Transcript #390 How Pharmaceuticals Add to Your Toxic Body Burden and How to Get Off of Them with Dr. Joe Nieusma


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  1. Find out what’s in store for this Myers Detox Podcast with Dr. Joe Nieusma, who joins the show to talk about how pharmaceuticals can add to your body’s toxic burden, and some of the best ways that you can get off of them! Dr. Nieusma also discusses how medications cause damage to your organs, the dangers of drug interactions and why your doctor isn’t looking out for them, and so much more!
  2. Learn more about Dr. Nieusma’s career as a toxicologist running a business that determines safe levels of pharmaceuticals that pharmaceutical producers can be exposed to.
  3. Learn more about some of the areas that you are exposed to toxins, and how it is imperative to keep your cellular defense mechanisms “bucket” full at all times.
  4. Find out how toxins can eventually be released into your body, and the best methods to protecting your cells.
  5. Learn about one of Dr. Nieusma’s favorite antioxidant Carbon 60, which works by fighting inflammation and taking care of oxidative stress.
  6. Find out more about a program Dr. Nieusma offers called HOPE, health optimization and prescription evaluation, which has helped many people come off of their many medications, some of which were creating negative drug interactions.
  7. Learn more about the dangers or statins, and antidepressants. Statins can lead to many complications like the breaking down of skeletal muscles, and kidney damage.
  8. Find out why drug interactions and eastern remedies are often overlooked by western doctors.
  9. The best thing for people to do who would like to detox but are on multiple medications is to get a Hope Analysis, which will help them determine alternatives for some of their medications. Learn more.
  10. Learn about Dr. Nieusma’s take on intermittent fasting.
  11. You can learn more about Dr. Nieusma and his work at
  12. To get a Hope Analysis, just fill out the contact form at


Wendy Myers: Hello everyone. My name is Wendy Myers. Welcome to the Myers Detox Podcast. You can find my work, hundreds of podcasts and hundreds of articles at On this show, we talk about everything related to detox and to opening your body’s detox pathways. We also talk about toxins and how they affect your body.

Wendy Myers: Today, we’re going to be talking about the number one toxin people aren’t thinking about, pharmaceutical drugs. On the show, we have Dr. Joe Nieusma. He is a pharma toxicologist. He actually works with pharmaceutical companies to protect the workers from the pharmaceutical drugs that they are manufacturing. It is very, very interesting.

Wendy Myers: We’re going to be talking about how to get off pharmaceutical medications and how statins can cause liver and kidney damage, and failure. We’ll discuss how drug interactions are quite dangerous and why your doctor isn’t checking for them. There are almost always natural remedies that you can take instead of pharmaceutical drugs.

Wendy Myers: I’m so happy to report about my mom. I’ve been trying to get her off of blood pressure medications for so long. She’s been on them for 30 years and the doctor said, “You’re going to be on those for life, there’s no getting off them.” I knew they were causing health issues for her. I got an infrared sauna and she started using it for 20 minutes a day. Within a month, she was completely off her medication. She’s completely medication free now. I am so happy, I cannot even tell you. I want more of you guys to have a story like that.

Wendy Myers: Dr. Joe Nieusma, who’s on the show today, helps people evaluate and get off of their medications. He’s worked for pharmaceutical companies for decades, for 30 years, and he can help you do that. This is a very, very interesting show today. I know so many of you guys listening are concerned about your body’s toxic burden of chemicals and metals.

Wendy Myers: I created a very simple quiz that you can take at It’s a two-minute quiz, and after that you get your results. Then, you get a free video series about the most frequently asked questions related to detox. How long does it take to detox? What are the best supplements? What are the best tests to take to figure out what toxins that I have? We answer all those questions and more. Go take the quiz at

Wendy Myers: Our guest today, Dr. Joe Nieusma, is the CEO and chief toxicologist at Superior Toxicology and Wellness, an international scientific consulting firm that he founded. For the past 30 years, Dr. Joe has been active in toxicology research. He’s been able to improve water quality and remove carcinogens from treated water. He’s assisted private clients to review their medical records and help them eliminate unnecessary prescription drugs from their profile. As a member of the scientific advisory board for Vitro Biopharma, Dr. Joe has helped market stem cell related products for diabetes research to scientific, pharmaceutical and medical markets.

Wendy Myers: With the overwhelming options for better health, we’re often left confused with more questions than answers. Dr. Joe provides solutions to many medical questions, giving people back the power of their own health. You can learn more about Dr. Joe Nieusma and his work at Dr. Joe, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Oh, you’re welcome. I’m so happy to be here. Looking forward to it.

