#161 Are You Eating the Right Type of Protein? with Dr. Warren Willey

Dr. Warren Willey teaches that not all protein is created equal. Are you eating the right protein? Learn about protein powder pitfalls and why he doesn’t like protein powder.

Tune in to hear Dr. Willey talk about:

  • How much protein you need daily
  • Pitfalls of Protein Powders
  • Why most people have problems absorbing protein
  • Why you’re not losing weight


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About Dr. Warren Willey

Dr. Warren Willey is the founder and chief medical officer of GetWell3.com. He has spent over 25 years helping people obtain optimal health through nutrition, exercise, and educational programs.  He is recognized as one of the ground-breaking weight loss specialists in the United States.

He is a Board Certified Osteopathic Physician and did his post-graduate training at The Mayo Clinic.  He speaks often to physicians and patients around the country, sharing his insights and methods.  He practices medicine in Idaho and has developed a process of training other physicians and health care practitioners how to incorporate his methods into their family medical practices.

He is an accomplished author and an accomplished athlete.   With the establishment of GetWell3.com, you are no longer required to travel to Idaho to capture some of his magic.  They have automated his training and consultation and give you the ability to customize it to your individual needs through webinars, support groups and online tools.


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