Transcript #361 Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Detox, Liver, and Parasite Cleansing with Josh Macin


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  1. Find out what’s in store for this Myers Detox Podcast with Josh Macin, founder of, who joins us to talk about the emotional and spiritual aspects of detoxing as well as some lesser know techniques to have optimal detox results.
  2. Josh Macin was a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion who seemingly out of nowhere began to experience severe panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, and digestive issues. Trying everything to remedy these issues, it was not until he discovered mercury toxicity and detox that he turned his life around. Learn more about Josh’s incredible health journey.
  3. Often times when doing a liver detox, old anger and trauma will surface including unpleasant childhood memories. Find out why this happens.
  4. Our liver is burdened with filtering out so many harmful toxins and metals today, causing it to get clogged and no longer be an efficient detox pathway. Learn more about why our liver is burdened, and some great ways that you can help it cleanse.
  5. The main pillar in Josh’s approach to spirituality and detox is boundaries. In order to find you inner voice, release trauma, and properly detox you need to learn where and how to set boundaries. Learn more about this crucial step.
  6. When you have high stress moments in your life, Josh recommends taking a break from supplements and detox in order to let your body process these emotions and go through a natural cycle of detoxing. Find out more about his approach to stress and detox.
  7. Detoxing parasites is not only necessary due the amount of parasites that are found in all of our food, but because detoxing parasites is one of the best ways to improve spiritual health. Find out why.
  8. Although mucoid plaque is a controversial subject, Josh has found mucoid plaque cleansing to be one of the top ways he moved the needle for his own health, along with chelating mercury. Find out more about mucoid plaque and some of the best ways to cleanse it from your body.
  9. One of the best ways to detox and heal is to focus on your body from the neck up, addressing your tonsils, cavitations, mercury fillings, jaw misalignments, and your upper cervical . Learn how these affect your overall health, and what you should do to address them.
  10. You can learn more about Josh and all of his extensive detox strategies at
  11. Make sure to check out Josh’s youtube channels packed full of awesome videos, Detox Dudes YouTube, and Macin Your Face YouTube:
  12. Sign up for Josh’s amazing The Transformational Detoxification Masterclass, where you learn the most efficient ways to detoxify the body, restore energy levels and get rid of disease, and tackle the 7 most common detox challenges! Click here!


Wendy Myers: Hello, my name is Wendy Myers. Welcome to The Myers Detox Podcast. You can learn everything about detoxification of heavy metals and chemicals on this podcast and on my site,

Wendy Myers: Today we have my friend Josh Macin on the show, of We’re going to be talking about everything related to the emotional and spiritual journey that happens when you do a detox. We’ll discuss factors to consider like stress, how stress impacts detox and how a family can impact detox. We also talk about jaw alignment and how stress can really impact your jaw, which prevents brain lymph drainage. There are a lot of other really interesting things that Josh is doing to facilitate detox and his healing journey.

Wendy Myers: We also talk about mucoid plaque, which is a buildup of the lining of the intestines. It’s toxic. There can be biofilms, infections and other stuff in the intestines that need to be cleared out. We’ll hear his thoughts and techniques on how to do that. We also talk about parasites and how he does parasite cleansing. How that is really important to think about in terms of detoxing and doing that before you enter into a detox. There will be lots and lots of really interesting topics that we haven’t covered much on the show.

Wendy Myers: I know you guys listening to this podcast are concerned about the levels of toxins that you have in your body. That’s why I created my quiz, the heavy metals quiz. The quiz helps to determine the relative levels of toxins you have in your body, based on some lifestyle questions that you answer. Go check it out at It just takes two minutes to take it.

Wendy Myers: Following that, you will get a free video series that tells you the next steps. What do you need to do to start on detox? What about testing? What about supplements? Where do you start? You will get this totally free video series, so go take the quiz at

Wendy Myers: Josh Macin is the 2010 Brazilian jiu jitsu world champion and the 2012 Pan-American champion. Suddenly, in October of 2013, he began to experience debilitating panic attacks, suicidal despair and gut-wrenching anxiety. After pharmaceutical drugs provided no relief, he found himself on a hero’s journey. He traveled to the corners of the earth, experimenting with some of the world’s most powerful hallucinogens. When neither ayahuasca, float tanks, fasting, meditation, colon cleansing nor yoga could provide him with relief, he began to lose faith.

Wendy Myers: In a surreal sequence of events that transpired three years after beginning his healing journey, he found out about heavy metal poisoning and started a comprehensive detoxification protocol. Now alive and well to tell the tale, Josh has created his site,, which is a company devoted to helping people overcome toxicities. You can go check him out there. Josh, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Josh Macin: Yes, thank you for having me back on.

Wendy Myers: You’re part of I just love that name. We’ve got to get more guys into detox. I love that you’re leading the charge on that. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about your story and why you’re focusing on detoxification?