Wendy Myers: Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Sure, I can do that. I have a PhD in Toxicology with a lot of experience in pharmaceuticals. Looking back over my career, I have 30 years of experience in human exposure to drugs, to chemicals and antimicrobials. That really gives me a diverse platform to basically talk about any type of human exposure. Toxicology is the study of poisons. It’s basically anything that’s not supposed to be in the body that somehow manages to get in the body. What does it do? What type of interaction does it have? What type of effect does it have, what type of ripple effects, downstream effects and all that kind of stuff.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: I’ve done time in the chemical industry with Dow Chemical. I’ve worked in academics. I did a lot of time in the pharmaceutical industry for Novartis generics. My job was always to make sure the people that were making the tablets and capsules were safe in their jobs. It is occupational toxicology, if you will. I set the safe level of pharmaceutical products that people could be exposed to, before there was any risk of adverse effects.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Then the flip side, side B if you will, I also set the amount of drug A that could be found in drug B, before it was a problem for the end user, the consumers. Between those types of values and setting that type of limit, that’s where my bread and butter has come in. It took me about six years of working in corporate America to realize that Dr. Joe’s mouth in corporate America really wasn’t synonymous with symbiotic existence, if you will. People ask me for my opinion and I’m happy to share.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: In corporate America, when they ask you for your opinion, they don’t want to hear anything. Just lip service. So, I got out about 20 years ago and opened up Superior Toxicology and Wellness. Really, the mantra for Superior Toxicology and Wellness is summed up by finding new solutions to old problems. That’s it.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: I look at all of the old problems, whether it’s air pollution, water pollution or toxic exposure, and see what we can do to take simple steps to try to alleviate some of those exposures. The human lives in a soup of toxic exposure. There’s bad stuff in the water, there’s bad stuff in the food, there’s bad stuff in the air and there’s bad stuff all around us. Everybody knows that. Everybody has their pet bad stuff.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: But what you really need to look at is, it’s a cumulative exposure. We’ll talk about that later on a little bit. It’s all of these things that are heaped onto humans, based on where you live. Like me, I live in the front range of Colorado, in the Rocky Mountains. It just so happens that the Rocky Mountains have a higher level of uranium exposure than anywhere else on Earth. Yourself, you’re living in tropical paradise. Now, you would have a little bit more exposure to UV rays and the sun. Every spot has its pluses and minuses, but every spot has the reason why you’re there.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: In Colorado, there’s no humidity and there’s no bugs. I mean, who wouldn’t like that? In the tropics, you can walk out your door, down the block, get your scuba tank filled and be in the water probably in 20 minutes. It’s about people’s “why”. My “why” is, I’m 52 years old and I woke up one day, looked in the mirror and I said, “Who is this guy? Huge.”

Dr. Joe Nieusma: I started getting in the research, looking into things like intermittent fasting, various supplements and what I needed to do to try to be less huge. It took me 50 years to get there. It’s going to take more than a month to unget there. Part of that is, what kind of garbage do you have built up in your body that’s keeping you from being more healthy? It’s like the old advice. The best thing to do when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

Wendy Myers: Yeah.  I think that’s a lot of people’s stories. That was mine, too, after I had my baby. I looked in the mirror, and I was like, “Who is this person?” I just felt like I didn’t recognize myself physically and emotionally, as well. I did something about it. I started digging myself out of the hole.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: And it’s not one thing.

Wendy Myers: It’s a number of things. Why don’t you tell us about toxins and their role in causing weight gain and other metabolic issues in somebody with chronic health issues like we’re dealing with today, that pharmaceuticals are used to find a solution. 

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Then we’re going to talk about pharmaceuticals. I guarantee you, we’ll talk about pharmaceuticals.

Wendy Myers: Yes. Give that a minute.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: It could be that one person’s toxin is somebody else’s vice, and somebody else’s crutch. Toxicology has a premise. The dose makes the poison, everything in moderation. What does that mean? Well, let’s talk about the dose that makes the poison. The dose makes the poison means that something that is exquisitely toxic can be very non-toxic, if the concentration is low enough. Something that’s very non-toxic can be quite toxic, if the dose is high enough.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Say for instance, cyanide. Everybody’s heard of cyanide. In all the spy movies, they had the cyanide capsule, you bite on it, hit the white foam and then all of a sudden, you’re dead. Well, cyanide uncouples your cellular respiration. Basically, your cells can’t make any energy, they can’t utilize the oxygen and you die. Cyanide is used every single day in the gold mining industry, safely. It’s just the concentration of the dose that makes the poison.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Now, let’s talk about water. Water is something that’s a universal solvent. We’re mostly water. We need a lot of water in order to just exist on this planet. If you use the illicit drug, Ecstasy, popular with the teens in the raves. I’ve never tried this, but I know what it does. One of the toxic effects of Ecstasy is extreme thirst. This feeling of extreme thirst will lead kids that are high on Ecstasy, to consume so much water that it dilutes your electrolytes and fouls up cell to cell communication. When that happens, you can pass out and die from water toxicity because the concentration is so high. That’s where the dose makes the poison.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Humans are existing in their super toxic exposure. You’re breathing in stuff. Obviously, the air in an inner urban area is worse than the air in a rural area. Some people may disagree, thinking that I like the smell of a bus much better than I like the smell of the south end of a cow walking north. Being from Texas, you know what that means.

