#151 Can ZYTO and Cyberscan Technologies Reveal Your Supplement Needs? with Susan Luschas

Susan Luschas discusses ZYTO and Cyberscan technologies, which identify health conditions, help you customize your supplement protocol and heal your body using quantum medicine.

Tune in to the podcast to learn:

  • What exactly are ZYTO and Cyberscan technologies?
  • How ZYTO and Cyberscan can detect and heal your health conditions
  • How they can help you develop a custom supplement protocol
  • Quantum healing


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About Susan Luschas

Susan Luschas, PhD, is an MIT-trained scientist and engineer. She was forced to apply her critical thinking skills to debug her own family’s health problems. She has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of her life on doctors, experiments, and research. She didn’t stop until her family achieved radiant health. Doctors started sending their un-healable patients to her. In January 2016 she published everything she knows for free on her website: www.debugyourhealth.com.

How ZYTO Scanning Works

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