#432 Heavy Metals, EMFs, Electrosensitivity and How to Protect Yourself with Wendy Myers

Join me on this podcast where I discuss heavy metals, EMFs, electrosensitivity, and the best tips to protect yourself from their harmful effects. I talks about the heavy metals that pose the greatest threat to your health, the everyday items that can expose you to these metals, how heavy metals can worsen the effects of EMFs, and so many other important topics to help your overcome heavy metal toxicity and electrosensitivity! If you’re experiencing health symptoms that you just can’t pinpoint the source of, this is the episode for you!

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • What heavy metals pose the greatest threat to your health.
  • Everyday items that expose you to these metals.
  • Surprising foods that contain mercury, lead, and dangerous metals.
  • Signs of that you’re suffering from heavy metal toxicity.
  • How heavy metal toxicity can make you a magnet for EMFs.
  • How to reduce your electromagnetic sensitivity by detoxing.
  • Why doing an HTMA test is essential for detoxing heavy metals.
  • Top detox techniques and supplements to target specific metals.


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Get an HTMA!

Hair Mineral Analysis is the quickest and most affordable way to determine if you have heavy metal toxicity and mineral deficiency – two of the primary drivers of disease today.

The truth is: there is NO WAY to reach your optimal potential for energy, vitality, longevity, beauty and even happiness…unless you support your natural detox pathways inyour body.

I wish I had found hair mineral analysis earlier in my health journey—it would have saved me thousands of dollars and years of lost time and suffering.

Here’s what you’ll learn when you get a Hair Mineral Analysis test:

  • You’ll learn exactly which heavy metals you have
  • You’ll see your mineral deficiencies and which minerals you need (or don’t need) to supplement. This is what I call the sniper approach to supplementation, as opposed to a shotgun approach. Rather than randomly supplement, it’s much better to supplement only what you need
  • You’ll see your mineral toxicities (yes, some minerals can be toxic in excess!)
  • You’ll discover which minerals and nutrients are out of balance (the ratios can be just as important as the levels)
  • And you’ll discover EXACTLY why you haven’t been able to thrive or get the results you want (yet)

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Dr Wendy Myers, ND is a detox expert, functional diagnostic nutritionist, NES Bioenergetic Practitioner, and founder of Myersdetox.com. She is the #1 bestselling author of Limitless Energy: How to Detox Toxic Metals to End Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue . Additionally, Wendy is the host of The Heavy Metals Summit, the Myers Detox Podcast, and the Supercharged Podcast. Passionate about the importance of detox to live a long and healthy life, she created the revolutionary Myers Detox Protocol , and Mitochondria Detox kit after working with thousands of clients, as well as a range of supplements to help you detox from everyday living and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

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