Wendy Myers: I do.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: See? It’s just that you’re picking your toxins. Where you live has a lot to do with it. If you live in a brand-new house, you can go through the house and you can pick out lots of toxins. Every adhesive that was used in the construction, putting down tiles, putting down hardwood floors and putting down carpet. All of the particle board furniture that you buy. New carpet is off-gassing all kinds of different volatile organic carbons, VOCs. You Google that and you find all kinds of bad effects.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: You can have a new house that has all kinds of secondary exposure or you can have an old house. There’s a saying that says, “Every piece of drywall ever made has mold. All you need to do is add moisture.” Mold spores are everywhere. If something gets wet, you can start to grow mold. The longer mold grows, the worse off that house is for people to live in. The poster child for mold is the black mold, Stachybotrys, if you’re the nerdy type that loves the names. The Stachybotrys, will grow and grow and grow and then as they get mature, they put off what’s called mycotoxins.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Mycotoxins are the intoxic category, but there’s dozens of different types of mycotoxins. These molds are growing in the wall but these mycotoxins are very small particles that can go everywhere in the house. If it gets into the HVAC system, it’s your HVAC system, which is heating, ventilation and air conditioning. If the mold is growing in that, it’s all over the place anyway and you’re breathing in these toxins. Whether it’s a new house, whether it’s an old house or whether it’s ever been wet, if you live in a human environment, you can’t get away from this stuff.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: The human body is really designed well, to withstand the environment in which it lives. Otherwise we’d all have been dead a long time ago, right? Think about the human body. You’re this mass of cells, billions and billions of cells. Each cell has a bucket of defense mechanisms. Everything that the human is exposed to, whether you’re breathing it in, it’s in the air, it’s in your food because you’re eating a lot of processed food or it’s in your water and your water is contaminated by something. It’s like the old Erin Brockovich case out in California, you might have known about that being from California, the chromium in the water. It could be anything.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Every one of these cells has this bucket of defense mechanisms. The poster child of which is glutathione. Everybody’s mostly heard of glutathione. What that does is, it’s a molecule that sucks up these oxygen radicals. The oxygen radicals are what the body produces when it breathes, but also what is produced by chemical reactions by all of these toxins that we are exposed to. As long as the cellular bucket of defenses has something in it to fight those oxygen radicals, most people are going to be okay.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: The problem is, all of these toxins, whether they come from the air, the water, the food or the environment, they hit the same bucket of cellular defense mechanisms. How do you keep that full? Well, that’s a very basic question and it has a very basic answer. You keep the cellular defense bucket full by doing very simple things. Get enough rest. It’s not just lying in bed, staring at your phone or playing on your iPad, it is actually good rest, sleeping.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Stay hydrated. Most people don’t realize the importance of hydration. When you’re dehydrated, people don’t know how much that affects your basic physiology. 90% of the people walking around on this globe are chronically dehydrated. Get enough rest, get enough water and then you eat a good diet. If you’re eating a good diet, what is a good diet? Whole foods, raw foods, vegetables and green stuff. You can mix in some meats, you don’t have to, you don’t need those. Most people eat about four times more than they need.

Wendy Myers: It’s amazing how little food you actually need.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Exactly.

Wendy Myers: You can start listening to your body and going to bed a little bit hungry, because you don’t really need any more food than that. It’s hard not to eat.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Exactly. My basic advice from Superior Toxicology is eat half as much and mostly plants, and you’re going to be okay.

Wendy Myers: I’d like to be going over these basics because people think, “Oh, detox. I have to take these pills. I have to do all this stuff.” There’s a lot of things that you can do but you do have to get those basics right, in order to optimize the pathways which allow the toxins to leave your body. Any other basics that we need to know about?

