#124 How to Heal Leaky Gut with Dietitian Cassie

Cassie Bjork, also known as Dietitian Cassie, talks to me this week on how to heal leaky gut. There are so many little known causes and Cassie is here to help us seal and heal your leaky gut!

The prevalence of leaky gut has climbed tremendously over the years because our modern lifestyle is working against our bodies! Factors like toxins, chronic stress, antibiotic use and even some foods, all contribute to this increased prevalence. Learn how to heal your gut naturally with Dietitian Cassie’s simple diet and lifestyle recommendations.


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About Dietitian Cassie

Dietitian Cassie is a registered, licensed dietitian as well as lead health coach and founder of Healthy Simple Life — a team of dietitians and personal trainers who provide real food and evidence-based nutrition and fitness coaching online, over the phone and at corporate or community classes. They help people find freedom from diets and chronic health conditions through the power of real food so they can live their life to the fullest!

Dietitian Cassie and her team are passionate about debunking diet rumors, myths and fads, while teaching people how to eat real foods in balance to help them feel their best. They specialize in meeting their clients wherever they are in their health journey, and helping them achieve their goals without having to count points or calories ever again. She’s also the cohost of the weekly podcast Low-Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore, Dietitian Cassie & Friends and the featured dietitian for the TV program Twin Cities Live.


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