so you move into it. Then life’s more fun. Because you find these opportunities. And you’re not seeing yourself as the small spectrum, you’re seeing yourself with the large spectrum. You have all these different availabilities, and you find all these things that are fun. So you actually move on with your life.

David Router: Everyone has trauma. Not just stress, trauma. Everyone’s had some trauma in their life. So when we start to use your spirit energy, we fix trauma. It’s how, one, I fixed Lilla. So when I met Lilla, you can imagine, she’s lost her eldest child. And to say how she looked, I’d say she looked like she was dead. For all the people I’ve taken a shot of, I should’ve taken a screenshot of her. I should’ve taken that with a lot of people. Because I’ve worked with Helping Parents Heal and things like that, they’re just extreme cases, but it’s extreme loss. And these people come to see me, they’re shaking. They’ve basically been shaking since they had that trauma, and they’ve still been shaking, sometimes five and eight years later.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and you work with people also with addictions that are, they’re trying to cover up the pain, and they just don’t know any other way, it’s a coping mechanism.

David Router: Exactly. You’ve lost your job and things like this, and they have this problem. So as soon as I start to use your spirit energy, all of a sudden people start to smile. It’s the most beautiful thing. Once I say that, I’d almost do this work for nothing sometimes, just to see that. Because it’s the most beautiful thing to see somebody transform from somebody who’s an absolute mess, and you see this person come out, and they start to smile. As soon as they smile it means that their consciousness has made a full cycle. It means that they know how to send their energy through their body, they know how to bring their feedback through, and it gets to their processes.

David Router: Not all your processes are in your head, but you find that there’s lots of … Because it’s cellular memory we have processes all through our body. But people turn on, and they find how to use all these different types of conscious. Which means that you become stable. You’re not entirely fixed, but hey, you’ve got a point you can start form. And that’s the biggest thing. That’s why the first time I help people it’s often for a couple of hours. Because I’m not about to leave somebody until they’re stable. That’s one of the biggest things. Once you’re stable, then you can get used to being stable. Because it’s a big change, it’s a vast change. And if you’ve been in a state of trauma for a while, it’s a big shock to move from trauma back to being stable again.

Lilla Swanson: Wendy, when you were talking about, asking about, how does he teach people this, like I said earlier, part of what I’ve been trying to do is take what I learned and adapt it into a way that I understand it. David’s work, it’s understanding that we all have … It’s very easy to know when we hurt ourselves physically, so we go to see a physical therapist, or we go to see a trainer. When you say “How does he teach you,” well how does a physical therapist teach you to be able to walk again on your knee after you had an ACL? It’s a series of exercises. His exercises are energy exercises, so it’s a little bit different to understand. Versus when you talk to people about physical exercises that bring you back to physical health, these are consciousness exercises that bring you back to conscious health.

Lilla Swanson: And the conscious health, which attaches to the spirit or the consciousness, or what I call intuition, I look at it as like a router. Which I always think is funny, that that’s his name. A router sends a signal, and if you have a bad signal, or you don’t have good upload or download speed, you don’t get the information you’re seeking. So it’s the same in working with the consciousness and the energy that David does. He helps you clear up and strengthen your signal and improve your software, so that when you download information, you upload at a very high speed, so you’re getting your messages more rapidly, and then you get stable, and you start to feel like, “I know what’s going on in my life. I know what decisions I’m making.” Versus seeing that spinny thing on your screen when you’re seeking for something and you just don’ t have the speed to get the data.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, or “Maybe I should dump my boyfriend,” or whatever the case may be.

David Router: We’re pretty similar to a computer. When you look at our energy, we’re so similar.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. And you teach exercises, like once you stabilize people, you give people a exercise to do in the morning, in the evening, that, I don’t want to say tai chi, but it’s almost kind of like that, this exercise to help ground you, to help protect your energy, and remain stabilized, correct?

David Router: That’s right. The biggest thing I’m showing people is, it’s not like a normal grounding. I call it a grounding but it’s really an activated grounding. So it’s not like earthing, or just walking out in the sand or on the grass. Because you can do this anywhere, you can be on the 50th floor of a building and do it, it doesn’t matter where or when you do it.

David Router: First thing in the morning is, I teach people how to ground so their energy moves, and that’s the biggest thing. We have to keep your energy moving. So what we do is, we activate your energy. So after a while you do this automatically, your energy just activates automatically. But you have to start teaching it. You’ve got to train it to move. And then all of a sudden it does it all the time. But the other thing is that, once you start to activate your energy, something amazing happens. You start to see the potential that you have. Because you have all these different parts of consciousness that are sort of loping along, they’re not really, really functioning. So all of a sudden, as you start developing the energy, all of a sudden you start to see that you’ve got all these different potentials and possibilities. And that’s why every day I ask people to do a certain grounding. Boy, it takes a whole three minutes, it takes a long time.

