#352 Best Ways to Combine Infrared Sauna, Ozone, and Red Light Therapy for Optimal Detox with Robby Besner


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  1. Find out what’s in store for this Myers Detox Podcast with Robby Besner, founder of Therasage, who joins us to talk about how to create an optimal detox regiment using infrared saunas, ozone therapy, and red light therapy.
  2. Robby started his journey in health when his daughter contracted Lyme disease, and began to researching the best methods for detox. Learn more about how Robby came to found Therasage.
  3. As the world becomes more toxic, our body is becoming more burdened in its effort to detox them, leaving our immune systems at risk. One of the best ways to combat this is through sweating by the use of infrared saunas. Learn more about Robby’s advice for improving immunity and detoxing.
  4. Infrared saunas are unique because they produce a wavelength of light that does not heat the ambient air, and instead goes through the insulating layer of fat in your body, activating the water inside of us and restructuring that water. Find out all the benefits one can find by doing infrared saunas.
  5. Robby stacks detox methods in order to create efficient detox regiments. One of the things he became fixated on is what he could combine to make a 30 minute detox session as optimal as possible. Learn about the methods and therapies he combines.
  6. One of the most important things Robby focuses on is allowing your body to get more oxygen when you are doing an infrared sauna. Find out what devices he uses to do this.
  7. It can often be difficult to determine the causes of the health issues that you may be having. One of the benefits of using an infrared sauna is that it can provide some of the necessary elements that your body needs to rebound. Learn about what health issues infrared saunas can be a benefit for.
  8. Robby sells an ozone bubbler that has several key uses around the home and for health. Learn more about what this device can be used for.
  9. You can learn more about Robby and the products he developed at www.therasage.com
  10. Get a special 10% off on the Robby’s amazing detox products! Just CLICK HERE and use code MYERSDETOX at checkout!


Wendy Myers: Hello everyone. I’m Wendy Myers of myersdetox.com. Welcome to the Myers Detox Podcast. Today we have my really good friend, Robby Besner, on the show. We’ll be talking about how and why to stack infrared saunas, ozone and red light therapy. It’s a very interesting show. I want to talk about all the benefits of infrared saunas: why you want to use them to detox, exactly how they work, what are they doing to detox you, why adding ozone can help to oxygenate your tissues and how the heat from the sauna can help you absorb the ozone 10 times better than without the heat.

Wendy Myers: We’ll talk about all the benefits of ozone and why so many people are oxygen deficient in their tissues today. We’ll also talk about red light therapy and how that’s really powerful to reduce inflammation and to charge up your mitochondria. Mitochondria work by light and a lot of people don’t get light therapy from the sun, whether it’s out of season or they don’t see much sunlight. A lot of people’s health suffers as a result of that. We’ll also talk about the benefits of stacking all three of these really beneficial therapies together, so you can do them at the same time. It’s almost like doing a detox training circuit, but you’re doing them all at the same time to save money and help to potentiate each other. It makes each modality more effective by using them together.

Wendy Myers: There will be more on that, on the show today. I know you listeners are really concerned about the heavy metal load or toxin load in your body, and how that’s affecting your health. I created a quiz that you can take. It only takes a couple of minutes. You can take it at heavymetalsquiz.com. After you take the quiz, you get a free video series that answers all of your most frequently asked questions about what type of toxins you see on heavy metals tests. What is the best test to take for heavy metals? What are the supplements that you should take that are ideal for detoxing?

Wendy Myers: Where do you get started when it comes to detoxification? How long does it take? All these questions that so many beginners have, will be answered in this free video series. Again, you can take the quiz at heavymetalsquiz.com. Our guest today, Robby Besner, is CEO and Chief Science Officer of Therasage.com. He has always been an advocate for natural health and wellness. After graduating from Boston University in pre-med, engineering, psychology and business, he continued on to postgraduate work at Case Western Medical School and Holistic Medicine.

Wendy Myers: After many years of illness, Mr. Besner’s daughter was diagnosed with Lyme disease. This began his mission to find alternative holistic and homeopathic avenues of treatment. He discovered the natural healing effects of infrared frequencies and began developing specialized devices and applications to help his daughter with her health challenges. When he saw the positive results, he felt compelled to share what he had discovered. He formed Therasage.com, which is recognized as the leader in integrated infrared technology. Therasage has built a reputation within the healthcare community as well as the public, by educating and creating special cutting edge applications and protocols.

