#48 Why you need to eat the yolks with Liz Wolfe


Liz Wolfe of Realfoodliz.com talks to Leigh and Wendy about her new book, Eat the Yolks, a hilarious take on eating real food that bashes many health myths pervading our food culture. She is also cohosts one of the top ten health podcasts on iTunes and one of my favorites, the Balanced Bites Podcast. 


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About Liz Wolfe

Liz-Wolfe-200x300Liz Wolfe, of Realfoodliz.com, is a Real Food lover, an amateur homesteader, a natural skincare enthusiast, and a published author. Most importantly, she’s got goats. Liz is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association. She co-hosts the top-rated Balanced Bites podcast. She has a regular column in Paleo Magazine. She wrote the Skintervention Guide, based around her experiences healing longstanding skin issues.

She’s a city gal who went from CrossFit n’ Paleo to Farm Fit n’ homesteading. After spending 4 years in New Jersey, Liz, the Husband and the Pooch moved “back home” to a 15-acre homestead in the midwest. They’ve got goats, chickens, guinea fowl, stray puppies, and lots of crazy wildlife, and soon, 2 hogs. She and her husband are trying to be more sustainable and less stressed, and we’re working on producing as much of their own Real Food as possible.

Her New Book!

eat the yolks liz wolfe paleo balanced bites skintervention guide, live to 110 Wendy myersWorry about cholesterol. Avoid red meat. Eat whole grains. Could it all be a lie?

We live in an era of health hype and nutrition propaganda, and we’re suffering for it. Decades of avoiding egg yolks, choosing margarine over butter, and replacing the real foods of our ancestors with low-fat, processed, packaged substitutes have left us with an obesity epidemic, ever-rising rates of chronic disease, and, above all, total confusion about what to eat and why.This is a tragedy of misinformation, food industry shenanigans, and cheap calories disguised as health food.

It turns out that everything we’ve been told about how to eat is wrong. Fat and cholesterol are harmful to your health? Nope—they are crucial to your health. “Whole grains” are health food? Not even close. Counting calories is the way to lose weight? Not gonna work—nutrients are what matter. Nutrition can come from a box, bag, or capsule? Don’t count on it!

In Eat the Yolks, Liz Wolfe debunks all these myths and more, revealing what’s behind the lies and bringing the truth about fat, cholesterol, protein, and carbs to light. You’ll be amazed at the tall tales we’ve been told in the name of “healthy eating.” With wit and grace, Wolfe makes a compelling argument for a diet based on Paleo foods. She takes us back to the foods of our ancestors, combining the lessons of history with those of modern science to uncover why real, whole food—the kind humans ate for thousands of years before modern nutrition dogma led us astray—holds the key to amazing health and happy taste buds.

In Eat the Yolks, Liz Wolfe doesn’t just make a case for eating the whole egg. She uncovers the shocking lies we’ve been told about fat, cholesterol, protein, carbs, and calories and brings us the truth about which foods are healthy—and which foods are really harming us. You’ll learn truths like: fat and cholesterol are crucial, not harmful . . . and why – “whole grains” are processed foods . . . and what to eat instead . . .counting calories is a waste of energy and what we actually should be tracking. . . all animal products are not created equal and which ones we truly need . . . nutrition doesn’t come in a box, bag, or capsule . . . and why there’s no substitute for real food!

Her Old Book

Skintervention GuideCountless people around the world struggle with skin and body issues of all kinds: acne, eczema, psoriasis, scarring, weak hair and nails, and – most importantly – frustration with commercial products filled with unnecessary, harsh chemicals. Not to mention the confusing territory of dealing with cellulite, anti-aging strategies, intimate care, and choosing non-toxic makeup, body care items, and even home care products. How can those things be tackled safely and effectively? How can we be sure the products we use are safe, and not causing us more problems? So many of us have been misled, puzzled and confused when it comes to caring for ourselves.

Whoever you are, whatever condition your skin, hair, nails, teeth, or body-care confidence is in right now, you CAN take control. And Liz can show you how with the Skintervention Guide!

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Dr Wendy Myers, ND is a detox expert, functional diagnostic nutritionist, NES Bioenergetic Practitioner, and founder of Myersdetox.com. She is the #1 bestselling author of Limitless Energy: How to Detox Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue . Additionally, Wendy is the host of The Heavy Metals Summit, the Myers Detox Podcast, and the Supercharged Podcast. Passionate about the importance of detox to live a long and healthy life, she created the revolutionary Myers Detox Protocol , and Mitochondria Detox kit after working with thousands of clients, as well as a range of supplements to help you detox from everyday living and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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