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Oh, sure, when you are refilling that bucket of cellular defense mechanisms, you are providing the body its most natural way to get rid of everything that it doesn’t want. That’s the key to detox. That’s the key to becoming healthier. What you want to do is you want to get rid of everything that you have thrown into your body. The best example, the best analogy I have for that is to think about your body as being a sponge. You’re a big sponge and all the stuff that you put into your body, it’s like a dripping faucet. The dripping faucet is just filling up that sponge, that sponge can hold a lot.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Think about the different reservoirs in your body. You have adipose tissue, that’s a fancy science word for fat. Everybody has it. That attracts a different chemical characteristic toxin than muscle tissue would, than intercellular fluid would. What’s that? That’s all the space around those cells, that is also water, that’s also in your body. You have water loving things going to the fluid, you have fat loving things going to adipose tissue, you have specialty things going to lung tissue, to liver tissue and to the gallbladder. There are all of these different reservoirs, and that faucet is dripping, dripping, dripping, dripping and dripping.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: That’s why throughout our teenage years in our 20s and 30s, and sometimes in the 40s, people can feel immortal. Ultimately, for all of the foolishness that people put themselves through in their teens, 20s and sometimes into their 30s, depending upon how hard it is for people to learn lessons, it comes time to pay the piper in your late 40s, 50s and 60s.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: That’s when that sponge has been dripped into, and it’s just full. If you think about it, when you squeeze that sponge, what happens? All this water gushes out all over the place. Well, your body is that sponge. You have something that’s an unnatural event. When you have been collecting in that sponge for decades and your body squeezes.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: What could be an unnatural event? Trauma, you had an accident, you wrecked your car, you have to have surgery, you fall down some steps, anything that’s not normal or you have a very stressful situation. It could even be any number of things like that. Those are virtual squeezes of that sponge. All of these toxins go from those reservoirs where your body has had it compartmentalized and siloed, and it jams them right back into the bloodstream. That’s when we have issues.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: That’s when those toxins go from sequestered to right back into your bloodstream. What can I hit? What can I run into? What can I disrupt? What enzymes can I mess up? What cell membranes can I tear apart? What organs can I disrupt? As long as those cellular defenses are there, those cells are happy. Happy cells make happy tissues. Happy tissues make happy organs. Happy organs make happy organ systems. Happy organ systems make happy humans.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: If those cellular defenses run out, then the cellular parts start being the detox. Your RNA gets hit, your DNA gets hit, your enzymes get hit and your cell membranes get hit. When that happens, you have cell death. When you have enough cell death, then you have tissue death or organ death. That’s what happens. All of these health issues are insidious. That’s a fancy scientific word for it sneaks up on you. You can’t feel it.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: One day you wake up and it’s like, “My God, why does everything hurt?” What are you doing that you haven’t been doing lately? For me, I’m working, manual construction in my mom and dad’s house, fixing the shower. I’m using muscles I haven’t used in a long time and everything is sore. Well, you know what that is? That’s cellular inflammation. Cellular inflammation can be controlled, you can control it with your anti-inflammatories. Your ibuprofen, Tylenol, aspirin, Naproxen, Aleve and all of those things.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: If you take those for too long, and then you’re trading your anti-inflammatory for your liver health. It’s all a balance. You have to find something that’s natural. It’s like carbon 60. That’s the best antioxidant in the world. Google carbon 60, you’ll find a thousand different products with that.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Carbon 60 can eliminate that everyday fire of inflammation and of the oxygen radicals. When you give your body that sort of a wonderful supplement, and it doesn’t have to exert a lot of resources doing that daily grind against the anti-inflammatory business of just existing and breathing, then your body can put into effect it’s amazing capacity to heal. When you have the resources, your body knows where to spend them. The human body has an amazing capacity to know where to do that.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Carbon 60 is a wonderful molecule. The one I recommend is from Live Longer Labs. It’s called C60 Complete and it comes with carbon 60 and two other natural products. It comes with curcumin and it comes with blackseed oil. It’s one of the best products on the face of the earth, in my opinion. I was the first credentialled professional that wrote a white paper on this.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: If you go to you can find that and you can get one that’s written for the lay public or you can get one that’s written for the scientific mind. It tells you why it works, why it’s good and why everybody on the planet should be on it.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: The fact of the matter is, it helps with that inflammation process. It helps with that chronic inflammation. Inflammation is really one of the worst problems that humans face. Chronic inflammation leads to all those signs of aging. Your eye wrinkles, graying hair, age spots and all of these things are due to your body losing efficiency to fight the inflammation, to fight those oxygen radicals over time.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: If you want to do one thing, you find a C60 supplement that works for you and you use that. That gives your body the boost it needs to take care of the daily grind so that it can realign resources to it’s cellular defense mechanism, that bucket of every cell to what needs healing.

Wendy Myers: I think what ends up happening is people build up these toxins over time from the air, food, water and medications that they’re taking. Then they use up all their cellular defenses like glutathione, vitamin E, vitamin C and all these other things that are used to fight toxins in the body. Then they become depleted and to a certain degree, defenseless, if they’re not repleting them through food, supplementation or lifestyle habits.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Bad decisions will deplete them faster.

Wendy Myers: Absolutely. If you’re drinking, smoking and taking poly-pharmaceuticals, like my father was, on 10 different medications towards the end of his life. He didn’t have a chance. His liver didn’t have a chance. A lot of people are doing that. Millions are on four, five or more medications. All these things work against your liver and your body’s ability to detox.

Wendy Myers: So, it’s great to have something like the C60. I’ve actually never done a podcast on this before, on this molecule. Can you talk a little bit more about anything interesting about how it works? Any cons about it? Any contraindications for people who shouldn’t be taking it?