Wendy Myers: Robby is: a professor at the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, annual contributor at the World Committee on Infrared, a member of the Education Committee of the Hippocrates Health Institute, a presenter at many medical integrative and anti-aging health conferences, a contributor on podcasts and online summits, on radio and TV shows around the world, a bestselling author and considered a leading scientist in the field of integrated infrared technology. Robby Besner continues to research and develop new applications to bring the power of healing with nature to the world. You can learn more about Robby and his amazing biohacking products, as well as tools and tips that he developed, at Therasage.com. Robby, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Robby Besner: Oh my! I love coming on your show, Wendy. It’s my favorite thing to do, so thank you for having me.

Wendy Myers: Robby, tell us how you got into health. You have an amazing website, Therasage.com, and you have so many amazing biohacking tools to improve health on there. The things that you’re creating and offering to the world are really interesting. How did you get started in this?

Robby Besner: Frankly, I guess we started hacking before that word hacking became fashionable. It really started about 20 plus years ago when my oldest child, my daughter Julia, contracted Lyme disease. It was chronic Lyme. With my having a healthcare background in pre-med and all that, we found a really great Lyme literate doctor. Twenty-two years ago, there weren’t that many available but we found who was considered the best of the best. He managed Julia’s healthcare. He was located up north in New York  and we were down south in Florida.

Robby Besner: We would travel up to see him. Then the notion came into my mind that you see your practitioner to help manage, or give you a protocol or a methodology to try to help you get back to good health. Ninety-nine percent of the time, you’re basically managing your own health personally or with the help of your family and those around you. When I looked at my daughter’s symptoms, she was expressing very high levels of toxicity, inflammation and pain. I looked at those and figured out that the one that resonated and I was able to actually sink my teeth into, so to speak, was the area of toxicity.

Robby Besner: When I started looking at best methods to detox, I discovered that there are actual frequencies of sunlight called the infrared spectrum, that can actually mobilize that vibration bioresonance or the vibration that comes into the body. It actually shakes up and mobilizes all these toxins that are inside of you. Here I thought that I found the holy grail, but little did I know that it was like being a computer programmer. You find one door and you open that door, then you find out that there’s five more doors behind that. Basically, that’s been my journey with Therasage.

Robby Besner: I went to China and I started developing devices, because at that time 22 years ago, infrared technology really wasn’t used in the mainstream. It was mostly used by sports medicine doctors to help players heal faster, lower pain thresholds and to get back on the field. I started developing some devices for home use, for my daughter. The team of doctors that Julia was working with at that point, saw that she was getting some real results. They asked for us to start making these devices for them and their practices. That was really the genesis of our company. It’s been quite a journey because as we’re discovering different ways to enhance our platform, it’s giving us an opportunity to really make a big difference in people’s healthcare. It’s really a healthy and natural platform that we have created with our devices.

Wendy Myers: I just love the devices that you have created. You have so many interesting products that meet a whole range of needs. We’re going to talk about a few today on the show. Right now, so many people are focusing on their health to improve their immunity. A lot of people are taking supplements and trying to eat a little bit better. What are they missing when it comes to improving immunity?

Robby Besner: The immune system is pretty complex. There are a lot of facets to it. We have these filtering systems like our kidneys, our liver, our pancreas and our large intestine. These mechanisms and systems were all designed to pull toxins out of the body. The problem is, moving forward, the world around us is getting very toxic. Once you start to get these toxins in your body, it’s like sludge. They start to build up because your body’s ability to get rid of them starts to diminish. Then these organ systems start working overtime and they get tired. Basically, they become less efficient which makes your body more toxic on the inside.

Robby Besner: Wendy, we’re like biofilters. We breathe in air, drink water and eat food that has chemicals or toxins of some sort in it. Then, these organs designed to filter out actually do a good job. They filter all this stuff out but they’re working overtime. One of the mechanisms that I just love because it’s one of the most efficient ways to get toxins out, is through sweating. What’s become very popular is one of the applications that we make. It’s a portable infrared sauna that’s full spectrum.

Robby Besner: It harnesses the full range of the infrared spectrum of light frequencies. Then the body grabs it and interprets it really well, because it’s natural. It’s natural sunlight. I always like to reflect on our ancestors. Eight thousand years ago, during the days of Moses, Jesus and Buddha, we were living in caves on the land. We were hunting. We were out all day using these natural resources. Of course, the world was less toxic then too. We were able to harness the interaction of sunlight to create that healthy platform.

