#177 Sleep Biohacks & The Ideal Mattress – Samina – with Claus Pummer

Claus Pummer talks to us this week about how to get better sleep and the ideal mattress called the Samina Sleep System. This is arguably the world’s best mattress.

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • How to create an optimal sleep environment
  • Why you don’t want electronics in the bedroom
  • How a typical wire spring mattress makes you an EMF antenna – and how this disrupts your sleep
  • Why you want an organic mattress


Click here for the full transcript for #177 Sleep Biohacks & The Ideal Mattress with Claus Pummer!

About Claus Pummer

Claus Pummer is the President of Natural by Design, his own home furnishings company and the Managing Director/General Importer of Samina North America.  A native of Frankfurt, Germany, Pummer was raised in a traditional European household by artisan parents with strong values for all things organic and natural.

In his adolescence, he pursued an apprenticeship and, with determined perseverance, attained the top status of Master Cabinet Maker.  For years, Pummer worked in Switzerland and New Zealand perfecting his cabinetry and woodworking skills before immigrating to Canada in 1998 where he founded, Natural by Design, in Toronto. His Pummer® trademarked furniture line includes outdoor furniture and solid wood crafted pieces. In his customary manner to pursue excellence in all of his offerings, he began searching for the best beds to complement his solid wood bed frames. His research led him to SAMINA in Austria.

He first became a Samina sleeper himself. Impressed with Samina’s healthy sleep system and design inspired him to pursue training at the Austrian Institute for Sleep Psychology where he became a certified sleep advisor under the mentorship of Dr. Günther Amann-Jennson, a world renowned expert in sleep psychology. Pummer applied the sleep principles he learned to his own lifestyle and began sharing this knowledge with others. He passionately believes in sleep as a foundation to health.

How to Purchase a Samina Sleep System

If you know Samina is right for you, contact my friend Claus at [email protected]. He is the distributer for all of North America. His showroom is in Pasadena, California if you want to go luxuriate on one for yourself before you buy.

Or you can find him at numerous conferences around the country to try this unparalleled bed. Here is a link to Claus’ trade show schedule around the US.

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