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Sure, I absolutely can. It works by fighting inflammation. It works by taking care of oxidative stress.  Oxidative stress is really one of the only design flaws in humans, because when the mitochondria are making energy from oxygen and other co-factors in the body, a side effect of that is the production of oxygen radicals. It’s these oxygen radicals that have to be quenched by something and C60 is very good at it.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Glutathione is a biochemical reaction. If you think about this, again, it’s going to be a weird analogy. Think about glutathione as a Flintlock black powder rifle. You have one shot to take out one oxygen radical. Then you’ve got to reload that glutathione by going through a biochemical process and resetting it up to do that again. That takes cofactors and supplies, by the cell.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Carbon 60 is a 60 carbon soccer ball structure of carbon that is actually in that circular spherical orb. There’s all kinds of carbons in there that pick up hydrogen from the ambient environment in your body. It’s a chemical reaction not a biochemical reaction. You have 60 spots on a carbon that can suck up these oxygen radicals.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Where glutathione is a single shot, Carbon 60 can get 60 of these things. Once it eliminates that oxygen radical, it just takes the one of those hydrogens, slaps it on and that sends it on its way as a detoxified hazard, which is now an innocuous molecule that’s found commonly in the body. It picks up another hydrogen from the ambient environment and regenerates immediately. It can go on nearly forever taking care of these oxygen radicals. That’s why carbon 60 is so, so good.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: When you’re shopping for your Carbon 60, you’ve got to look for Carbon 60 purity, not Carbon 50, not Carbon 59. It has got to be carbon 60 and look for the ones with no solvents. That’s going to take you down to about, I would say, four or five candidates. Like I said, I like the Live Longer Labs version of it because you can get just the Carbon 60 in an oil form or you can get it in a gel cap. It is combined with curcumin and black seed oil, which are very powerful natural products that are organ protective. They’re antibiotics and they’re antivirals.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: It has been shown by the NIH to help long-haulers, the people that got the COVID infection. They recovered from it but there are still all kinds of symptoms and signs, like the high-performance athletes that can’t get back to their sports because they’re still having nagging signs and symptoms. Their viral load is low enough to not make them “sick,” but it’s high enough to still mess with their physiology.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Carbon 60 with curcumin and black seed oil has been shown to have positive benefits in those long-hauler COVID type infections. Both of my parents are 81 years old. I have them both on that product. They haven’t been sick in the last two years. I attribute that to the Carbon 60, the C60 Complete. My mom has had two knee replacements. The first time she wasn’t on Carbon 60, the second time she was. WIth the second knee replacement, there was less pain, less swelling and her progression through physical therapy was tremendously faster because you had that anti-oxidant effect. You had that to take care of the oxidative stress. When you do that, your body heals.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: There’s another lady I’d love to tell you about. She’s a retired OB-GYN, so a baby doctor. She was suffering from the beginning of macular degeneration. If you don’t know what that is, that is a degenerative effect in your eye where you lose your field of vision. It’s just like it’s burning away and you just have a spot where you can’t see anything. It’s all based on oxidative stress.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: When she found the Carbon 60 or she found the Live Longer Labs product, she took the oil which is designed to last a month. She took a month’s worth every week. She has before and after pictures. Not only did she halt her macular degeneration for which there was no cure initially, she reversed it.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: She has the pictures from her eye doctor, the before and the after. That eye doctor broke his arm patting himself on the back for all the good things that he was doing for her, in curing her incurable disease. It was completely the Live Longer Labs product. It’s so effective that other people have had those effects and Live Longer Labs is actually partnering with pharma companies to do clinical trials for macular degeneration, because it was that effective. It’s all based on quenching oxidative stress. It’s that simple.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: When you control your oxidative stress with that supplement, Carbon 60, then that bucket of cellular defenses is hugely plentiful to go after everything else that’s wrong with your body. That is how it works. That’s why it works. It’s a very simple mechanism and it actually helps with mental conditions. In Parkinson’s patients, we’ve seen the tremor stop.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: It was originally made by the founder of Live Longer Labs, his name is Max Champie. You can look him up. He’s a great scientist. He’s from Bastrop, Texas, so probably you know where that is. He originally formulated this product because his mother was beginning to show signs of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. He made this product to give to his mother and she got seven more years of complete mental clarity. All of the symptoms of those conditions vanished. Max actually told me that the product worked so well with his mother, she got back to the point of irritating him on a daily basis.

Wendy Myers: That’s so funny.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Other parts of her body failed and she’s gone from this rock. The response from the grassroots effort of people that have heard about that product snowballed. Max kept Live Longer Labs going, and this helped a tremendous amount of people with the Carbon 60 based products from Live Longer Labs. It’s always about what’s next. The way Max treats me is he sends me the name of the ingredient. He will send me, “What do you think about black seed oil? What do you think about curcumin?” He doesn’t tell me what he’s going to do with it. He doesn’t tell me if he thinks it’s bad or if it’s good. I’ll give him my opinion on it.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Next thing I know, I see a product that comes out with these things in the middle of the product. So, it’s something that I take. It’s something that I give my mom and dad. It’s something that my family takes. I call it the fountain of youth. C60 Complete is definitely the fountain of youth because it fights those age-related conditions and it helps you detox.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: One of the best stories are all these guys that are working around the Live Longer Labs. They all got telomere length tests. Have you ever heard of that?

Wendy Myers: Yes. Absolutely.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Telomeres are the part of the cell that, if it’s long, means that the cell can divide for a long time and it’s not going to die. They did a before and after telomere length test, before taking a bunch of C60 and then after. They’d swab the side of their cheek which gave them some cells, and then they sent the test kit back. The test kit company, after analysis, said, “There’s something wrong with this test. These results are unbelievable. We need to do it again.”

Dr. Joe Nieusma: So, they repeated the test. There’s one guy that’s involved with the company that is 72 years old and he’s got a 120% chance of living until he’s 105, based on his telomere test. Seven years ago, he had a stroke. He used the Carbon 60 to completely eliminate all signs and symptoms of that stroke. It’s all oxidative stress. If you control oxidative stress, you’re going to give your body the leg up that it needs to heal.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: When you’re on a bunch of pharmaceutical products, all of these metabolites create oxidative stress. What I offer in that realm, Wendy, there’s a program that I call HOPE. It’s called health optimization and prescription evaluation. For this program, because physicians don’t have time to do it for their patients, I take the time to have a conversation with people or they fill out a form with additional questions. They tell me what they’re on, why they’re on it, how long they’ve been on it, the doses and stuff. I give them a complete drug analysis and questions that they can bring back to their healthcare provider that essentially says, “Doc, prove to me that I still need to be on this medicine.”