Robby Besner: These days, particularly if you’re living in a metropolitan area, we’re stressed with our work, we get in our cars and we commute. When and if we get back to normal where we’re commuting to work, we’ll be going from our air-conditioned home to our air-conditioned car to our air-conditioned office, in Florida anyway. All of this doesn’t give us the opportunity to get back in sync with nature. What I try to do with our devices, philosophically, is infuse various different components of nature like infrared spectrums.

Robby Besner: We take gemstones like natural Tourmaline and we infuse it into the materials in our sauna, so that you’re getting the frequencies. It’s basically like turning back the clock. What that does and how that transforms the body is what I call the beach ball effect, Wendy. If you’ve ever gone to the beach or a pool and you take a beach ball and push it under the water, it’s just going to pop up and spring back to life. That’s really what happens with our bodies, honestly. When you get grounded to the earth and you start giving your body nutrients and the natural energies from nature, the way that the body tunes up and comes back to true form and wellness is truly miraculous. I’m amazed every day.

Wendy Myers: When you say that our bodies become like sludge with all the toxins that are in it, it reminds me of one time when I had a doctor tell me that my blood looked like sludge. I think because I had so many infections and other things going on, that my blood was dark and thick. That definitely changed with the power of detoxification and using infrared saunas. You’ve developed a really unique infrared sauna. I was really intrigued by this, that’s why I wanted to have you on the show. It has a lot of bells and whistles, and in fact, you stack ozone with it as well.

Wendy Myers: I like that idea where you’re stacking different types of modalities, to save time and to potentiate the others, making them more effective. The ozone can make an infrared sauna session more effective as long as you’re spending the time. You also have other things that you can add into your infrared sauna, but why don’t we just talk about the sauna itself? Why is it important and what are some of the benefits of using an infrared sauna?

Robby Besner: Well, there are a few different sauna choices. People traditionally look at the hot rock saunas from Sweden and that kind of thing. There’s the dry heat ones and then there’s the steam room. Those use what’s called convection heat. The elements heats up the ambient air, it touches your skin and then it warms up your skin surface. Eventually it gets inside and raises your core temperature a little bit, enough to cause you to sweat. What’s different about infrared saunas and certainly the full spectrum approach that we took, is that although it’s a wavelength, a sun wavelength, it does not heat up the ambient air.

Robby Besner: It actually goes right through the insulating layer of fat, right under your skin, that protects your insides from extreme heat or extreme cold. When it comes to sunlight, it turns out that there is a certain wavelength within the infrared spectrum that actually harmonizes with the water or resonates at the same frequency as the water inside of our bodies. There’s a pretty famous PhD doctor named Dr. Gerald Pollack who wrote a whole thesis about the fourth phase of water. He identifies this in his book, which is truly amazing and totally inspired me.

Robby Besner: We had an opportunity to actually have a private audience with Dr. Pollack. What he discovered was something about a certain ray in the infrared spectrum. When it comes through the skin, it actually 3. That’s a very interesting mechanism because what he discovered was that the structured water inside of every patient that he saw in clinic, where the water was structured from sunlight, they were very healthy and very vibrant. They were able to fight off disease. Their immune systems were super strong.

Robby Besner: Every patient that didn’t have that sunlight had unstructured water inside. There were pathogens, sickness and they were in ill-health and had diseases. That was pretty empowering to me because we’re harnessing those same frequencies in our sauna. They come right into the body, they come right through that insulating layer of fat underneath your skin because 75% of that fat molecule is water. The sunlight is actually resonating with that water and coming right in.

Robby Besner: What it does is it harbors in your most dense properties, Wendy, which are your organ mass or your muscle mass, which also happen to be very vascular. When that vibration comes in from the infrared spectrum it starts to vibrate. It starts to generate heat, it warms up the organ and the muscle mass, it warms up the surrounding vessels. When you warm a vessel up, it dilates. What you talked about before about potentiating is so important. If we’re eating really well, like organic foods or we’re taking great supplements, how does the body absorb and potentiate those supplements and your food, in the best way to get the ultimate benefit out of the nourishment?

Robby Besner: One way is with the water structure inside of you. Using that infrared sauna actually creates a more supple environment internally, so that if we expand a vein and an artery, we’re moving more blood around your body. It’s probably somewhere between 15% to 20% more and that’s raising your metabolic rate. Now, if you’re eating good food and you’re taking a supplement, it’s in your blood. All those nutrients actually wind up being in your blood. I’m exposing your organs and your tissues, your vital body parts, to more blood because we’re moving that around through your vessels at a higher frequency, 10% to 15% or almost 20% more.