Josh Macin: Basically, I was a normal dude my whole life and never would think about detox, health or anything other than eating a lot of pasta before a fight, because carbohydrates were supposed to be good. That was the extent of my knowledge.

Josh Macin: I was a jiu jitsu athlete. I was working on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I was doing all these things in the external world that one would label me as successful. Then in October of 2013, I fell suddenly and dramatically ill and I spent three and a half years trying to figure out what was going on with me. I was experiencing severe panic attacks and severe depression. My digestive system shut down on me. I was suicidal. I was literally like a walking dead person. I was living in a state of chronic fear 24/7 and  I hardly slept. If I really went into all the details, it’s unbearable to listen to, so I’ll leave it at that.

Josh Macin: Then about three and a half, almost four years into my journey, I finally learned about mercury and the effects that mercury has on the brain. I began a serious mercury detox protocol, pretty much days after what I thought was going to be the end of my life. I was either going to take my own life or I had a trip planned to go to Africa to take iboga. If iboga didn’t work, I was going to take my own life. I was really down to the wire.

Josh Macin: I’ve learned about mercury, learned about detox, learned about parasites and transformed my life in the past three and a half years, since then. I have a YouTube channel, I coach people all around the world and I lead retreats. I feel like I’m on top of my game. I literally was almost dead three and a half years ago.

Josh Macin: Detox resurrected me from the dead. Along with, of course, emotional and spiritual work because nothing is ever isolated. These things are all connected, as I’m sure we’ll get to in this talk. Detox has been my core ally and my core foundation, for my spiritual and emotional work, continuously for these past three and a half years since I’ve recovered.

Wendy Myers: I identified with that also, when I discovered detox. It’s like, aha, this light bulb went on. As you continue on your journey, you’re not only detoxing metals and chemicals, but negative emotions that are tied to those metals. Because your brain starts working, you can really step into your life purpose and you can actually remember stuff that you’re reading. Your whole life can change because you get your life back, essentially.

Josh Macin: 100%.

Wendy Myers: Let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about the emotional and spiritual aspects of detoxification. The liver is known, in traditional Chinese medicine, as the seat of anger. When we have this congested, toxic liver that is our major detox organ, what’s going on there? Talk about the emotional aspects of that.

Josh Macin: I think the liver is super tied to all of these dark and negative emotions. Every time I do a liver cleanse, all of that stuff is coming to the surface. I always tell my clients, in liver cleanses, you can’t just be showing up to work every day and expect life to be normal. If you’re holding stuff for many, many years, you’re going to need space. You’re going to need a safe space. You’re going to create some boundaries between you and the outside world so that you’re not ruining relationships.

Josh Macin: I’m definitely not an expert in Chinese medicine or exactly how the liver correlates to the emotional body. I do know, for me, unless I’m cleaning my liver in a slow, steady way with milk thistle and some herbs, anger is always coming to the surface. It’s always old anger, anger at my parents or anger at a childhood bully.

Josh Macin: You’ll be in the middle of the detox process and you’ll be thinking about the wackiest things, like childhood memories of the guy who kicked you in the balls when you were five years old. It’s the strangest thing to be thinking about these things that never come into our field otherwise. I know for sure that they definitely have an interplay together.

Wendy Myers: In your day-to-day life if you are experiencing a lot of anger, irritability, frustration, losing control on your spouse or your children, generally cranky, a grumpy cat, you probably have some liver stuff going on. We all do. Can you talk about the load that’s placed on the liver? Talk about how these toxins build up year after year, and the liver has to deal with all this stuff. It’s problematic.

Josh Macin: The liver is like a HEPA filter. Whenever you see one of those air purifiers and the filter that comes out of it, that’s essentially what our liver does. It’s obviously more complicated than that.

Josh Macin: Everything that’s coming into our body, even supplements and herbs that we are taking, the liver is taking a bit of a burden with those. Imagine being unconscious for 20 years or 23 years, like I was. I was taking pharmaceutical drugs and I was drinking tap water on a regular basis. If I was lucky enough, it was filtered with a Brita filter. I smoked weed all the time and had edible marijuana that was riddled with pesticides, insecticides and all kinds of stuff. I ate McDonald’s and Wendy’s with antibiotic-loaded meats.

Josh Macin: Today, every item I put in my body is conscious and I’m mindful about it. Every single item I put in my body back in the day, was putting a stress on my liver to clear the toxicity and clear the stuff that my body didn’t want. Over time, we develop all of these liver issues. The extreme example is someone who’s drinking alcohol all the time.

Josh Macin: A few things that I’ve learned, for the liver, have changed my life and changed a lot of my clients’ lives as well. These are basic things like having milk thistle on a regular basis. I like Activation Products Milk Thistle Oil. I have a teaspoon of that virtually every single day. It’s a protector. Its main job is to protect the liver.

