#123 How Oxalates Ruin Your Health with Dr. William Shaw


Dr. William Shaw, founder of Great Plains Labs, teaches us what oxalates are, their effects on your health and what you can do to reduce oxalate levels in your body.

Most medical doctors don’t have oxalates on their radar. They are more prevalent than you think and they contribute to many health conditions, ranging from Chronic Fatigue to Autism. Oxalates can contribute to pain and discomfort and prevent detox. They even are a culprit in preventing heavy metals from eliminating on a hair mineral analysis.

Oxalates are caused by eating a high oxalate diet and produced by gut infections. Anyone with a long term gut infection should get check for oxalates. I provide oxalate testing and interpretation with an Organic Acids Test from Great Plains Lab.

If you’re having health issues or problems detoxing, ridding your body of oxalates can solve a lot of health problems. You also have to rid your body of oxalates before you have any hopes of getting rid of gut or systemic candida infections.


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About Dr. William Shaw

Dr. William Shaw is an American chemist, autism researcher and the founder of the Great Plains Laboratory. Dr. Shaw has a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Georgia and a PhD from the Medical University of South Carolina, in biochemistry.

After obtaining his PhD, Dr. Shaw spent six years working at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where he was a supervisory research chemist and the chief of the radioimmunoassay laboratory. His laboratory, the Great Plains Laboratory, which he founded in 1996, specializes in metabolic and nutritional testing, particularly as it pertains to autism.

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