Robby Besner: These are pretty powerful mechanisms that our bodies have naturally and are set up. When we’re sequestered away, we’re not getting sunlight and we’re not active so we’re not moving our lymphatic system, then everything starts to slow down. Just recently all of us have experienced this COVID-19 challenge. It’s affected us in so many different ways. Particularly now, people have had an opportunity to focus on the basics. I think that harnessing sunlight is such an important function for natural health and a platform. You mentioned before about stacking. When you’ve got a great foundation and you bring another modality into the mix, now there’s that synergy where two and two makes maybe six, eight or 10.

Robby Besner: It’s not just the independent greatness of just one type of device. What I have noticed over the years with my own health coaching, clinical applications and research, is that the order in which you do things and the way that you dose things can make all the difference between having a moderate result and having a pie in the sky result.

Wendy Myers: I love what you’re doing. Stacking different tools in one session. You’re almost doing a detox training circuit, so to speak, by using all the different modalities that you have. We’ll list those off in a second. More importantly right now, when so many people are looking for tools to boost immunity, I can’t think of a better tool than an infrared sauna. Before we had antibiotics there were volumes written about hyperthermia. That was back in the day to address infections and raise the body temperature to induce faux fever, which kills pathogens.

Wendy Myers: Fevers kill pathogens. Then we have the heat shock proteins that are activated when you heat the body up. You also sweat out and remove toxins, heavy metals, cadmium, lead, arsenic and mercury that interfere in your immune system functioning. They slow down your macrophages and killer T-cells that kill off pathogens, as well. You’re getting all these different immunity benefits. Let’s talk about the options that you have in your sauna. You’ve got the infrared sauna, you have ozone and then you also have red light therapy. Let’s talk about ozone first.

Robby Besner: Well, back to the stacking concept. When I was thinking through it, I do get downloads, you hear me talk about that all the time. This little voice came to me and said, “Boy, if I have Wendy Meyers in my sauna for 30 minutes, what could I do to actually maximize her health experience?” What other things can I bring in? What other interventions could I introduce to her experience because you’re a very busy woman? People have busy lifestyles and so forth. If I were to say, “I need an hour every day for you to take care of yourself,” you’d go, “Oh my God, I just don’t have a minute to even think straight, let alone carve out an hour.”

Robby Besner: If I asked you to take 30 minutes out, that’s much more appealing, right? I just got fixated on what I can do for Wendy in 30 minutes. What things could I bring in? Oxygen really intrigued me because oxygen therapy, like heat therapy or creating hyperthermia, has been one of the greatest ways to revive the body over time. One of the reasons why we age, Wendy, is because as we get older, after the age of 30 our bodies produce less nitric oxide. It is a vasodilator which means that it expands our little vessels and it also triggers our blood to grab more oxygen, when we make it available.

Robby Besner: Because we make less of it, our bodies actually retain less oxygen in our blood. That’s another way of saying we’re experiencing oxidative stress. It’s one of the main reasons why we age. How can we bring more oxygen into our blood? A great pairing is nitric oxide and ozone, or some kind of oxygen therapy. It turns out that the red light spectrum and the neo-frequencies that we have in our full spectrum sauna, actually produce nitric oxide. This is a transient gas that we have naturally in the body. When I was thinking about the mechanism and how to initiate that dynamic in our body, naturally, I thought, “Well, you can certainly supplement nitric oxide.” We have a great trade partner that does that.

Robby Besner: How can we do it naturally? One way is through the infrared spectrum. We shifted our latest version of our Thera360 model to make a Thera360 Plus, which has these special tri-light panels in them. I’m pretty proud of that. It’s just one of my little brainstorm ideas. Most LED light-emitting diodes are monochromatic. That means that they only are able to emit one frequency. Many of the near-frequencies or any of the cocktails that are made from LEDs are generally just a couple of different diodes that have different frequencies. They combine them together to create a light cocktail, in a sense.

Robby Besner: I thought through that, and I said, “Well, why is that?” I thought, why can’t we make a light emitting diode, an LED that actually has more than one frequency in it? We actually created one that has three frequencies in it. We can generate more photon energy in our light panels than most people can in their light panels, because we are giving a lot of power to our LEDs. We’re also firing up three different frequencies at the same time. All of these I’ve studied to be the most beneficial to create nitric oxide, help with mitochondria stress and basically help with cell energy.