Josh Macin: I really like Livatrex. I don’t know if you’ve ever done a Moritz cleanse with Global Healing Center’s Livatrex? You combine the two. You do five days of the Global Healing Center in water, and then the Moritz cleanse after that, which is olive oil and lemon. Then our mutual friend Rob taught me about TUDCA. Have you ever heard of TUDCA?

Wendy Myers: Yes, we had Michael McEvoy talk about TUDCA on my liver rehab cleanse. It’s just amazing.

Josh Macin: Does he use it on a regular basis?

Wendy Myers: Yes, he does.

Josh Macin: Interesting. I’ll have to dive into it. I took a half of a bottle, and it definitely caused intense detox reactions. I know it’s supposed to be a miracle for the liver. It’s like an oil change for the acids. Also, I learned recently that it’s effective for eye problems, like when someone’s losing their eyesight. The liver and eyesight are very connected.

Wendy Myers: I know it’s amazing. The TUDCA I’m using is for improving bile production and bile flow, but it has lots and lots of benefits. It helps with blood sugar regulation and a lot of different things.

Josh Macin: One of my favorite things to do is liver acupressure that I learned from Dr. Eric Berg and also a BEMER. Have you ever used a BEMER?

Wendy Myers: I have. I use a different one called the Purewave mat.

Josh Macin: Have you ever put it on your liver?

Wendy Myers: I haven’t specifically. When you lay on it, it’s buzzing your whole body. It’s a pulse electromagnetic field mat, so it’s doing your whole body. I have not put the small device specifically on my liver.

Josh Macin: If you could send me a link to that machine, I’d like to check it out.

Wendy Myers: Yes.

Josh Macin: I’ve been using the BEMER for a while. I’m really impressed with it. Sometimes I sleep with the BEMER as well. But putting that BEMER device, there’s like a little circle thing and you put it right on your liver. It causes detox reactions fairly quickly. This is how we detox the body, one of the main ways we detox the body.

Josh Macin: If the liver is clogged or the colon is clogged, we’re completely screwed. In my opinion, it’s a waste to do anything else or spend money on all these other things, unless your liver, colon and even the lymphatic system are flowing.

Wendy Myers: Yes, I agree. So many people listening to this podcast, want to detox. They know they need to detox. They may have metals tests proving that they have metals and they need to get it out of their body. You’ve got to clear the detox pathways. You’ve got to get your colon clean. You’ve got to get your diet clean. You’ve got to get the lymph flowing. You’ve got to purge your liver with liver flushes, coffee enemas and what have you. Otherwise all this stuff can be in vain or make you sick. It will give you detox reactions. We don’t want that. We want you to purge your liver.

Wendy Myers: How do you balance detox with spirituality? Can you talk a little bit about that? It’s something I don’t touch on a lot when I’m working with clients. I’m going to go into bioenergetics and things like that, which helps people to detox emotional traumas and such. There’s a spiritual component to it. What is your take on balancing detox and spirituality?

Josh Macin: That’s literally my favorite thing to talk about. I get bored when we talk about supplements. I love talking about how these worlds merge, because I’ve never found them to be independent of each other. Every single time I’m doing deep detox work, I have to up my game in the spiritual and emotional worlds.

Josh Macin: What I would say the most important piece of the puzzle is, is boundaries. This is from my own life and what I’ve learned for me and most of my clients. boundaries are the most important subject when it comes to health and detox. People couldn’t fathom how boundaries are a spiritual or an emotional subject. Everyone wants to think that just sitting and meditating in a cave is what spirituality is. I believe spirituality to be; how do we find our peace and how do we protect it?

Josh Macin: I grew up in a world where everyone around me was trying to take pieces of my peace. My family was just really difficult. The way we grow up when we’re children is the way that we interact with the world now. If some of us didn’t have any boundaries with our family, then we’re going to have no boundaries with our coworkers, our partners and our employees or employers.

Josh Macin: We lose ourselves when we don’t have boundaries because we create no container for our peace when we’re boundaryless. When we’re really just trying to be liked, we’re trying to please people or trying to be right. For me, spirituality is dropping all of these conditions; needing to please others, needing to put everyone else’s needs before my own and needing to be right.

Josh Macin: When you need to be right you are committed to being right versus being committed to transformation and growth, even if you come across as wrong or even if you make a mistake. A leader is here for someone’s transformation and I believe everyone has the potential to be a leader, in that regard.

Josh Macin: Emotional and spiritual is the number one piece of the puzzle and the number one foundation is boundaries. Declare your sovereignty. You don’t need to allow someone else to talk to you in a negative way or to put you down. We don’t have to tolerate crappy relationships that make us feel awful about ourselves. Just detox them out.

Wendy Myers: Detox the energy vampires.

