#218 Gemwater and Structured Water with VitaJuwel founder Jan Eisen

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Jan Eisen talks to us this week about the power of gemwater to structure water and change its properties

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • How different gem stones elicit different properties in water
  • How to prepare gemwater
  • How the gems affect the water although they are sealed behind glass in a VitaJuwel glass bottle
  • How structured water improves your health


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About Jan Eisen

Jan Eisen was born in Southern Germany in 1977, he studied law in Munich, Germany and worked as an attorney for several years.

Jan was extremely exhausted of fighting battles in the court system and decided to change his life by joining the family business and helping to educate and promote the value of gemwater.

Jan came over to California in 2013, got married and happily lives in East Bay near San Francisco, CA.

About VitaJuwel Bottles

Beautiful Vitajuwel bottles combine the age old art of glass-making with the modern science of inspired drinking water.  The patented gem pods have been hand-crafted in the German Alps since 2007 in a family owned and operated business.  The carefully chosen gemstone combinations were selected to be used interchangeable for different healing and wellness intentions.

Vitajuwel science is grounded in ancient healing traditions but also incorporates brilliant modern discoveries from the HadoLife Laboratory in Austria.  This research facility was co-founded by the late Dr. Masaru Emoto and one of his most dedicated students.

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