#495 Top Tips to Reduce Histamine Reactions with Spencer Feldman

Spencer Feldman joins the show to talk about allergies, autoimmune histamine reactions, and what’s really happening during these reactions. He goes over why allergic reactions can be isolated to different parts of your body, including your brain and your bladder, and what those symptoms look like.

Spencer then covers the different components of your histamine receptors and how they respond to different types of treatments; including different strategies, supplements, devices, and foods that can help stop your immune system from overreacting. If you or a loved one is dealing with allergies, histamine issues, autoimmune disorders, or mass cell activation syndrome, make sure to tune into this show!

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • Histamine receptors and how they affect the body.
  • The role of histamine in the brain, and how it can affect it.
  • How histamine can trigger your body to release mast cells into your tissues.
  • The importance of addressing Lyme disease if you have a histamine dysfunction.
  • The problem with only taking antihistamines.
  • The steps you need to take to properly control histamine levels.
  • Why chemical sensitivities are so prevalent.


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About Spencer Feldman:

Spencer Feldman is a multiple patent holding inventor with more than 20 years experience formulating and manufacturing detoxification products for doctors and their patients.  His trailblazing use of suppositories to deliver ingredients that would otherwise require intravenous therapy has changed the way many doctors do detoxification.

The owner and formulator of the Remedylink brand of products,  now in his 50’s, he lives with his partner completely off grid on his 100 acre farm where he spends his time tending his orchard and garden, while continuing to design new products to help detoxify people in our ever more toxic world.

You can learn more about Spencer and his work at remedylink.com

Tessamet: Histamine Detox Supplement

Primitive humans had a lot of helminths (worms) to contend with.  Too large to be attacked by the immune system, the body had to remove them mechanically.   Mast cells release histamine which causes itching to make us scratch them off, coughing to get them dislodged from our respiratory tracts, a runny nose and sneezing to get them out of our sinuses and diarrhea to get them out of our intestines.  With allergies, the body mistakes harmless allergens for parasites and tries to remove them.  This response causes us symptoms.

Histamine is both a hormone and a neurotransmitter and it has receptors all throughout the body.  There are 4 classes of histamine receptors, named H1, H2, H3, H4.H1 and 2 go to the skin, gut and lungs and give us our classic allergy symptoms.  Itchy or painful skin, food allergies, asthma and sinus inflammation. Less well known are that they also go to the heart and the reproductive organs.  This means we can have an allergy heart, an allergic prostate, an allergic uterus.  To properly deal with histamine 4 actions must be undertaken.  1- Re-educate the T cells of the immune system not to react to harmless allergens.  2- Suppress the over creation of histamine from the dietary amino acid histidine. 3- Stabilize mast and other cells that release histamine. 4- Increase serum DAO (diamine oxidase), the enzyme responsible for the break down of histamine.

H3 receptors in the brain control the release of neurotransmitters.  If body levels of histamine go too high, to protect the brain from toxic levels of histamine (and mania), H3 will LOWER histamine in the brain.  This can lower the level of the  neurotransmitters acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine and GABA. Low acetylcholine makes it hard to learn and remember.  Low dopamine decreases motivation and in the extreme leads to Parkinson’s disease.  Low serotonin leads to depression.  Low Norepinephrine leads to difficulty focusing and ADHD.  Low GABA makes it hard to relax or get deep sleep.

To learn more about Tessamet and how it can support the body in dealing with excess histamine, mast cell activation, mold and other allergies, click here!



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