Dr. Joe Nieusma: I’ve done this approach for a lot of people. In every single case, I find drug interactions. That means drug A is interacting with drug B, because they’re both there. Now, if you think about it, every time you see a commercial for these drug products, you get the lawyer’s fast talk at the end. That’s all the things that could happen. Those labels are written as if the human is only taking that one drug. Nobody thinks about the person that’s on 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 or 15 different drugs. Then you have all of those things in the soup inside you that could be synergistic or antagonistic or somehow working together to create a worse reaction, by having those two chemical agents in your body.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: That’s what you really need to think about. I found drug interactions on every single HOPE analysis that I’ve written. One of the last ones that I did, this lady was on 17 drug products and 12 supplements. That’s a lot. I found five therapeutic areas where she was on duplicate therapy. That means she was taking multiple drugs for the same thing, five different times. I got her off a lot of those meds. I took her down to two supplements. Then she added the C60 Complete. She’s doing fabulously.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: The fact of the matter is, you have to take the first step, fill out that form and send it to me. I can say, “This is what we can do.” When I find people on cholesterol drugs, the statins. It’s like, “We got to get off of that.”

Wendy Myers: Those are just some of the worst classes of drugs. I directly linked my father’s death to taking statins. They are finding that 50% of the people that take statins are suddenly getting diabetes caused by the statins and the diabetes ends up causing weight gain and then cancer.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Liver failure.

Wendy Myers: Yes, Liver failure. He was completely debilitated after being on statins for 10 years.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: It’s completely preventable. The American Medical Association, yes I’m going to get a dig in on physicians. They’re not in the business of curing anything. If they get somebody to take a drug for the rest of their life, they get a long-term customer. Think about that, as a perspective. With statins, the physicians are very apt to say, “Well, you’re getting a little thick. Let’s put you on this statin and this blood pressure drug.” Instead of just saying, “Hey, why don’t you get up off the couch and walk around the block a little more often?” That thickness is what they call pre-diabetes, that’s not diabetes.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: If somebody says or hears their doctor, say, “I want to put you on a statin. I want to put you on blood pressure medicine.” This is when you need to say, “Wait a minute, Doc. Give me a month. Give me six weeks. I’m going to see what I can do with diet and exercise first.” More times than not, the people that are initially put on those statins, don’t need to be on statins. The statin, just like that sponge analogy, will build up in your system over time. If they don’t see a reduction in your cholesterol real quick, they’ll increase the dose. That just turns up the faucet rate. The dripping gets faster.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: What happens in the very severe cases of statins is a condition called rhabdomyolysis. That’s a fancy science word for breaking down your skeletal muscles. The statins can break down your skeletal muscles and dump all this proteinaceous material back into your bloodstream. Your kidneys work overtime trying to filter all this protein. It wrecks your liver, just from taking the statin. It wrecks your skeletal muscles from having too much statin in your system. Then it wrecks your kidneys trying to save itself from the skeletal muscle that’s getting broken down.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: That is a very 30,000-foot overview of the dangers of statins but that’s just one class. The other class that I see half the world on, is antidepressants. Prozac, why? People have lost the ability to cope. Half the world is anxious and half the world is convinced somehow that they’re depressed. And as soon as you get on these, they’re lifelong and it’s brain altering chemistry. It changes people’s personalities.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Whenever I see antidepressants in the profile, I ask them, “What was the original cause for getting on this drug? Is it still in your life? Was it transient? Has it passed? Do we need this? Is this a crutch or is this a necessity?” More times than not, people are like, “I don’t know why I’m still taking that.”

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Studies have shown, one of the best ways to treat depression is not with pharmaceutical products, it’s by buying a dog. Because it gives you…

Wendy Myers: I can testify to that.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: It gives you another sentient soul to take care of on this rock. They’re fully dependent on you. That also helps with the “Oh my God, I’m fat.” It’s a proven fact that if your dog is overweight, you don’t get enough exercise. It’s that simple.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Then you get up off the couch, you’re walking the dog around the block, you’re not sitting there watching TV and eating a whole bag of Oreos. It’s the baby steps that you can begin to link together to decrease your environment of toxic exposure and your necessity or dependence on pharmaceutical products. That’s just two examples. Every single profile is different.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: I’ve seen some absolutely tragic stories, but there’s still a silver lining in those. If it’s worth it to you to say, “I don’t want to be on all these pharmaceutical products.” Hit my website, Click on the button that says The Whole Program. Fill out the form and let’s see if we can help you. There hasn’t been anybody I haven’t been able to help, so far.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: It’s just the baby steps of taking control of your own wellness. There’re so many things you can do to take back a little bit of control, like the food advice, eat half and mostly plants. You’re going to be okay. The water advice. It’s very, very low effort. Go online to your favorite online shop and buy yourself a ZeroWater filter. You can put tap water in it and it runs it through a five-stage filter. It takes out chlorine, it takes out fluoride, it takes out heavy metals, and it actually produces water the way water is supposed to taste.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: When you have a ZeroWater filter, that water, like “Wow, this is good.” You’ll drink more water and that helps with your hydration. It helps you kick the soda habit, which decreases your sugar load, which helps get your physiology back in control. Especially if you’re not eating all the processed garbage from the middle of the grocery store and you’re eating more raw foods, whole foods and green foods. At first, your body’s going to say “Hey, what’s going on here?” But then, it’s going to say, “Hey, I like this. Keep it coming.” Those initial small results should set you up for the next round of better results.