Wendy Myers: You just have to do it.

David Router: Yeah. Even for people who haven’t done the work, it can help somebody to even just connect to that.

David Router: Also, at night time we have a different exercise, and it’s basically so that you can calm your body down, so that you can become extra flexible. Because during the day we’re activating, but at night we want to heal ourselves. This is so that you can stabilize your consciousness and just allow it to heal, so that we become ultra quiet, which means that we can of course go in beautiful sleep. And we all need that sleep every day, because our mind has to become nice and quiet, then we can sleep.

Lilla Swanson: I want to add one thing to that, because a friend of mine brought this up to me that worked with David, who’s in the financial world. He said that he was going into what he knew was going to be a very challenging meeting, very stressful meeting. It was a meeting with a client, and they were trying to reach a negotiable deal point, and it had become very stressful. He said, “So on my way into the meeting I thought, I’m going to ground, and I’m going to just try and create a neutral environment for myself, so when I go into this I don’t act or react, I just try and sit and find a solution.” He said, “So I did it. When I walked into the room it was incredible, because the entire room shifted. Because I didn’t come in with an expectation or a position, I came in very neutral because I had just grounded. The whole room, I could feel it, it just shifted, and everybody kind of relaxed, and they all kind of took a deep breath. And we sat down, and in 20 minutes we’d cleared everything out, and we all left satisfied. It was the most powerful thing I’ve ever experienced in business, and something that I would have never expected to do, except I was just so consumed with the expectations of this meeting, I thought, ‘I’ve got to just release everything.'”

Lilla Swanson: So I can work that-

David Router: Sometimes I forget all the things I tell people.

Lilla Swanson: I remember.

David Router: That guy [crosstalk 00:56:38] to actually do that in meetings, because what happens is, then when you move into a meeting like that, it also means that people don’t have that expectation that you’re going to come all of a sudden, “You’ve got to do this, ro you’ve got to do that, or you’re going to miss an opportunity.” It’s just like, you move in there, it allows for an opportunity to happen.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, when there’s no ego or manipulation or power trip, it’s just, “I’m present, and let’s do this.”

Lilla Swanson: And it’s helpful in a parenting situation as well. Because having been your parent, I am a parent. Kids have the ability to absolutely come in hard, with a position or an idea or a reaction, and often times, in preparation for a discussion that I know is not going to be well received for my child, I will ground, get calm-

Wendy Myers: Get ready for battle.

Lilla Swanson: Right, although I used to go in all ready for bat, like okay-

Wendy Myers: “I’m going to overpower them,” yeah.

Lilla Swanson: “I’m the parent!”

Wendy Myers: Yeah.

David Router: It doesn’t work.

Lilla Swanson: Doesn’t work. Usually exploded. Not that this is always the perfect outcome, but I find that it is a lot more constructive of an outcome, because I go in a lot more neutral and willing to listen, instead of react. I stay focused on actions that are constructive, and teachable moments. And we say that, but a lot of times, when there’s a lot of drama, and there’s a lot of anxiety around your child about something that you believe they should’ve not done, and that you’re unhappy about, or I was unhappy about, we come in kind of fully-loaded. Taking a step back and grounding and releasing all that, and then just coming in, can change the dynamics of that relationship as well.

David Router: We have that actually on our website, how to ground, but at the end of this podcast we can actually show people, if we’ve got time.

Wendy Myers: Why don’t you just tell us where people can find you, and work with you, and learn all of the tips about functional consciousness and detoxing the relationships? How do they go about working with you?

David Router: We have a website, Eventually we’re going to have a special for your clients, just for you. Because we’ve loved working with you as well. And it’s just a special, just for those, so if they go to, they’ll find a fair bit of information. Also, there’s a couple of exercises there, isn’t there.

Lilla Swanson: Yeah, there’s a couple videos of activated grounding and an overview of what it is. Then David also does, as you can see behind him, he channels energy art, and you can go to the art page and you click on any piece of art that appeals to you, and then there’s an activation code of what your subconscious is asking for. Then there’s also a lot of really good information for people in the healthcare industry. There’s a woman named Dr. Beverly Kune who is a dean of the Naturopathic School in New Mexico, and she’s also a naturopath, and she worked with David, and said that she had been in a car accident when she was young, and it was the first time in her life that she could actually start getting clarity in her intuition. So she wrote a curriculum for him, which is on his website, and we’ve had healthcare providers who attend his workshop get CEU credits.