Robby Besner: The reason why I did that was really to address what we’re seeing in the clinic. People are not very healthy there. We’re finding girls at age 14 that are coming in showing signs of being sterile, and guys age 18 that have low testosterone levels. This is all because of our toxic environment and the way we react in our microbiomes, that are now basically off balance. My concern about that made me shift a little bit away from our normal approach. I went from just following nature’s playbook to actually dialing a little bit more from the near-spectrum, so that I feel I’m addressing today’s times with our technology. So far, from the response from the public and from what I can see from my own research, it’s just an amazing device.

Wendy Myers: I absolutely love it. I find it really compelling because, number one, I think everyone should be using an infrared sauna. That’s super important for all the benefits we mentioned above. Then, you add that ozone to it which is a form of oxygen you’re getting into your tissues. So many people are oxygen deficient today for various reasons. It’s important to do oxygen therapy on a regular basis. You add red light therapy that can help to charge up your mitochondria, in addition to all the skin health benefits and improving your skin health. Then you have near infrared LEDs as well, in your panel. There’s different benefits to both spectrums.

Wendy Myers: More importantly, so many people’s mitochondria are not working properly. They’re not producing enough energy. If they’re not able to go in the sun or they don’t have sun in their area, in their hemisphere or the season, it’s really important to be sitting in front of these red-light therapy and near-infrared panels, to facilitate energy production. Light is a big facet of how mitochondria produce energy.

Robby Besner: Exactly. We’re just charging these little batteries inside of us. That’s what our cells are. Knowing that we produce nitric oxide naturally in our Thera360 Plus, we do it also to a degree in the regular version. It’s dialed up a little more in the Plus with the tri-light panels. Knowing that, the piece that I needed to introduce was a way to get more oxygen into the tent, that you’re sitting in. Basically if the neo-frequencies trigger nitric oxide, nitric oxide creates more circulation in the body and also tells the blood to grab more oxygen when you make it available. How do we make it available?

Robby Besner: It’s obvious that when you get in the sauna and you start to sweat, you sweat out your toxins, right? We open up that detox pathway, but it’s a two-way street because your skin is your largest organ. What happens when you hydrate your skin, it becomes a breathing organ. You can actually get things in, not just get things out. That’s where my idea came from. Let’s make more oxygen available because if the blood is ready to receive, then we can give the tent a little bit more oxygen through a little device. Can I bring that on so people can see?

Wendy Myers: Please.

Robby Besner: It’s really small. I have small hands anyway, but you can see how big it is. It’s the size of a cell phone, a little thicker, and it has two functions. You can turn on the ozone by just holding the button in. Then you’ll notice that these little lights light up. What’s happening here is that in the back there is a little fan and it sucks the air from the room, which is O2. Then we have a specialized light that we installed in here. When the O2 runs over the light, the light actually fractures the O2 into unstable O1s, that come out the front. Wow, it smells great.

Robby Besner: As soon as it comes out the front, those unstable O1s marry up with an O2 that’s sitting out here, to create an O3, which is the definition of ozone. So what most oxygen therapists don’t realize is that when you’re in the infrared sauna setting, you don’t need a whole lot of extra oxygen like you might in a hyperbaric chamber or if you shoot ozone directly into the vein. You can easily recruit your skin, which is just a huge organ, to bring these little extra 03s in.

Robby Besner: Next to breathing oxygen through your lungs, the next best way to get things into your bloodstream is through your skin. The capillaries that are just under your skin are so small that they actually become mechanisms to bring this extra oxygen right into your bloodstream. 

Wendy Myers: I’m sure that the heat from the sauna enhances the absorption to your body, as well as the ozone.

Robby Besner: Exactly. This little device isn’t all that expensive. It generates 750 milligrams per cubic inch, per hour, in that little tent. That’s more than enough for you to get that extra oxygen. Mind you, this is not clinical grade. For any of the people that might be viewing us today or in the future, you can read about ozone. The clinical grade ozone is very caustic to breathe through your nose and into your lungs. It’s actually an irritant to your skin if it’s not hydrated, beforehand.

Robby Besner: Well, guess what you do in the sauna? You’re sweating so you’re hydrating, right? We’re just combining all these little mechanisms together, giving your body what it’s looking for, that extra O. It’s pretty effective. We also like the idea that you can use this outside the sauna to disinfect. It’ll kill airborne bacterias and viruses, it’ll take odors out of the rooms. We travel with this. I bring it to the hotel, I bring it in the car. I’ve actually used it on the plane. I travel with Melody and my little puppy. We have it in our row and it cleans the air that we’re breathing when we’re in the plane. I feel more confident with that.

