#155 Smart Fat with Jonny Bowden

Eat more fat, lose more weight! Jonny Bowden developed the Smart Fat Solution that can improve health, enhance cognitive performance, and slow down aging.

The key to Jonny’s solution is to figure out how to distinguish smart and neutral fats. Tune in to hear:

  • Why everything you know about fat is wrong
  • Which fats are smart fats
  • How Jonny’s incredible Smart Fat program works
  • The latest news on the Forget about Fat Loss Summit


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About Jonny Bowden

Jonny Bowden (aka “The Nutrition Myth Buster”) is a nationally known expert on weight loss, nutrition and health. He is a board-certified nutritionist with a master’s degree in psychology and the author of fourteen books on health, healing, food and longevity including three best-sellers, “The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth”, “Living Low Carb” and “The Great cholesterol Myth” (co-authored with Stephen Sinatra, MD).

He has also earned six national certifications in personal training and exercise. He is board certified by the American College of Nutrition, a member of the prestigious American Society for Nutrition, and a much in-demand speaker at conferences and events across the country.

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