Wendy Myers: Let’s talk about pharmaceuticals for a little bit. I think that’s something that, when people have health issues, they’re not sleeping, they’re depressed or just not feeling right, they go to their doctor and they almost always will walk out with a prescription.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Yes.

Wendy Myers: I remember my father went to multiple different doctors. There’s different specialists for the heart and for this and that. I’m amazed that we have computers, and the doctors aren’t looking at the drugs that the patient is on and analyzing if there’s going to be any drug interactions. They just think they know it all. I’m amazed. I’ve only seen one or two physicians use a computer when they are recommending medications for people. Tell us about that. Tell us a little bit about that issue and why that is.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Sure.

Wendy Myers: I love the service that you’re providing to help people because there’s always natural alternatives, typically.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Absolutely.

Wendy Myers: My mom just got off of blood pressure medication that she was taking for 30 years. She finally followed my advice. I got her a sauna, an infrared sauna. She started using the sauna every day. She doesn’t need the medication anymore. She’s completely medication free. Her husband, unfortunately, is just in love with the doctor and he takes, I think, at least five different medications. His life revolves around the timing of these medications to take them with or without food. He can’t eat certain foods as doctors tell him not to eat any nuts or any fruit. He doesn’t eat any fruit because the doctor said so. He won’t eat any onions. He won’t eat any garlic. He won’t eat all these amazing foods.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: He’s missing a lot of natural products.

Wendy Myers: All these amazingly natural foods because the doctor said don’t eat them or they’re going to interrupt their drugs, or they are contraindicated for your health issues. It’s insane to me.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: What I like to start with down this topic is, physicians have one semester of pharmacology in medical school. That’s it. The drug experts in the healthcare system are really the pharmacists. If there is a pharmacist on the healthcare team at the hospital, that’s the best-case scenario. Usually, there’s not. The hope of catching drug interactions lies in a patient having all of the prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy. The pharmacist’s computer system, when those are entered, they have the flags that say, “Hey, you need to look into this. This is a drug interaction.” They have major drug interactions, minor, intermediate, so different severities.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: It’s the pharmacist that is the keystone in catching those drug interactions. Physicians are only as educated as the latest drug rep that sat across their desk. They don’t have time to get the education to be up on all of the drugs. They just don’t do it. Not that that’s bad or anything, but they just don’t have time. You have to lean on the other experts in the healthcare system. That’s the pharmacist.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Western trained physicians, primarily in the United States, really overlook and I think they’re arrogant because of it, they overlook all of the Eastern natural product medicine that has centuries of work behind it for the active substances found in natural products and plants. The fact of the matter is, all of these big pharma are finding their active ingredients in natural products. They’re just chemically synthesizing the active ingredient instead of using an herbal remedy in a tea, some other tincture or something along those lines.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Western trained medicine physicians completely ignore all of that far eastern experience. I think they’re less effective because of it. To blindly follow the faith, judgment, care and instructions of your physician is not the way I would recommend. You have to be your own best advocate in today’s healthcare system. You have to have some semblance of buyer beware.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: There’s a lot of information out there that people can go and find. They just need to be willing to do it. I think it’s the lazy way for the patient, the consumer, the friend, the parent, the brother or whatever, to just say, “My doctor told me this, so I’m going to do it.” I don’t recommend that. I’d say, “Go talk to your pharmacist. Go find a homeopathic physician.” Somebody that combines natural processes with the pharmaceutical resources that are available, because those homeopathic folks are about preventative medicine and curative medicine. A lot of the Western trained physicians are all about long-term customers. Unfortunately, that’s the case.

Wendy Myers: It’s such a terrible thing that’s going on right now with so many millions of people on medications that have completely natural alternatives. It’s one of the things that got me really passionate about doing this podcast. It was kind of transferred into detoxification. I realized that medications are one of those things that puts a huge burden on your detox pathways.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: They are a lot of people’s primary toxins.

Wendy Myers: Yes, exactly. You guys who are trying to detox, you need to think about and reverse engineer this. What is it that I’m putting in and on my body that is causing me to need to detox in the first place.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Rule number one, finding yourself in a hole.

Wendy Myers: Yes.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Stop digging.

Wendy Myers: Yes. Yes. Any advice for people that are wanting to detox their body but they’re on a bunch of different medications, and they feel like they have to have that? Can you give them any advice?

Dr. Joe Nieusma: I would say, have an analysis. I’m happy to help you. Go to Click on the Hope Analysis. It’s not free, but it’s nominal. Get that analysis conducted, so you have the right ammo to go back to your healthcare provider, whoever it is. Say, “Hey, do I need to be on this stuff?” You need to want to take the first step. You need to want to take that first step to say, “I don’t need to be on this stuff. I don’t want to be on this stuff.” There is a pathway to get off of this stuff.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Once you do that, then we can talk about natural alternatives. We can talk about a better diet, we can talk about better hydration and we can talk about better sleep. It all is in an order of operations. You have got to take the first step first. If you fall down on the first step, take the first step again, and again and again. As you take back your own wellness and control of your own wellness, those victories are going to lead you to take the next step, and the next step and the next step.