Robby Besner: There is an additional function on here that brings negative ions, which is kind of an earthing effect. For people that are hyper, I’ll use that function when I go to sleep at night because it calms me down and it gets me right into Delta REM sleep. This is where your body starts to heal itself when you’re in a deep sleep. This is a great little add on and it doesn’t cost a lot. You put it right onto the floor or the base of the sauna. When people are first starting with us and we coach them, this is just a philosophical point about us, Wendy. I don’t think it’s just enough to make a great device. I think what’s really important is that we teach people how to use it and maximize their health experience. I do that with you, talking about things today. I do it with the practitioners when we work with them. We do one-on-one coaching just to make sure that everybody is getting what they’re looking for. We’re all individuals, so we start off everyone. It’s like learning how to swim.

Robby Besner: If I was your swim coach and you never swam before, I wouldn’t throw you into the deep end of the pool and then walk away and go have a smoothie or something, right? I would start you off in the shallow end. Depending on how fragile you are based on how you presented, I might even just start you off with your toes in the water so that you don’t become afraid and your body acclimates. Then you slowly move down the road. Having the little portable sauna in your home is so economical, so affordable and it doesn’t take up any space. I’m asking you to do this for a half an hour every day.

Robby Besner: I don’t know anybody on the planet that deserves it more than you, to give yourself that gift of good health. Then there’s the idea that you can stack other modalities during that experience, to really elevate your health and wellness plan. It is just a joy to keep inventing and putting these things together and seeing real results.

Wendy Myers: Yes, it’s so key. We both know how toxic our environment is. The toxins are coming in faster than we can excrete them, than our bodies were made to excrete them. We’re one big walking filter and the toxins keep getting stuck because we’re not replacing the filter. We have to do things to cleanse our body. I think your infrared sauna is one of the most affordable saunas on the market. It’s good for any of you guys that have been on the fence or felt like you couldn’t afford one, or are looking for the right one. It is also good because you can fold it up and put it under a bed, really quickly and easily. It’s not complicated to set up at all.

Wendy Myers: I have one. It took me five seconds to set it up and get it going. It’s super easy. I just love the stacking because ozone is really important for another reason, it kills pathogens. Oxygen kills pathogens. I think that many people today don’t have the best diets, are not absorbing nutrients, are not sleeping well, they have all the EMF, they’re fatigued and these infections that people are exposed to are opportunistic. A lot of people are walking around with infections that are weighing them down. People aren’t living their best lives. Doing infrared saunas, ozone and other things, give people that edge.

Wendy Myers: I think it’s really hard to figure out everything that’s going on in your body, everything that’s taking up immune bandwidth. You have to get mold testing, parasite testing, Lyme testing as well as other types of testing trying to figure out what it is that you have. Chances are you have something. Why not just nuke it in a sauna? Cook it, nuke in the sauna, nuke it with the ozone and throw stuff at it that we know your body will benefit from.

Robby Besner: That’s amazing. I never really thought of it like that. I think we’re both saying the same things, in different ways. There’s a safe position that if you give yourself natural resources, like sunlight and fresh water and good air,  the body will bounce back and respond very quickly. Earlier, we talked about raising core temperature called hyperthermia. Most viruses and bacterias can’t live above a body fever or core temperature of 101 1/2 to 102.

Robby Besner: There are actually heat sensitive cancers that can’t live above 104. If I could do something to raise your core temperature up to 101 1/2, it varies give or take a half a degree person to person, then I know that there’s going to be a natural die off of viruses, bacterias, opportunistic parasites and mold. The second piece that you mentioned is that most of those microorganisms are anaerobic. That means that they don’t like oxygen. Putting the stack of combining higher core temperature and extra oxygen together is, as my friend in Texas says, a “chicken winner dinner”.

Robby Besner: Someday you’ll explain to me what that means Wendy. I think it sounds like it’s a good combination. I believe that wholeheartedly, and we actually see that in-clinic. These are just from studying nature and studying ancient cultures and seeing what works. We’re living in a very complicated world these days. Every day there are new acronyms for new diseases out there. Most of them stem from that imbalance that we talk about. With most of these diseases themselves, the reason why you’re symptomatic at all is because you’re very toxic. Toxicity and inflammation travel on the same highway.