Josh Macin: Yes, the people who are just trying to manipulate you. For me, after all these years of doing my deep work, I can really feel people’s intentions. I’m able to drop people off before I even get close with them. If you’re in deep with someone who doesn’t have good intentions, you’ve got to go through the heartbreak and the difficulty of releasing them. It doesn’t have to be a big dramatic thing, but simply, “You’re not in my life for my peace and my best good. We can’t be friends right now.”

Josh Macin: It is just really letting all things go, that don’t serve us. To me, that’s spirituality. That’s the emotional detox part of it, even if that means family. For me, personally, I had to get away from my family to do deep detox work because they didn’t understand me. They were judging it. They thought I was crazy. They didn’t understand the difficulty that I was going through. I really needed to be by myself for a phase, in order to really go through this process because it’s such deep work to find myself.

Josh Macin: Another thing that I would say spirituality is, is finding our voice inside of our head. We’ve grown up with this pulling from other people’s calculators. I remember at one point in time I was reading a book a week, and my life became what would Tim Ferriss do? What would Wendy Myers do? Whoever the book I was reading was, what would this person do? What would Mystery do from The Mystery Method? In my own head, I just had other people’s opinions and I didn’t actually quite have my own opinion on life, on my health and on my decisions.

Josh Macin: That’s what society does to us. It conditions us to listen, to be obedient, and to not think for ourselves. For me, spirituality and the emotional parts of this are about really finding that internal voice which allows us to be so much stronger. Also authenticity and your authentic internal voice.

Wendy Myers: I think that resonates with me so much because I’m doing a lot of that work right now. I’m doing a lot of consulting with energy workers and trying to clear stuff that I’m trying to understand better. I’m learning how energy works. I’m working with all these different people to have a greater understanding of my world around me and step into alignment with my true purpose, to lead a life of fun, happiness, joy and peace. That’s what we all want.

Wendy Myers: I think when people have a lot of metal toxicities and chemicals, they’re so brain fogged and have anxiety and depression and other stuff going on. This is because these metals are affecting their neurotransmitter production, affecting their blood sugar and affecting their energy levels. They don’t have room for that stuff. It’s almost like that stuff’s a luxury. They’re misguided in their attempts to feel better emotionally or spiritually because all that garbage is weighing them down.

Josh Macin: That brings me to something that I forgot to mention. I always view detox as the anchor that prevents the ship or the boat from really going in the direction, or in an area that is healthy. Even when we detox, we still have to choose the right place to navigate to, right?

Wendy Myers: Yes.

Josh Macin: You can’t just clear mercury and aluminum and expect to be enlightened, rich and have everything work.

Wendy Myers: It helps.

Josh Macin: It helps massively. It’s, in my opinion, the most important factor to have in place. Then we still have to navigate the boat. We still have to make the right decisions, be kind, have integrity and all of those things, right?

Wendy Myers: Yes.

Josh Macin: To me, that’s where they merge. One allows the other to thrive.

Wendy Myers: Yes, that’s a very good point. You still have to get in touch with your intuition and make the right choices for yourself. You can do all this work and still pick a narcissist to be with or a horrible business partner, or do things that wreck your life.

Wendy Myers: Let’s talk about stress and how stress impacts detoxification? Do you have stress reduction techniques that will facilitate the body’s ability to detox?

Josh Macin: You mentioned stress. I know you weren’t going in this direction but I will mention it because I’m learning about it now, with jaw alignment and how much stress that puts on the cranial nerves and on the vagus nerve. We can go deeper into jaw alignment at some point later. I’ve seen firsthand how stress on the jaw, which is correlated to stress in my life, is directly affecting my body’s ability to detox and to function properly.

Josh Macin: These cranial nerves are all connected to the upper cervical. The upper cervical is where our brain stem is housed. If you’re stressed and you’re grinding your teeth, get your jaw checked. I know that wasn’t where you were going, but I just wanted to mention it.

Josh Macin: The place that I think you were going towards is how stress in everyday life affects the body’s ability to detox. In my own life, I go through a spiritual clothes dryer which happens every month. I just finished one recently. There was a crazy eclipse and  everyone I talked to was freaking out. They were saying,”What’s going on? My relationship’s ending. This is ending.” Everyone felt like they were going through something intense. Did you experience that?

Wendy Myers: Yes, absolutely. I had a huge fight with my fiance. It was crazy.

Josh Macin: Wow!

Wendy Myers: I’m not sleeping. The full moon affects me. I just don’t sleep well. Everything is amplified.

Josh Macin: Totally. I think a lot of people have been going through deep relationship stuff. There must be something going on astrologically. My cardinal rule is, whenever I’m in one of those phases, every single supplement goes in the drawer. I don’t even bother detoxing during those phases because when we cope with them, we stay as best in our center as we can. I believe that that is a detox process in and of itself. I believe that’s the universe wringing us out, of all of our old junk and karma. It’s like wringing a shirt out.

