#5 Ask a Pilates Master with Van Halsema

Van Halsema is a master Pilates instructor with 25 years experience. You can visit her website at www.VHPilates.com. In this interview, she explores how Pilates improves your body, helps rehab from injury, and gives you the body of your life!


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In this episode:

  • Benefits of Pilates,
  • Reformer Vs. Mat Classes,
  • Pilates for Pregnancy and Postnatal,
  • Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis,
  • Pilates for Stenosis,
  • Pilates for Injury Rehab,
  • How Pilates compliments cross training
    and many sports – golf, equestrian, etc,

About Van

Van Halsema teaches a variety of clients ranging from ages 14 to 88.  Her clients include athletes, equestrians, housewives, teenagers with scoliosis, clients with chronic autoimmune conditions, spinal stenosis, and multiple sclerosis. Many clients with orthopedic injuries are referred to her by physical therapists, as she works well when rehabing people from injury or disability. Teaching pre- and post-natal moms is special for her, since she gets to see the babies born so easily from their mothers’ Pilates-improved labor!

As a victim of two severe car crashes, she learned the marvelous value of Pilates during her recovery from multiple surgeries. She worked postoperatively with her physical therapists to incorporate Pilates into her rehabilitation. Her dramatic recoveries propelled her into further studies in anatomy and physical therapy. These studies greatly enriched her teaching and attracted many medical clients to her practice.

In addition to private sessions, she offers small group reformer classes at her studio in Santa Monica, Ca.

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