Robby Besner: If you lower your toxic burden, then you lower inflammation and all of a sudden food sensitivities go away, allergies go away, you get a better night sleep, you’re more able to function at work, your mental clarity is boosted and your total energy is better. These are big things, in a positive spiral, that you can do incrementally by making one small change. Incorporating the sauna and these simple techniques we talked about, in your daily practice. The US is an interesting culture. I’m lucky because I’ve had a chance to travel around the world.

Robby Besner: When you go to Asia and other areas, they practice healthcare incrementally with the foods they eat and the way that they sleep and doing certain kinds of movements like Tai Chi, to keep their bodies agile. Those cultures have histories of greater lifespans and healthier lifespans, as they get older. Then you dial back to the US, where we work really hard and we don’t necessarily eat the best way we can. I think we invented fast food, right? That creates the whole negative spiral. There’s two categories here. I get a lot of joy out of helping people that have chronic challenges because they’re so sick of being sick.

Robby Besner: It’s just pitiful to me to think that they can’t fulfill their dreams, find their purpose, their passions and the bliss in their lives. They can’t make contributions to their families, their religion and their communities, right? The ones I’m getting the most fun out of these days are these optimal health groups. These hackers that are out there. It’s so much more fun to keep them healthy and keep them on track. They’re always looking for the best of the best of what they can find in order for them to maintain that optimal health. It’s such a joy getting that energy of working with these kinds of people. It has really been great.

Wendy Myers: I’m right there with you. I know there are so many people that are struggling with chronic illness and with mystery illness. They are going to a conventional medical doctor or even a perfectly good functional medical doctor, and they’re not looking at toxins as an underlying root cause. I think for so many people that are tired, brain fogged, having infertility issues, working their way up the ladder of immune issues and auto-immune, all the way up to people that are debilitated, toxins are always going to be an underlying cause. It’s a factor that is contributing.

Wendy Myers: You have to be looking at this. I love that you have so many different tools for people to address these things with, in a number of different ways and from different angles. As far as the ozone is concerned, I love all the different versatile ways that you can use ozone. You have your portable ozone device, which is, I think, the smallest one I’ve ever seen. You can put that in your sauna or take it with you and use it. You also have a Thera oxygen, or Thera ozone bubbler. What is that? What does that do?

Robby Besner: It’s relatively new to our ensemble. Basically, this is what it looks like. It plugs into your wall. This version comes with a little portable clicker, so you can actually have that remote a little further away. It comes with a little hose and then you notice there’s a little Airstone on the bottom. It comes with two Airstones. There are a whole bunch of different accessories. Basically, you power it on here, and then you can choose five different settings. The little portable white one we looked at earlier, is the most breathable form of ozone.

Robby Besner: You’ll still smell it. This one has a little bit of higher gamma. When you actually put it near your nose, you’ll go, “Whoa!” It’s a little strong”. What I liked about this and what we’re using it for initially is, we take this Airstone and we keep it in the kitchen. We fill up our kitchen that has two tubs in it, but if yours is a single, it’s fine. Then we put the Airstone in and we turn it on for fourth,  second or third setting. They all have different names, like disinfect and so forth.

Robby Besner: Particularly during COVID-19, every piece of fruit and vegetable, before we ate it, we’d fill up the sink halfway, we’d bubble in the ozone in a minute. You can smell it right away. Now we’re ozonating that water with that extra oxygen, and that’s going to kill all the bugs, the parasites, it’s going to kill the viruses. Some of the news reports have said that viruses can live as long as 72 hours on the outside of a piece of wrapping paper or a food source, right?

Robby Besner: This was perfect for my wife, because Melody is a germaphobe. When I brought that into our ensemble, it’s now got a position in bed next to us. It’s actually moved up the ladder so quickly that you can take that same bubbler and you can put it into your bath water. When you’re taking a hot bath, like an Epsom salt bath. You’re getting more magnesium right in through your skin. Now you can bubble the ozone into the water and get that extra oxygen into your skin, at the same time.

Wendy Myers: I didn’t think about that use. That’s brilliant. Another way to oxygenate your tissues.

Robby Besner: Oh, it’s amazing. Skin is such a great format to help get things in and out. We actually have a couple of different kinds of accessories. There’s an oral accessory that you can plug in. There’s what is called a hydration cup. This device has a tube that goes into a little sippy cup type thing that has a bubbler on it. You put either distilled or a good filtered water in the cup. Then out the other end of that closed cup system, comes another tube that you can put an Airstone to. You can put a little device that looks like a Waterpik and then you can go up and around your gums.