Josh Macin: It’s not just done with the physical detox that we put into our mouth or that we create in our own bodies. It’s also that the universe is guiding this process as well. The universe, for all those who are listening, wants us to get clear and clean and wants us to ascend to a new level of consciousness.

Josh Macin: For me, whenever that comes in and I’m just getting really buggy without taking a lot of supplements, I know this is the universal detox process. Time to put all the other stuff away because I know I can’t handle both.

Josh Macin: I move to just letting that process happen naturally. It’s impossible to detox effectively when you’re going through extreme stress. Everything shuts down. Your bowels slow down, your digestion slows down. Every single process in your body is just told, “Stop. We’re in a fight right now. You cannot do anything that’s not essential to survival.” Detox, in those moments, is not going to be essential to survival. It’s going to be like, “How do I fight my way out of this seemingly life or death situation?”

Wendy Myers: Everything goes in cycles. I think it’s very wise to be aware of that and honor that. Honor your body and don’t feel like you’re having to detox every single day. That has to go in cycles as well. That’s a great point. You talk a lot about parasites, gut healing and everything related to that. How that plays into one’s ability to detox. Can you talk about parasites for a second?

Josh Macin: Parasites are a huge, huge problem in the world. People think that it’s just a third world country thing. As you know and I know, we’re all dealing with parasites, some microscopic. Klinghardt talks about the microscopic ones being the most detrimental, and some visible worms like roundworms, tapeworms and rope worms.

Josh Macin: Getting these out of the body is essential to have a clear frequency, to have a clear mind, to connect to God, to the divine and to do energy work efficiently. We have to get rid of these critters that are sucking the life force out of us.

Josh Macin: They’re found everywhere. They’re found on fruit, they’re found in the soil, they’re found on doorknobs and on toilet seats. Eggs from these worms and parasites are found everywhere because we’ve really moved into a worldwide parasitic condition. We’re all fermenting right now, instead of thriving.

Wendy Myers: That’s so disgusting.

Josh Macin: It sounds extreme, but I really believe it.

Wendy Myers: Your blood is full of parasite poop.

Josh Macin: If you took a look at an average severely overweight person walking down the street with their belly being 12 inches past where it should be. That belly, I could only imagine what’s inside of that. I knew what was inside of me being 150 pounds, working out every day of my life and not eating in third world countries. I had a belly filled with hundreds and hundreds of worms. I can only imagine what’s inside of a belly like that. Some people even say that the protrusion is so extreme because of parasites, worms and other germs in there.

Josh Macin: I encourage everybody at the very least, to go on a 30 or 60-day oral parasite cleanse. There are many different ones out there and there’s many different ways to do it. One way that I’ve found to be the most effective is rectal suppositories. You take those same herbs and you introduce them rectally. That is when about 85% to 90% of my clients have seen visible worms, even the ones that start the coaching process and say, “There’s no way I have worms, Detox Dude. There’s no way.” I’m like, “Okay. We’ll see. We’ll see.”

Wendy Myers: “There’s no way I’m putting a suppository…”

Josh Macin: “There’s no way I’m putting a suppository…”

Wendy Myers: … up my butt.”

Josh Macin: Then within three or four suppositories, they see that roundworm that comes out that looks like an earthworm. Then they’re a believer, instantly a believer. Everything in their world changes, even though that roundworm coming out didn’t really change their health that much. One parasite coming out doesn’t really dramatically change our health, but it changes their whole perspective on what’s going on in the world. If everyone did 10 parasite suppositories and saw what came out of them, I think everyone would be a believer in detox.

Wendy Myers: I did that. I followed your protocol. I bought the cocoa butter and the little bullet ice cube trays. I bought the BioPure Ten-in-One oil and put that in them and did the whole shebang. It was amazing. That was my very first parasite cleanse.

Josh Macin: Wow!

Wendy Myers: Following what you do and what you talk about in your protocols, was fantastic. It was very stinky because there was garlic and oils.

Josh Macin: Totally.

Wendy Myers: Garlic kills everything. It’s amazing and really, really effective.

Josh Macin: It’s totally effective. Garlic is traumatizing for your partner or your spouse, so be cautious.

Wendy Myers: Or you.

Josh Macin: Or you.

Wendy Myers: You too.

Josh Macin: You’ll get used to it yourself but it’s the people around you.

Wendy Myers: My whole house was stinky.

Josh Macin: I remember going to hot yoga while doing a series of garlic suppositories, and I was almost asked to leave. The woman had to have a talk with me because I came to three classes in a row, smelling the same way. She had to have a talk with me. She was like, “Dude, what are you doing? You reek when you sweat.”

Wendy Myers: No, it’s about getting detoxed.

Josh Macin: Yeah.

