#390 How Pharmaceuticals Add to Your Toxic Body Burden and How to Get Off of Them with Dr. Joe Nieusma

Dr. Joe Nieusma joins the show to talk about how pharmaceuticals can add to your body’s toxic burden, and some of the best ways that you can get off of them! Dr. Nieusma also discusses how medications cause damage to your organs, the dangers of drug interactions and why your doctor isn’t looking out for them, and so much more!

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • How to get off pharmaceutical medications.
  • How medications are one of the #1 toxins in the body.
  • How statins cause liver and kidney damage and failure.
  • How drug interactions are dangerous and why your doctor isn’t checking for them.
  • How there are almost always natural remedies you can take instead of pharmaceuticals.


Click Here! #390 How Pharmaceuticals Add to Your Toxic Body Burden and How to Get Off of Them with Dr. Joe Nieusma

About Dr. Joe Nieusma

Dr. Nieusma is the CEO/Chief Toxicologist here at Superior Toxicology & Wellness, an international scientific consulting firm that he founded.

For the past 30 years, Dr. Joe has been active in toxicology research. He has been able to improve water quality and remove carcinogens from treated water. He has
assisted private clients to review their medical records and help them to eliminate unnecessary prescription drugs from their profile.

As a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Vitro Biopharma, Dr. Joe helped market stem-cell related products for diabetes research to scientific, pharmaceutical, and ultimately medical markets. With the overwhelming options for better
health, we are often left confused and with more questions than answers. Dr. Nieusma provides solutions to our medical questions, giving us back the power of our own health.

You can learn more about Dr. Nieusma and his work at superiortoxicology.com

To get a Hope Analysis, just fill out the contact form at superiortoxicology.com/hope




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