Robby Besner: Your gum beds are an area where a lot of these nasty bacteria live. I do this every day because I have a pre-periodontal condition in my gums. They started to recede and when I brush, sometimes they bleed. I brush my teeth and now I ozonate my gum beds. Ever since I’ve been doing this, I’m not bleeding anymore. People get coated tongues because there’s dysbiosis, the bacterias in their guts aren’t exactly balanced properly. All of that stuff is going away. I’m just trying to figure out if it’s going to actually turn my hair back to my natural brown color. I haven’t figured out if it’ll do that yet. 

Wendy Myers: There’s so many uses for ozone. I use it around my house. I use it to wash my vegetables and to wash sprouts. I use it to sterilize various things around my house. I’ve used alcohol or hydrogen peroxide in the past. Nothing beats ozone for sterilization, for taking that water and cleaning with it. It has zero toxicity and works 1,000 times better than toxic bleach or that smell of alcohol.

Robby Besner: Chemicals. Just chemicals.

Wendy Myers: Yes, chemicals.

Robby Besner: Really what you’re doing is harnessing a part of nature. Yes, we’re producing the ozone, but ozone actually happens in our atmosphere above what’s called the stratosphere. Very, very far out into outer space, ozone is actually produced. We have a layer in our atmosphere that prevents that ozone from actually coming into our atmosphere. That’s how the earth is protected. In fact, it’s one of the most natural ways to do exactly what you’re saying, to act as an agent to disinfect things.

Robby Besner: Oftentimes, what we’ll do in the kitchen after we’ve made a meal, if we’re using garlic or some very fragrant different kinds of herbs, we’ll just take the ozone device out and fill up the sink a little bit. We’ll just run the bubbler in there. The ozone is bubbling into that room and clearing out any of the odors from cooking and whatnot. You could also do what you suggested. Take a wash towel or even a paper towel, dunk it in that ozonated water and then wipe down the countertops. If you’ve got little kids and babies to disinfect their items, before they were just using boiling water, right? Now you can use regular sink water and the ozone and bubble it up.

Robby Besner: You can also ozonate the water separately, just for drinking, to get that extra oxygen into your body that way. There are a whole host of ways to do it. These devices that we’re making are very affordable and certainly we’re coming out with another two applications. We’re going to make a shower head that you can actually plug the same tube into, so when you’re taking a shower it ozonates the water and you’ll get it into your skin that way. Not everybody likes to take baths. If you do like to bathe, one of the greatest ways is just to get the ozone right into your bathtub. It’s pretty amazing.

Wendy Myers: I am going to have to try that. I never thought of that. I’m really glad that we talked today about that.

Robby Besner: I guess that’s another reason for us to get back on with an interview, like this, in the future and have a follow up, right?

Wendy Myers: Absolutely. Yes, you have lots of really cool tools. We haven’t even discussed all of them today. You have so many little interesting biohacking tools. I wanted to offer a group discount to everyone listening in the Myers Detox community. If you guys want to get a 10% discount, go to your website therasage.com/collections/myers-detox-wendy-myers. You’ll go to a page and you will see everything we talked about, like the saunas, the ozone devices and the red light devices. There are just so many different uses for each one of these tools. You can just get a lot out of that.

Robby Besner: It’s my pleasure. By the way we don’t offer this to everybody, but because we’re so close and certainly for anybody in your downline, I created a 12-page reference guide to use the infrared sauna. If they contact you, I’ll just give it to you for your distribution. You can offer this special gift which gives everybody the best hacking ways to stack things. The ways to use the sauna that will give them the best experience.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic. Everyone, don’t forget to use code Myers Detox at checkout. Robby’s site is therasage.com, T-H-E-R-A-S-A-G-E. Just to make sure you get the spelling right. It’s therasage.com/collections/myers-detox-wendy-myers. Go check that out. Robby, thanks so much for coming on the show.

Robby Besner: Always a pleasure. Thank you so much for having me.

Wendy Myers: Thanks so much for listening to the Myers Detox Podcast. I’m Wendy Myers of myersdetox.com. Every week we have guests on to discuss everything related to heavy metal and chemical detoxification. We discuss different ways to improve your health, improve your immunity, live a long, healthy, disease-free and hopefully medication-free life. That’s the goal, right? To feel good. Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll talk to you guys very soon.