#176 Best Supplements for Glowing Skin with Andy Hnilo

Andy Hnilo talks to us this week about how to care for your skin.  We will talk about supplements that can improve your skin texture, forms of minerals and vitamins that are easily absorbed into the skin, and how to keep your skin looking youthful!

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • Favorite foods for the skin
  • How amino acids give you amazing skin
  • Toxic ingredients to avoid in skin care products


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About Andy Hnilo

Andy Hnilo is an actor, model, athlete and entrepreneur. Andy has worked with companies like, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Under Armour and Speedo. He has had roles on ‘Days of Our Lives’ ‘Bold and Beautiful’ and most recently HBO’s ‘Hello Ladies.’

His career was put on hold however when he was hit and run over by two cars on Melrose Ave on March 20th 2011. He shattered his jaw, had two titanium plates inserted, broke 7 ribs and had a collapsed lung.

Instead of using the toxic products that his surgeons were recommending he use to heal his scarring and abrasions, he used himself as his own biggest science experiment to create a product that would accelerate his healing process. Using his exceptional attention to detail he sourced ingredients all over the globe to create what is now The Alitura Clay Mask.

In addition to that he was the face of Oakley’s global marketing campaign for 2015 and his company, Alitura Naturals is now in 44 countries and growing rapidly with 6 products and plans to release 10 total by the end of 2017


The Medicinal Supplements Summit

Medicinal Supplements SummitAndy Hnilo’s talk was a free bonus talk from my Medicinal Supplements Summit.

Did you know that of the 54,000 dietary supplement products sold today, only a third have some level of safety and effectiveness that is supported by scientific evidence? Many supplements, even organic ones, are contaminated with toxic metals like lead, cadmium and arsenic. You could be taking supplements that are actually doing more harm than good!

That’s why I hosted the Medicinal Supplements Summit!

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