Wendy Myers: The reality is it takes work on your part. You can’t be passive. I do not recommend being a passive participant in your own health journey, because a doctor has what? 15 minutes with you? Maybe?

Dr. Joe Nieusma: If that.

Wendy Myers: They just don’t have time to really look at the whole picture, to look at all the alternatives. They don’t give health coaching advice to their patients. The patient is there to solve a problem, they solve their problem and you go to the next patient.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Move on to the next patient.

Wendy Myers: That’s what you’re dealing with. That’s what people want. They want a solution when they go to their doctor. You have to be aware of that. There’s no getting around it, you have to do the work. I had a friend of mine, she had endometriosis and she was coming to me and saying, “What do I do to get rid of this?” I’m like, “Well, there’s always a chemical underlying component of that. Heavy metals…”

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Which promotes growth, exactly.

Wendy Myers: Heavy metals, chemicals and synthetic estrogens.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: They can all be measured.

Wendy Myers: I said, here’s what you have to do to detox, A, B, C, D. Well, that’s really expensive to have to do that. Well, you can live with the pain and she opted, rather than spending some money on her own health to get her uterus removed, because that was free.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: That’s drastic. Wow.

Wendy Myers: That was free. That was covered by health insurance.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Did it work?

Wendy Myers: No. No. It does not.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Sometimes, it doesn’t get all the endometriosis.

Wendy Myers: She still has the issue.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: You did not solve the problem. It’s like the mold growing in the drywall. If you don’t get it all, it’s going to keep going.

Wendy Myers: No, it didn’t. She still has the issue. And I’m like, “There isn’t any way around it.” Even in cancers. People have cancer. Even if you remove the tumor, the conditions that allowed it to thrive are still there. The toxins that caused the mutation will have to be addressed.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Cancer thrives in acidic environments.

Wendy Myers: Yes.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: If you keep yourself hydrated and alkaline, you’re going to stave off any cancer growth.

Wendy Myers: Well, Dr. Joe, thank you so much for coming on the show. Is there anything else we haven’t mentioned that you’d want to elaborate on?

Dr. Joe Nieusma: If people are looking for me, they can go to and fill out the contact sheet. Ask me any question. I try like crazy to get all of those answered. If you can’t remember, just Google Dr. Joe for HOPE and you will find me.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: You have got to remember that it took you years and years and years to get where you are. It’s going to take longer than a couple of weeks or a month to start your journey back. You just have to keep taking the initial steps until it becomes a habit, and you are back in control of what you need to have control over.

Wendy Myers: Can you remember the proponent of intermittent fasting? Can you talk about that at all? Can you tell us the benefits of them?

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Well, intermittent fasting, basically, it’s designed to overcome your insulin resistance. You do that by having extended periods of time where you don’t have incoming nutrients which spike your insulin levels. If you can get a good long time of having no insulin wash all over your bloodstream, then you get those periods where your body can naturally heal that insulin resistance. It’s insulin resistance, which leads to obesity.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Unfortunately, the deck is stacked against you because the fat gets fatter. It gets so hard to get fit once you’re super fat, because of the way insulin resistance works, the way your blood sugar works and the way your body responds. Your glycemic index which jacks up your blood sugar levels and then your pancreas just shoots out loads of insulin. That intermittent fasting will take care of a lot of that insulin resistance as a primary benefit, but it also decreases chronic inflammation. We’ve already touched on that.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: That chronic inflammation, if left unchecked, leads to things that are very scary, like cancer. If you get at the mechanisms, from multiple approaches, that’s decreasing toxins in your air, your water, your food and you go on intermittent fasting. That gives your body the chance because the human body is designed to graze. It’s not designed for three square meals a day. That was Industrial Revolution crap that helped management keep people working longer. Humans are designed to graze, eating mostly plants. Once in a while you can have meat because “Hey, you’re lucky enough to kill something. Let’s all have some of this water buffalo.” That hasn’t changed.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: If you think about how things were in the beginning, and you mimic that, more and more, you’re going to give your body’s natural design, resonance. That’s a fancy science word to make sure everything’s jiving to utilize the programming that’s inherent in our DNA. Does that make sense?

Wendy Myers: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely.

Dr. Joe Nieusma: Intermittent fasting is just another tool in the tool chest. We talked about a lot of different things. If your listeners come up with specific things that they want to take a deep dive on, that’s a scuba reference. I love it. I’m happy to come back and we can do that.

Wendy Myers: That’s fantastic. Well, Dr. Joe, thanks for coming on the show and thank you for imparting your knowledge about pharmaceuticals. You have spent years studying pharmaceuticals and how they interact with the body. There’s not enough information out there about how pharmaceuticals interact with each other, and the health issues that can cause. People are just not thinking about that. They just think that their doctors have got them covered. He’s caring for them, and there’s not going to be any issues when they’re taking medications. The exact opposite is typically the case. Thanks for coming on the show.

Wendy Myers: Everyone, thanks for tuning in to the Myers Detox Podcast. Thanks so much for tuning in every week. On the show, we talk about everything related to toxins and how to detox the body. I’m Wendy Myers. You can check out my site at and I’ll talk to you guys next week.