Lilla Swanson: Because it’s a well known fact that in the healthcare arena there’s something called countertransference, where you actually pick up your client’s emotions, and it impacts, and that’s why a lot of people in the healthcare industry become burned out or have difficulty, because they come home, because they’re empaths, which are highly sensitive, and they bring that stuff home. So that curriculum kind of helps you understand scientifically what David does, which is why Beverly gave it to him as a gift, so that people understand from a science perspective what this work does and why it works, and that it’s legitimized. It’s just a good educational landing site, David’s website is, but as he said, we have a landing page that’ll identify a couple of workshops, some video conferencing workshops, for your clients that will be four sessions, and then they could add on a private at the end if they want.

David Router: Talking about Beverly’s, it was actually interesting for me, because when we had all this scientific instruments come, and all the data, it was really interesting because it could see exactly where people’s energy was all fractured. You looked and you could see all these holes. And she said it was amazing, everyone just, their whole energy all closed up. Then they were all whole and solid. She said she’s never seen it before, it was incredible. She said that’s why she wanted to write the curriculum, because she could notice how strong people’s consciousness was actually getting. It was just, even from our perspective … It’s nice to see the scientific data just backing up what you’re doing.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. I highly, highly recommend that anyone listening to this do the package with David, to a one-on-one session with David, and just feel the results for yourself. Because I’ve been working with you, really, over a year, and I feel like I made such a tremendous amount of progress. I was going through a lot of stressors a year ago. I had sold my home, and I wasn’t feeling well, and going through a lot of trauma and changes on a number of levels, and I just felt really overwhelmed and stressed and things like that, and your work really changed things for me. I really turned a corner, and really felt like I was able to find peace, and listen to what it is that I wanted, not all these people pulling me for what they wanted, what their agenda was, and really listen to what I needed. And I was able to make the changes, and make good decisions for myself, and today I’m reaping the rewards of that. I feel super super happy, super confident. I wake up in just an amazing mood, very very clear, and it’s really been largely in part to the work that I’ve done with you, so I wanted to thank you for helping me with that.

David Router: You’re welcome. I enjoy working with you. But also the groups move incredibly quickly too. You don’t always just have to work with me one-on-one. Sometimes if you’ve got a specific problem it’s worth it, but sometimes, even if you work with me in a whole group, because we tackle a lot of the same things that basically everybody has, just maybe in a little bit different genre, so that you might have this, but it still relationships to you, you know what I mean. It doesn’t matter, this work covers very vast tracts of what everybody has, and it hits a lot of things head-on, so that it doesn’t matter what field you’re in, we’re going to tackle it, basically.

Lilla Swanson: Yeah, and you don’t have to work one-on-one with you, and also you don’t have to be in person. We work over Zoom, we work over the internet.

David Router: It was really funny … Even Lilla, I’d never met her for ages until I went for a trip to the states, and I thought, I had so many clients in the states, I thought, I’d better come and, I was going for a trip, I thought it’d better come and say hello to a few of them. It was really nice to actually meet somebody in person, because I had Lilla all fixed before I ever met her in person.

Lilla Swanson: Yeah.

Wendy Myers: Had her all fixed up.

Lilla Swanson: I know it’s odd, because he lives in Australia, and people in the international community, because he’s got a lot of clients in the EU and in Asia, they’re used to working on video conferencing, that’s how they operate, that’s how they do business. Americans really don’t do that. So to work with him via video conference was strange for me, but now that I’m very involved in his business, we’re like the only people … It’s like we’re not on the metric system.

Wendy Myers: Yeah.

David Router: It’s funny, even talking to lawyers in the states, how about we talk on Zoom, or how about we talk on Skype? “No, we haven’t got it.”

Lilla Swanson: But it’s so easy to do. Even if someone’s noncompete or savvy, you click a button and then the screen opens up and you start talking. It’s the easiest thing. My point was that you can be anywhere in the world, any smalltown United States, you can do group coaching with David or work one-on-one with him.

David Router: That’s right, it doesn’t matter where you are.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, and so David, you’re kind of an unlikely energy worker. How did you get into this? What is your story? Why are you today now working with people in teaching them about functional consciousness?