Wendy Myers: Talk to us about mucoid plaque. What is that and how does that relate to detox?

Josh Macin: A lot of people say that it’s a bogus thing. Science says it’s bogus. Colonoscopy advocates say it’s bogus. Even one of my very dear friends, Spencer Feldman from Remedylink, who’s a genius, says it’s bogus. A lot of really intelligent people say it’s bogus.

Josh Macin: The thing that has convinced me beyond what any intelligent person around me says, is that doing mucoid plaque cleanses has changed my life probably more than any other detox I’ve ever done. It may be in line with chelating mercury. I would say chelating mercury and mucoid plaque have both moved the needle from the massive, massive waste.

Josh Macin: It’s confusing to me how this plaque can come out without binders. There’s 10 different times that this plaque came out without any charcoal, without any clay, without any psyllium husk. Science debunks plaque as the clay and the psyllium husk, combined together, and that’s the substance that comes out.

Josh Macin: Furthermore, the smell of the substance is … I mean garlic is roses compared to the smell of this stuff. The other piece of the puzzle that has convinced me is that I’ve taken clay and psyllium, which is a milky white, gray substance when you put it into your body. The stuff that has come out of me has been dark, dark black. Some people say it’s the charcoal that causes it to be black. I’ve done it without charcoal. I’ve done it with pectin, with clay, with psyllium husk and I’m sure as hell that when it’s in that jar, it’s not black.

Josh Macin: It’s all a big controversial subject. In my experience, it is very, very real. In Dr. Richard Anderson’s experience, I’ve talked to him several times, it’s beyond very, very real. He wrote a whole book and created a whole career out of it.

Josh Macin: The ways that I’ve found to effectively clean and clear it are a lot of lemon juice, black radish, dill and binders. Binders like clay, charcoal, pectin, chitosan, zeolites and mixing them all together with psyllium husk. Creating a big shake out of it and drinking that. It’s like a vacuum that goes in and pulls that plaque out of the system.

Josh Macin: I think everyone should embark on a mucoid plaque cleanse. I had a video on YouTube, which at one point was getting a hundred thousand views a month, and then they shut it down. They were like, “Let’s make sure we keep this quiet.” Now it hardly gets any views.

Wendy Myers: Where exactly is this plaque? I’m assuming it’s the lining of the intestines? Part solidified fecal matter that’s been maybe festering, because sometimes people have in their intestines, a little crevice where something gets stuck. It’s oily and can just get hardened over time. Intestines can get twisted or maybe they had a lifelong diet of really horrifying food. People have stuff going on in their intestines.

Wendy Myers: Then there’s also the biofilms that can harbor all that stuff. I don’t see how mucoid plaque isn’t a thing. It just seems very obvious that there’s stuff going on in the lining of your intestines that needs to be cleared out.

Josh Macin: Totally. Remember that the body makes its own mucus when we eat crappy foods. Imagine day in and day out, three or four times a day eating mucus-forming foods? The body produces mucus to protect itself time and time again, decade after decade after decade. Imagine how that sewage system, that plumbing, can’t hang.

Josh Macin: I clean my sink pipes in Portland. When I was onto mucoid plaque, randomly my sink fell apart and I had to clean the sink pipes, synchronistically. I took the sink pipe out and there was a black film. Basically the diameter of the pipe was half of what it should be because of this black film that was simply coming from washing hands.

Josh Macin: It was a bathroom sink. What are people doing there? Washing their hands, washing their face, opening soaps and putting other substances down. After three or four years, even less probably, that tube was one-half of the diameter.

Josh Macin: Granted, our colon has peristalsis, which is in action that is supposed to release and remove substances. To think that our peristalsis can catch up with what we’re doing, the onslaught that is upon us right now, with our diet, alcohol, drugs and pharmaceuticals? I mean come on. There’s no way our body was meant to handle that burden, right?

Wendy Myers: Yes, I did a series of colon cleanses. This is my first foray into that. That was in my early 20s, after I’d just been eating pretty much fast food and Coca-Cola my whole life. Just totally disgusting.

Wendy Myers: Then I did this series of 10 colonics and did the psyllium husk. I’d done a huge glass of psyllium husk for a couple of days before each colonic, and everything that came out was black. It was just black ropey-looking stuff. It was almost like the lining of my intestines. It looked like the formation of the lining of my small intestine that was coming out. It was really crazy.

Josh Macin: Everyone should go based on how they feel. I’m sure you felt dramatically different after that.

Wendy Myers: Yeah.

Josh Macin: Whether mucoid plaque is real or not, whatever science says, I don’t really care. If you do the cleanse and you feel better, I’m happy and you’re happy. I encourage everyone to try it and see for themselves. To know for themselves. The reason I have to speak in this way is because there’s so much out there that is against mucoid plaque. All the scientists are just like, “It’s impossible for it to be real.”

