Why You May Want to STOP Taking Vitamin D

Almost anyone, including your physician, says you should take Vitamin D. I say you need to know a little more in depth about vitamin D BEFORE you supplement. 90% of people taking a vitamin D supplement do not need it!

Yes, this is what ALL the controversy is about with Hormone-D… getting from one state to the next!


The molecule on the Left is Calcidiol, aka 25(OH)D or the “Storage” form of the Hormone.

The molecule on the Right is Calcitriol, aka 1,25(OH)2 D3 or the “Active” form of the Hormone.

And you can’t get from Left state to Right state without consuming Magnesium and Mg-ATP… And that’s a fact.

Well, if you do nothing else today, please take the 10-min to watch this interview with Kenny L. De Meirleir, MD, PhD, a pre-eminent physiologist, internist and ME/CFS researcher based in Brussels:

He is MOST clear in his position re Hormone-D:

  • “Low 25(OH)D is just a ‘witness’ that you have too much 1,25(OH)2 D3…”  (this is ~4:30 in the video…)
  • He is critical of his professional colleagues for recommending so much “D”-pendence on this supplement…
  • He indicates the ratio of 1,25(OH)2 D3 (“Active”) to 25(OH)D (“Storage”) SHOULD BE 1.5, “maybe” 2 times greater, but what he is now finding are patients with FOUR TO FIVE TIMES (4-5X) more “Active” Hormone, compared to their “Storage” Hormone. It sets the stage for severe mineral and metabolic imbalance.

I have LOOOOONG suspected and theorized that this was, in fact, exactly what was happening, and now have clinical proof from one of the foremost authorities on this very dynamic. And why is this so alarming? Because HIGH levels of “Active” Hormone-D are indications of excess, unregulated Calcium in the blood. (And what makes it “unregulated?” — Too little Magnesium, as you no doubt imagined!…)

So, what to do?…

Please look BEFORE you “D”cide to supplement!

Conduct the following four blood tests to have certainty of your need for additional supplemental “D” — not because you read a glitzy article, or that your neighbor stressed the need, or worse yet, that your not-fully-informed doctor “ordered” you to do so. That they are choosing to overlook the metabolic foundation of this issue is a bit unsettling, at best…

The tests that get to the metabolic truth are as follows:

  • Magnesium RBC (Red Blood Cell): it’s the KEY catalyst for creating “Storage” and “Active” forms  of this Hormone…Should be 5.0-7.0 mg/dL.
  • 25(OH)D blood test: it’s the measure of the “Storage” form, the precursor to “Active” form of this Hormone…Should be 30-89 ng/dl.
  • 1,25(OH)2 D3 blood test: it’s the measure of the “Active” form of this Hormone…Should be 22-45 pg/dl.
  • “Ionized” Serum Calcium blood test (NOT a standard serum test!): given that Calcitriol’s JOB in the body is to put MORE Calcium into the blood stream, it only makes sense to know exactly how much you have there already, right?

If your Magnesium RBC is below 5 and 1, 25 (OH)2 D3 is blow 22, then and ONLY then do you need Vitamin D!

So, please, look BEFORE you take a “D”ive!

And if you need a refresher on why excess, unregulated Calcium is NOT your friend, please review this article that Carolyn Dean, MD, ND and I wrote in December, 2012:

I’m confident that this new information will be troubling to some, a bit confusing to others, but absolutely beneficial to all who take the time to read this, and act on it… I strongly encourage you to do so!

A votre sante!

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Morley Robbins was a hospital executive and consultant for 32 years but left that to become a health coach. He has a BA in biology and an MBA in health administration. After writing 1,200 articles on Magnesium and health, Morley proves that magnesium plays a role in all metabolic systems, and is therefore a contributing factor to nearly all major health issues. He is committed to educating as many people as possible about the MAG-nificence of Magnesium. Visit his website at GotMag.org.

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