#149 Herbal Skin Detox with Ora Assayag

Ora Assayag, of Ora’s Amazing Herbals, developed her first herbal salve to treat her own child’s eczema. Today Ora has an entire line of incredible, all natural skincare products that promise to heal and absorb toxins from your skin!

With a background in nutrition, Ora tackled skincare with a unique approach. Tune in to learn about:

  • Ora’s favorite skincare products
  • How to detox your skin
  • Keeping toxins out of your children’s bodies


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About Ora Assayag

Ora Assayag, owner of OrasAmazingHerbal.com, has an MS in nutrition from Bastyr University. She seeks to bring health and healing to the world and its inhabitants through her every day choices. She runs her business and her home with this goal in mind, and is getting better at it every day.

Try Ora’s Amazing Herbal

Ora has built a small family business out of making incredible products. With products from salve to lip balm, Ora is committed to conducting her life and business with respect and high regard for nature, and our environment. This translates into using no synthetic ingredients, using only organic and fairly traded herbs, and conducting her business ethically and with social responsibility.

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