#100 Top 10 Ways to Reduce Stress with Evan Brand

Evan Brand joined me on the Live to 110 Podcast this week to celebrate my 100th episode! For our celebration, we spoke about how to reduce stress and his program Stress Solutions.

Evan inspired me to start my own podcast after I had so much fun as a guest on his Not Just Paleo podcast. So I wanted to have him on to celebrate my 100th Episode!!!


Evan just finished developing his new program and book, Stress Solutions. He had four guest experts, including myself, contributing exclusive, unique interviews with different angles on stress. I detailed adrenal fatigue and mineral deficiencies as a result of all the stress in our lives and how detoxing the right way can help in stress relief.

So many of us suffer from the effects of stress daily. It manifests in depression, anxiety, or simply a lack of motivation. Evan’s goal is to help prevent you from becoming one of the statistics for these conditions!


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About Evan Brand

Evan Brand

Evan Brand is a Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer specializing in whole-foods nutrition, blood sugar regulation, digestive health, cognitive enhancement and stress management. Evan provides evidence-based clinical nutrition and integrative healthcare with his very popular Not Just Paleo Podcast.

Evan Brand is the writer and researcher behind NotJustPaleo.com, a website about ancestral health and much more! After struggling with depression, incessant sleep issues and irritable bowel syndrome, he set out on a path to discover the true nature of these conditions and how they occur. While studying business, geosciences and communications at the University of Louisville and Indiana University, he also gave lectures at local crossfit gyms in the Louisville area discussing nutrition’s impact on mental and physical health. He performs private consultations worldwide and currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky with his wife.

Stress Solutions

Check out Evan’s new book, Stress Solutions, and start reducing all the stress in your life. This book includes:

  • The latest research on stress and longevity. You’ll go through the process
  • Tips for how the stress response works, how stress management goes wrong and what to do instead
  • Tools to learn how foods play an impact on your stress response and get the top 10 guidelines for “eating for stress”.

Stress-Busting 101 and 201:

  • Actionable tips that will help calm you down and make you a stronger person against stress
  • The really important steps and therapies that your doctor doesn’t know about
  • The self-care techniques that will ensure a healthy relationship with stress for years to come

Listen to his fantastic Not Just Paleo Podcast.

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