David Router: My background is that I was a chef, but as a child, I could always see energy as a child, and luckily my mother was a little bit open, and open to what I did. So it’s one of those things that I just never turned off. It got to a point once when I was starting to tell … Because I used to be very clairvoyant in a lot of things until I detuned that, and I didn’t want to know a lot of things. Because I was telling friends, “You’d better go ring your mother, because she really needs to talk to you straight away.” I said, “She’s got a problem.” I knew that lady was about to pass over, so I thought, hell, you’d better start ringing her up. But that sort of information I didn’t really want to know, when someone’s passing over and that sort of thing. But eventually I detuned out of that, and I started to return into how I could just help myself become … Because I used to be over highly sensitive. So that’s how I-

Wendy Myers: There’s a lot of people out there that are, they’re very very sensitive, and debilitated.

David Router: Yeah, I was so … I had a point where it was very hard for me to be in large crowds all the time, and it was driving me crazy, and I started using my own intuition and I got a lot of help. I got guided on where this is, and where that was, and certain things, and I’ve had lots of … I could share a lot of stories, but one that comes to mind is that I got sick of being a chef, so I bought a concrete truck business. Because I’d been an executive chef for quite a number of years, and I just didn’t want to deal with staff any more. Having hundreds of staff, you just don’t want it any more.

David Router: So it was probably about eight months after I bought that truck, and I was driving down the highway Friday afternoon for a long weekend, and all of a sudden all the traffic in front of me just stopped. I mean stopped on a pinpoint. And when you’re doing 100 kilometers an hour in a concrete truck you can’t pull up in two seconds. I didn’t have enough braking area to go. What happened was that I looked over to the left where they were building another road, because I was going to go work on a bridge, and in front of me there was these kids on bikes who were riding around Australia. So if I kept going I was going to kill these kids, and there was also families in all these cars, so I was going to smash into them and God knows how many people I’d kill.

David Router: So as soon as I said “I can’t hurt anybody,” I turned my truck, went down this embankment to where the road was being built on the other side. If you looked where I drove down … I mean concrete trucks are topheavy, and this thing, as soon as I did that I went straight out of my body, and I’m looking at this truck going from side to side, thinking, “Why isn’t this thing falling over?” And it just kept going, and as it got up to the other road it sort of just … I thought, “What’s happening here?” Then that’s when I was sucked back into my body. And that was one of the strangest things that ever happened to me in my life. There was a full out of body experience. So I could feel myself putting the foot on the break, and then finally putting the break on and stopping, and hopping out of the truck and thinking, “This thing’s going to be a wreck.” I hopped out of the truck, there was nothing happened to it. Nothing. If you looked at where I’d driven over, there was no way I should’ve been able to drive. It was huge boulders. That’s when I heard my grandfather say, “You’ve got to do what you’re meant to do Dave.” That’s when I decided, yeah, I’m going to do it, and I’ll just concentrate on this.

David Router: Getting back to the question, I found that there were so many different things that I knew that I could help people with. There was a couple of friends who’d experienced their loved ones’ suicide, so I helped them with that. There was a lot of highly sensitive people. But it just developed from bit then bit. Ever since that day I’ve basically got, it’s like I’m sat down and I’m taught, every day. And if you ask Lilla, every day I’ve got new information about something. And over the years it’s a lot of information, so once you gather up all that information you’re able to help people in a lot of different fields, and you help people with burnout. You help nurses and doctors and teachers all be able to go to work and enjoy their jobs. Like-

Lilla Swanson: PTSD.

David Router: PTSD and people like that. There’s also people who’ve … I’ve had lecturers who absolutely hated their job because, same thing, countertransference. They’re picking up all the crap, the university kids. He sent me a thing, “How did I get my mojo back?” He said, “I don’t like life any more.” And it was pretty funny that his secretary said, “What’s wrong with you,” because he came in whistling and singing as he came down the hallway. And he said, wow. And from then on he enjoyed doing what he was doing, and then he could do his job without that interference.

Wendy Myers: A lot of people have that experience, where they are feeling like their life is blessed, they’re doing things that they used to love, and they have a relatively good life, but just aren’t understanding why they don’t feel joy, why they don’t feel happiness.

David Router: That’s right, and it follows over all genres. I’ve worked with people from all kinds, from blue collar workers up to people who, they’re billionaires or whatever. And some of the most unhappy people, sometimes the people who have the most but can’t see what they have, because they’re too busy in other areas. It doesn’t matter what level you are, everyone’s got different things that you can find the joy of life back again. Because we do that to ourselves, and one of the biggest relationships we need to foster is, find that relationship with yourself. Because how can you love somebody else properly or find that right partner if you can’t have that relationship with yourself. Because otherwise we make the same mistake when we go to the next relationship.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. Repeat the same patterns.

