#198 All About Structured Water Devices with Patrick Durkin

Patrick Durkin talks to us this week about how structured water for drinking and showering can revolutionize your health and energy.

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • How water holds information like a computer chip- it has a memory
  • How it’s important to shower in structured water
  • Plastic Vs. 24kt gold structured water devices
  • The science behind structured water


Click here for the full transcript for #198 All About Structured Water Devices with Patrick Durkin!


About Patrick Durkin

Patrick Durkin’s life is dedicated to fulfilling his soul’s purpose by creating a world of Love and Onesness. Fueled by unrelenting passion, Patrick transformed a chronic illness into wellness and vibrance and has made a vocation of playful contribution, and entertaining life’s infinite possibilities.
Patrick engages with others and the Spirit of Water through his creations: The Wellness Enterprise, Godself University, Water Magic 101 and Jivara Water Products.
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