Josh Macin: The way I debunk the whole argument is, I don’t care if it’s real or not. It makes people feel better. If it makes you feel better, go for it.

Wendy Myers: Also, we know when people have gut infections these infections are living in the biofilms in the lining of the intestinal tract. Those have to be uncovered in some way. You can probably help by doing psyllium or another type of fiber that’s sloughing off that lining of the intestines. It can definitely help.

Josh Macin: Totally.

Wendy Myers: You can do something like Lauricidin, which is a coconut-based product that can help to break up the biofilms. There are lots of different ways to attack this. I think, definitely, you’ve got to be doing seasonal, regular colon cleansing to be healthy. I do coffee enemas on a regular basis. I don’t do the psyllium husk colon cleansing or water colonics anymore, but I think it’s something that definitely is really helpful for people.

Josh Macin: I do regular coffee enemas as well. It’s been one of my go-to’s for five years.

Wendy Myers: I would die without coffee enemas. Let’s talk about the fact that a lot of people have stuff going on where they have anger, irritability, depression and all these things going on in their head. Let’s talk about that in relation to detoxification.

Josh Macin: I remember a few psychiatrists and people in my life, when I was going through a lot of problems, they said, “All these problems are in your head.” My sister would tell me, “It’s all in your head, Josh. Snap out of it.” This is the conventional way of dealing with people who don’t conform to our box, that we understand.

Josh Macin: What I’ve learned, and I’m incredibly passionate about this especially in these past few months, is that everything was in my head. I’m going to make a list of the important things for people to take care of from this point, from my body up, that I’ve addressed and continue to address. This, quite frankly, could change every single person’s life on the planet if they tackle these things.

Josh Macin: We’ll start with tonsils. In a week, I’m going to Germany to do my third regenerative cryotherapy on my tonsils with Dr. Dorochov, who Dr. Klinghardt recommends. I had chronic tonsillitis because I had a brain full of mercury. When mercury and other toxins leave the brain, they cause a lot of stress on the tonsils.

Josh Macin: Anyone who’s dealt with chronic illness is probably dealing with a burden on their tonsils that’s above average. We have to make sure we take care of our tonsil health. This is one of the core pieces of the puzzle at Sophia Health Institute, which I visited a couple of months ago to do an interview with Klinghardt.

Josh Macin: Getting the tonsils taken care of, if you can’t go to Germany which I understand, check out Sophia Flow. It’s a cream that you put on your tonsils. You can check out any lymphatic herbs in a cream that you can put on your tonsils, lymphatic massage, dry skin brushing and rebounding. Our mutual friend Spencer has a product called Lymplex.

Josh Macin: That’s the tonsils. I’m going for my third and final treatment, which has really, really changed my life. My brain is able to detox so much more effectively now. I’ve been chelating recently and chelating that mercury from the brain. I can tell there is way more fluid coming out of my body. It’s not getting stuck as much.

Josh Macin: Then we move up to the mouth. We have cavitations, which you’re familiar with. They are those necrotic tissues in the jawbone because we get our wisdom teeth removed in a backwards way, in this common culture. Long and short of wisdom teeth is when they remove a tooth, they literally leave this pocket of tissue that hasn’t been cleaned properly. They leave the periodontal ligament there so the immune system can’t even fight infections in that area. Nowhere else in medicine do we leave something in the body to just rot. We always seal it. We always clean it. That’s not being done in modern dentistry. 

Wendy Myers: I did a whole podcast about cavitations with Dr. Panahpour, Alireza Panahpour, who’s my personal dentist. He trained with Dr. Klinghardt for 15 years. It’s there if you guys want to dig into that whole podcast about that.

Josh Macin: Awesome. I’ve got to check that out myself. Then we have root canals. Every one of your people, I’m sure, saw the Root Cause documentary. If you haven’t, go watch it. You have root canals and cavitations. Then there’s mercury fillings which are  in a league of their own. That’s what almost ended my life. Mercury fillings were largely responsible for my insanity.

Josh Macin: Then we have jaw misalignments, which I couldn’t believe was a real thing. There’s a TED Talk that I would love for you to put a link to in your info description. I would love to show people this TED Talk about a man who had a car accident. His life was devastated after his car accident.

Josh Macin: He healed by healing his jaw and his bite, because when our jaw is off even a micromillimeter, it flares the whole immune system and nervous system. It’s connecting to our cranial nerves and our upper cervical. It basically puts the body into fight or flight.

Josh Macin: One thing I’m doing now, which Dave Asprey has done for six years, is I’m working with Dr. Jennings. He gives you this specific mouth guard that prevents your jaw from biting down in this habitual way, that we have done for many, many years.  it makes me talk funny so I’ll take it off in a second. You can actually eat with these and you can sleep with these.

