#152 Detect Breast Cancer Sooner than Mammograms with Sonocine with Dr. Kevin Kelly

Dr. Kevin Kelly can detect breast cancer sooner than mammography with his invention SonoCiné. Traditional mammography offers no diagnostic relevance for over 40% of women who have dense breast tissue or breast implants!

Listen in to learn about:

  • Dr. Kelly’s path to developing SonoCiné
  • SonoCiné can detect breast cancer so small you don’t need radiation or chemo, only surgery!
  • How traditional mammography is not effective for women with dense breast tissue or breast implants
  • Why traditional medicine has not embraced this new technology (Hint: $)


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About Dr. Kevin Kelly

Dr. Kelly is the Medical Director of The Breast Ultrasound Center in Pasadena, CA, and has been in private practice as a diagnostic radiologist for 34 years. He was Director of Breast Imaging at Huntington Memorial Hospital and The Huntington-Hill Breast Center in Pasadena for 20 years.

Dr. Kelly is one of this country’s leading authorities on using ultrasound to detect breast cancer in women with dense breast tissue and/or implants.  Since 1993, he has been conducting clinical research on the discovery and characterization of breast cancer by ultrasound, and in 1997 began his journey to develop SonoCiné AWBUS.

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