David Router: Yeah. How often do you see friends saying, “Oh no, they’re doing it again.”

Wendy Myers: Never!

Lilla Swanson: To that point, when you were talking about when you’re missing something, because I see that a lot with people, and they overcompensate. They think, “If I buy this car, or if I take this trip, or if I have this work done, or if I buy this, or if I have more money, or if I am in better shape …” It’s all these external messages, which demonstrates that they’re picking up all these external messages. Because the internal messages aren’t being achieved, or accessed, and that’s really what they’re missing. What they’re missing is that internal message. So by clearing up your messages, you get that internal message, and the internal message is love. It’s self love. And that’s what creates that ability to be so confident and happy and joyful. Because that thing you were missing was loving yourself, and once that happens you start to attract real love. Because you love yourself, and you attract people who really love you, versus all these exterior messages that aren’t yours.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. And spending all your time chasing after things that are empty, money or sex or drugs, or just the company of people that are beneath you, or that don’t serve you. You don’t need that extraneous stuff any more when you’re centered.

David Router: No, you find the people who are … So many people have said they’ve cut certain people out, but they’ve all been replaced by more people who are more genuine. It’s getting rid of the fake. Not everyone’s-

Lilla Swanson: I think that actually happens organically with your work. Like I look back and think, I did lose a lot of my friends along the way, or people that I would say now are probably more like acquaintances that I thought were friends. But I lost them. It’s not like I cut them off, it’s like they just didn’t keep showing up because I wasn’t there to let them dump on me, and to let them come in and take my energy and then go away. I was so protected, they weren’t getting what they wanted any more and so they left. Then it opened up space for people who were attracted to who I was, which was somebody who wanted to support them, and they supported me, and it was just a lot cleaner relationship, and a lot healthier relationship. And I’m alone a lot more than I ever used to be, but I’m never lonely.

Wendy Myers: Wait a second, is that what happened to me? All my friends bailed. Like, where did they go?

David Router: The thing is, always friends.

Lilla Swanson: [crosstalk 01:16:35] look at that, you just have to say, “Are you happy”.

David Router: Always friends, they always want to take and take, and that’s one of the biggest things we show you, is that everyone has been often giving and giving and giving, but instead of just … If you give and give and give, you get to the point where the cupboard’s bare.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. I’ve had a few friends kind of just go their own way, and there wasn’t any kind of conversation or … People that I was really close to were kind of … But new people have come in, and other people have gone their own way. It’s just like an energetic thing, when you’re really centered, and you’re shining your light out in the world, and you’re ascending, so to speak, some people just kind of naturally don’t fit in that panorama any more.

David Router: Most people are [crosstalk 01:17:37]

Wendy Myers: Paradigm.

David Router: They don’t really tell anybody else what’s going on in their life. They’re very quiet about it, and they just do their stuff, and they just notice what goes on. Because you just want to see what’s happening. Sometimes people view this as like their own little personal experiment, and they just want to see the changes before they tell anybody all about it. And often most people don’t actually tell people that they’ve been working with me for quite a while, and people just say, “Hmm. You’ve changed such a lot. How come you’re so much more happy?”

Lilla Swanson: Yeah, “What’s wrong with you? What are you on?”

David Router: Where do we get it? Where do we buy it?

Wendy Myers: Well, just go to David, thanks for coming on the show and kind of explaining to us, giving us a little snippet of what it is that you do. Because it’s not an easy concept really to wrap your head around, but it is something you unlearn over time, you have a book, you’ve got videos on your website, you’ve got the group classes. I highly recommend everyone, if you feel like you want more out of your life, feeling overwhelmed, feeling stress, and you’ve tried a lot of different things and really aren’t getting the results that you want, I highly recommend going to David’s site and trying it for yourself. So go to, David R-O-U-T-E-R dot com, and they’ve got a special on there for my listeners.

Lilla Swanson: Thanks Wendy.

David Router: Yeah, thanks Wendy.

Wendy Myers: Thanks for coming on.

David Router: Great talking to you.

Wendy Myers: And everyone, thanks for tuning in to the Myers Detox Podcast. Every week we talk about everything related to heavy metal detoxification, but also energy work and energy medicine at times, bioenergetics, and the latest biohacking techniques, and things that I’m doing that have dramatically improved my life as well, like working with David. So thanks for tuning in, and I’ll talk to you next week.