Josh Macin: It puts your jaw the way that nature wanted our jaw to be, more forward. It forces your jar open on a pivot point that doesn’t move. Right now the pivot point has the ability to move forward and backwards. The night guards prevent that from happening.

Josh Macin: It’s a year-long process with this thing, a multiple-year process, so it’s a big commitment for me. You talked to me before we started chatting that you were having some clenching issues. Myself as well, from the stress of life. I’ve been grinding my teeth for 15 years. For me, it’s really, really important to get this taken care of.

Wendy Myers: I had the same issue as well. I went to the dentist. I think I was having pain, jaw pain. That was the first thing he did, was like, “You’re going to continue to have this jaw pain. You’re going to continue to have issues sleeping or maybe tension headaches and all this stuff, unless you do this night guard.”

Wendy Myers: Every dentist had told me I needed a night guard, but they didn’t tell me why. They didn’t tell me I could crack a tooth. They didn’t tell me that I could prevent the lymph draining from my brain. They didn’t tell me that you have your hormone receptors on this gland right at your jaw. When my dentist released my jaw, the first day I was crying and was really emotional because I have these hormone receptors that were activated. It was so important so I’m glad you’re bringing this up.

Josh Macin: How did he release your jaw? Was it with a massage technique?

Wendy Myers: I got the night guard.

Josh Macin: Yes.

Wendy Myers: He did the night guard with me. He actually did an injection in my sternocleidomastoid, this tendon right here.

Josh Macin: Wow!

Wendy Myers: I didn’t ask him what. I’m like, “Oh, is that Botox?” He just gave me this little injection to relax something.

Josh Macin: Got it.

Wendy Myers: He did some muscle testing to make sure that the night guard was fitted correctly. I feel so much better. I sleep better. I highly recommend looking into that.

Josh Macin: Yes, it’s super, super important. This was the last thing I learned about after doing all of the other things. The final thing that I wanted to hit on is the upper cervical. I had an atlas that was out of place my whole life and I didn’t even know about it. The atlas is C1 and the axis is C2. When these vertebrae are out of alignment, it puts a lot of pressure on the brain stem, C1 in particular.

Josh Macin: Now that I know what having an atlas in the right place is like and how much it affected me when it was out, I literally look at the world and everyone’s walking around with misalignments in their spine.

Josh Macin: Anyone dealing with chronic illness, this would be one of the first pieces of the puzzle, because it’s pretty affordable. The other stuff we talked about, a lot of it’s very expensive. Go to a Blair Upper Cervical chiropractor or a NUCCA chiropractor, N-U-C-C-A, or anyone who specializes in C1 and C2 misalignments. Diller Chiropractic does not teach how to put a C1 or C2 back in place.

Josh Macin: You could ask your regular chiropractor about it. He may not even know about it and how effective and important it is. My most effective plan of action in my book is Blair Upper Cervical. These guys are amazing. I’ve gone and I filmed a lot of videos with the man who teaches everyone in the country. His name is Dr. Forest. He’s the one who I see.

Josh Macin: I really hope that everyone can go do that. If you’ve been struggling and if you’ve been lost for many years, not able to find answers, get your upper cervical in alignment.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic. Very, very good advice. I’ve been going to a neurological chiropractor off and on for years, and it’s completely different, the techniques and how they adjust you and the assessment. It’s completely different than just a regular chiropractor.

Josh Macin: Totally different, yes.

Wendy Myers: Well, Josh, thanks so much for coming on the show and imparting your wisdom. Thanks for giving us another viewpoint of detox and how it can impact our lives, and things to be paying attention to. It’s not just this physical process where we’re like, “Oh, we have metals. Let’s go and take something and rip them out.” There’s a lot more to it than just that. Thanks for coming on. Tell us where we can find you and learn what you do and work with you.

Josh Macin: I have a website, I do retreats a couple times per year. I do one-on-one coaching and I have a class, a masterclass, that I sell. All those links will be in the info description, but my website is My YouTube channel is The Detox Dudes.

Josh Macin: I wanted to plug my new YouTube channel, if you don’t mind, Wendy. I have a new YouTube channel that’s only spirituality. I’m not talking about any detox stuff. It’s all esoteric, spirituality. I do some skits. I’m kind of crazy and I do all kinds of crazy, fun things. I’m letting my actor self come out. That’s Macin Your Face. That’s my last name and Your Face. Macin Your Face.

Wendy Myers: I like that.

Josh Macin: I’m having a lot of fun with that channel. Check me out. Subscribe to me.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic. Well, Josh, thanks for coming on. Everyone, thank you so much for listening to The Myers Detox Podcast, where we discuss everything related to heavy metal and chemical detoxification. Today we discussed the emotional and spiritual aspects. Thank you so much for tuning in. Please leave me a review on iTunes or go check out the video podcast on YouTube at Thanks for tuning in. Talk to you guys next week.

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