#111 How to Stop Cavities with Judene Benoit

Judene Benoit is a dentist and is passionate about teaching people how to stop cavities in their tracks! Hmm.. I sense this might have something to do with minerals!


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About Judene Benoit

Dr. Judene Benoit is a dentist in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. She is passionate about helping people improve their teeth and their lives using simple, natural techniques. Dr. Judene uses a blended approach to dentistry; combining information taught in dental schools and research from scientific dental journals with her love of whole food and whole person holistic thinking to get real results and great success with many people.

How to Stop Cavities

Get Judene’s Bood! How to Stop Cavities: Be Cavity-Free Using Completely Natural Approaches! Inside this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Stop cavities from starting and progressing
  • Heal cavities so restorative treatment is no longer necessary
  • Know the difference between active and arrested decay
  • Determine which cavities are to best to remineralize or heal and which need restorative treatment
  • Use completely natural methods for all ages, diet preferences and current methods of cavity prevention
  • Know the connection between cavities and overall health There has been great advancement in the knowledge of what causes a cavity, yet much of this is not known by most people… until now!

Complex scientific research is made to be easily understood for a variety of topics relating to cavities including: pH Buffering Capacity, Bacteria Food Matrix, Metalloproteinases Hormones, Dentin Fluid, etc. Follow step by step suggestions for how to achieve the healthy mouth of your dreams using non-toxic methods. This book will change the way you see your teeth forever!

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