#520 Detoxing With Essential Fatty Acids – Why You Need an Oil Change With Udo Erasmus

“If we underestimate (by a billion times) the damage we are doing to ourselves, we need to know that. This is a billion times worse than I think this is. Maybe I need to rethink damaged oils in my food supply.”

Udo Erasmus

Are you ready for an oil change? Getting rid of the unhealthy oils in your body can be a long but rewarding process. Today’s guest is octogenarian Udo Erasmus, co-founder of Udo’s Choice supplement brand, specializing in healthy oils, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and more.

Udo brings a relatable understanding of how damaged oils are affecting our health, and how we can better use healthy oils to carry oil-soluble toxins out of our bodies. The conversation ranges from understanding your omega oils (3 and 6) to oil enemas, digestive enzymes, and more.

More toxicity comes from eating bad oils than any other part of our nutrition. As we reach for poor-quality fish oils, or eat fish with high levels of metal toxicity, it’s worth understanding the impact that our nutritional choices have on our long-term health.

The way Udo can frame the challenges we all face, with a scientific curiosity earned from decades of helping people get better with his products, is simply a delight and will hopefully make you appreciate that while your oil change may be necessary, it needn’t be overwhelming. Isn’t it time you thought about the damaged oils in your food supply?


On Today’s Podcast, You’ll Learn:

  • Why more toxicity comes from eating (bad) oils than any other part of nutrition
  • Why you need an ‘oil change’
  • Why Omega-6 is so essential
  • How much damage do we do to our bodies when we ingest damaged oils?
  • Thinking about our health in mind when oils are made
  • What does an oil enema involve?
  • What about digestive enzymes for detoxification?
  • What kind of enzymes does Udo recommend?
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About the Guest:

About Udo Erasmus | Udo's Oils: Vegetarian Flaxseed Oil-based Essential Fatty Acids Australia

Udo Erasmus

In 1994, Udo developed an oil blend that is both better balanced and more effective than flax oil. He followed this with probiotics blends and digestive enzyme blends in 1997, and a year later developed prebiotic fiber and green blends. His ‘Udo’s Choice’ product line still sells all over the world. 

Today Udo consults, presents, and takes on the key global issues of our time, spearheading projects on peace, health, energy, environment, and education. He is now focused on sustainable energy and water management, as well as healthcare based in nature and human nature, the nature of human nature, and the thirst of the heart resulting in perfect health for you, your family, and the world.





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